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ITDO - Chapter 248 - Great Dragon God, City of Sin

“Howard, this should be your first time in Dragon City, right? How does it feel?”

“Haha my friend, after tasting the food here, I feel that all I’ve eaten in the past is only fit for pigs.”

“Hahaha, that’s right! That’s right! We’ve only eaten pig’s food so far. Ah, I don’t want to go back to the Subila Empire anymore. Even if I become an emperor, it would not be as pleasurable as coming to Dragon City.”

“Let’s eat! After eating I’ll take you to the casino to play. The gambling here is very interesting and fancier compared to the Empire’s. This is especially so for the game that lord dragon created — Gwent, where three people have to ‘fight the demon’. Even if you play for a day, you won’t feel tired at all. The Dragon God is truly mighty, I truly want to worship him.”

“Nighttime is also very lively. I will take you to Tulip Theater to have a good time. If we’re lucky and there aren’t many competitors, we can even play with succubi and elves. It’s said that the succubus is beautiful and seductive. You wouldn’t be able to stand after you’re done doing it. Moreover, there are also elves. Did you know that my old man has an inherited elf? He treats it like a treasure every day and won’t even let me touch it. I really want him to hurry up and die and leave things to me.”

“Are there really elves and succubi?”

“Why would I lie to you? Do you have enough money with you?”

“After listening to you, I sold a few manors and brought a lot of money with me this time.”

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“Haha, that’s good then. Let me tell you, there’s a woman who looks like our princess in Tulip Theater. Although her temper and quality are a bit worse, you can let her pretend to be the princess. You can enjoy it a lot like that. Hahahaha!”

As their unpleasant words echoed, Princess Andrea’s guard, Corvin, looked furious. He wanted to stand up and teach these two who didn’t know any better, especially if they dared molest the princess.

“Corvin, don’t be impulsive!”

Andrea stopped her guard and whispered, “They are the sons of Archduke Cambell and Archduke Howard. If you hurt them, even I can’t protect you. This is Dragon City. If you strike and hurt someone, I’m afraid that you will anger the lord dragon.”

Saying so, Princess Andrea also held back her anger and said, “If the upper echelons of the empire are this corrupt and degenerate, then the empire is in danger.”

She murmured with compassion and concern for the country.

Those elves who were serving meals also looked indignant when they heard the noble’s words. Toward the elves who decided to sell their body, they could not say anything, but when they heard about the elven slaves, they felt incredibly annoyed.

However, they also remembered the teachings of the Dragon God. When facing these rich people, they should wait until their pockets were emptied. By then, they could send them out without hesitation.

Louie invented many things that could cause people to get addicted. For example, he created many forms of gambling. He had the confidence of being able to dry up the reserves of these corrupt nobles and use them as city development funds.

After hearing the remarks of those nobles, Roselia could not help but use [Detect Evil]. If the words of those nobles were taken into consideration, then Dragon City was the capital of sin and that dragon was simply an evil god like the Goddess of the Night.

Although the Theocracy also believed in the Goddess of the Night, their numbers were small. Moreover, all the followers of the Goddess of Morning treated the followers of the Goddess of Night as if they were worshippers of an evil god.

But when Roselia looked at the city with her spell, she was stunned to find out that there wasn’t much evil in the residents of the city. It was all within the normal range. The fact that these people believed in the Dragon God meant that the teachings of the Dragon God weren’t meant to persuade people to perform evil deeds, but it wasn’t to persuade people to do good either.

For a moment, the paladin felt a bit depressed that these people weren’t evil. If they were, she would have been able to exercise the justice of the Goddess of Morning.

At this time, the halfling chef had finished cooking and the elven waitress brought their food to the table. The fragrance of the food whets their appetites as they all focused on the food.

They found that the restaurant also prepared a knife and a fork for each diner. This was definitely the noble treatment, worthy of being called a restaurant that provides food for the dragon. Both the service and the food could definitely make any guest want to come back.

The four people took bites of dishes they hadn’t heard of before. It’s said that the dishes here were made from seasonings that only the dragon possessed. When they took a bite, they felt their taste buds explode with pleasure. Even Roselia forgot about the city’s evil and felt that committing some sin for the sake of eating delicious food was worth it.

The four of them did not speak, as if they competed on who could eat the fastest. Even the elegant princess dropped her manners. They felt that the private rooms being quiet was normal. With such delicious food, who would want to talk?

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from the entrance. They thought it was just another person coming to dine, but were soon surprised when the footsteps were heading towards them. Derek, Corvin, and Roselia were instantly on high alert as they put down their knives and forks.

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When they looked up, the light seemed to have been cut off, as if all things bowed down before him. The person standing there seemed to be an unforgettable, unparalleled existence.

It was a man wearing golden robes that made him look as if he was covered in gold, but the gold did not give him a sense of vulgarity and instead gave him the air of noble arrogance. His body was tall and his face looked beautiful. His black hair which was rare in the world of San Soliel and his golden inverted pupils gave off a sense of majesty and would leave people breathless.

‘Wait, golden vertical pupils?!’

Derek and Roselia immediately reacted. The two people’s faces were nervous and their voices trembled, “Demigod dragon?”

Because Louie had not yet become a god, they did not use ‘Dragon God’ like how his followers addressed him.

“Dear guests, I wonder if the food here is to your liking?”

Louie walked up to them leisurely. His tone seemed easy-going but hid an absolute arrogance.

As he approached them, the dragon’s might and god’s might became more and more obvious. Corvin trembled as his forehead was covered in sweat. He couldn’t even control his hand and let the knife and fork fall to the ground.

Derek and Roselia were powerful enough to resist with pure will. Andrea appeared like Corvin and trembled in fear, albeit a bit less than expected.

The four people never imagined that they would meet the lord of Dragon City here.

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