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RSSGSS - Chapter 151 - Monstrous Talent

After listening to Lin Yaoyue's suggestion, Gentle Snow stopped hesitating and nodded to Shi Feng's offer. Then, she signed Zero Wing's membership contract and became an official member of the Zero Wing Alliance.

She'd be lying if she said if the Ancient God's Blood didn't tempt her.

Even the various Super Guilds' old monsters might abandon their original Guilds and join Zero Wing if offered the chance to get their hands on an Ancient God's Blood. After all, the gap between Tier 5 and Tier 6 was massive in God's Domain. It was even more so in the real world.

The various international corporations in the real world might treat Tier 5 expert players respectfully, but they wouldn't bend their backs over to please these Tier 5 experts. They also wouldn't be afraid of offending a Tier 5 expert should the situation call for it. However, it was a different story for Tier 6 God-ranked experts. When dealing with a God-ranked expert, the various international corporations would behave as if they were dealing with their ancestors. They'd be too busy currying favor to consider offending a God-ranked expert.

Meanwhile, an Epic Mana Body was something that could drastically increase a Tier 5 player's chances of reaching Tier 6. It was something that no external item could replace.

"Since you've signed the contract, you are now an official member of Zero Wing, Miss Snow. You'll have a much more convenient time entering Abyssal Star City. You'll also get to enjoy the benefits of an official member," Shi Feng said as he sent a Guild invitation to Gentle Snow, to which Gentle Snow accepted without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but be envious of this situation.

It was true that Mysterious Moon had already become partners with Zero Wing. In addition, all of Mysterious Moon's members had also joined the Asura Mercenary Alliance already. However, the only benefits Mysterious Moon's members enjoyed in Abyssal Star City were a 10% discount on their entrance fee and priority entry into the city.

If Mysterious Moon's members wanted true freedom in entering Abyssal Star City, they'd have to join Zero Wing or Witch's Sin or become a Bronze member in the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

However, a lot of Contribution Points were needed to become a Bronze member. Even the various superpowers' members would need a lot of time to become Bronze members, let alone everyone else.

Subsequently, Shi Feng passed a Guild Transfer Scroll for Zero Wing's Residence to Gentle Snow and had her head to Abyssal Star City. Meanwhile, Lin Yaoyue accepted the weapon collection quest for Solomon's Sword's fragments and logged out of the game. Then, she contacted her Guild to discuss how they should go about collecting these fragments on the main continent.

Shi Feng offered a ton of Contribution Points to collect the weapon fragments. Every weapon fragment had a different price tag attached to it, and even the cheapest one was worth several million points, while the most expensive one was worth ten million. It might be challenging to acquire the Holy Sword Broken Blade, which was worth ten million points, but obtaining the other four Epic Weapons wasn't a problem. Meanwhile, so long as they managed to collect two of these Epic Weapons, they'd be able to exchange for one drop of Ancient God's Blood.

Abyssal Star City, primordial tower:

"Here is the Ancient God's Blood and the entry pass for the primordial tower's rooms. Use the Ancient God's Blood in one of the tower's rooms. The dense Mana in the rooms there should give you a greater chance of upgrading your Mana Body to the Epic rank. Although you can only use the primordial tower's rooms for up to four days a month, you don't have to worry about shouldering the cost," Shi Feng said. Then, he took out a Primordial Mana Equipment Set and continued, "This is a Mana Equipment Set for Berserkers. It should stay useful until you reach Tier 4."

"Are you that confident in me?" Gentle Snow was a little surprised when she saw the items Shi Feng had given her. She was certain this was her first time meeting with Shi Feng, yet Shi Feng's behavior made it seem like he was dealing with an old and trustworthy acquaintance.

Gentle Snow was aware of the primordial tower's rooms' existence. According to Lin Yaoyue, members of the Asura Mercenary Alliance would only qualify to use the primordial tower's rooms after elevating their membership status to Bronze rank. Bronze members were only allowed to use the rooms for one hour a day, while Silver members and Gold members could use the rooms for two and four hours, respectively.

Yet, her entry pass granted her access to the rooms for four full days a month. Considering that there were 48 hours in one God's Domain day, she could access the rooms for even longer than the Asura Mercenary Alliance's Gold members.

"It's not confidence," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "I know you have such strength."

The Zero Wing in his previous life had five great experts, and Gentle Snow was one of them. Every one of Zero Wing's Five Great Experts had strength rivaling Tier 6 Gods back then. It was also for this reason that Zero Wing could become the number one Guild in their God's Domain.

"I have such strength?" Gentle Snow felt confused and surprised when she heard Shi Feng's words. Did she really have the strength to warrant such extravagant benefits?

However, Shi Feng simply chuckled and had Gentle Snow enter the primordial tower.

Meanwhile, after entering one of the miniature worlds in the primordial tower, Gentle Snow couldn't help but be shocked by the miniature world's environment. This place didn't just have dense Mana. It was essentially a holy land for learning about the operating principles of Mana. Even without trying, she could clearly perceive the operating principles of the Mana flowing around her.

No wonder he's so confident in me.

Gentle Snow didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she recalled Shi Feng's trust in her.

Zero Wing's training resources had indeed surpassed her imagination. While standing in this miniature world, she felt that she was only one step away from fulfilling the conditions to reach Tier 6.

Correspondingly, if she still couldn't reach Tier 6 with the help of such an environment, she'd probably have no hopes of doing so for the rest of her life.

Gentle Snow quickly shook her head and stopped thinking. After raising the miniature world's Mana density to the maximum, she promptly consumed the Ancient God's Blood and focused on upgrading her Mana Body.

Around ten minutes later, Gentle Snow's Mana suddenly skyrocketed in intensity. As a result, the Mana her body passively radiated also began taking on a misty form.

A day later, the Mana inside the miniature world seemingly found its ruler as it frantically gathered around Gentle Snow. Meanwhile, the concentration of Mana also caused the temperature in Gentle Snow's vicinity to plummet.

When Gentle Snow eventually stepped out of the miniature world, her presence dumbfounded Su Qianliu and Blackie, who had come to train in the primordial tower.

"A Mana Domain?"

"If I remember correctly, isn't she a new member who just started training in the tower yesterday?"

"Where did the Guild Leader find such an expert?!"

Su Qianliu and Blackie were no longer ignorant about Mana Domains. So, they quickly recognized that Gentle Snow's Mana Domain wasn't a pseudo-Mana Domain. Instead, it was a true Mana Domain that players could typically only gain at Tier 4.

Meanwhile, two conditions needed to be met for a Tier 3 player to obtain such a Mana Domain. The first condition was to be at the Grandmaster Magician standard in Mana control. The second condition was to have an Epic Mana Body.

Experts capable of meeting both conditions were exceedingly rare, even among the various superpowers. Yet, now, Zero Wing had two such experts.

"Why did you suddenly call for me, Guild Leader?" Gentle Snow curiously asked after entering the Guild Leader's Office in Zero Wings' Residence.

Search hosted.novel for the original.

Search hosted.novel for the original.

"Hundred Flower Palace's Vice Guild Leader Cleansed Rue suddenly contacted me asking for Zero Wing's help, and the payment she offered is something I cannot refuse. However, Hundred Flower Palace only needs two of Zero Wing's strongest combatants for this job. Now that you are a part of Zero Wing, I plan to take you with me," Shi Feng explained as he set aside the documents in his hands. "I will give you five million points for taking this quest."

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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