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RSSGSS - Chapter 146 - Super Guild's Strength

Hundred Flow City, Candlelight Hotel:

When the various players and scouts from the various powers saw World Dominators's experts leaving the Candlelight Hotel peacefully and Shi Feng and Su Qianliu walking out of the hotel, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

"What's going on?"

"Zero Wing was actually holding a secret discussion with World Dominators just now?"

"Weren't they going to have a big fight?"

"They should've reached a conclusion in their talks, by the looks of things. I wonder what decision they came to? Will they be fighting or not?"

Everyone couldn't help but grow curious about this situation.

"Interesting! How interesting! It seems we made the right decision to come here this time!" Stalwart Bear, who had already reached Level 104, exclaimed, a look of interest appearing on his face as he watched World Dominators's experts leaving.

"What do you mean, Elder Bear?" Cleansed Rue asked as she looked at Stalwart Bear in confusion.

The main reason they gathered in Hundred Flow City this time was to discuss whether they should seek a partnership with Zero Wing. After all, partnering with Zero Wing would mean making an enemy out of World Dominators.

Hundred Flower Palace was different from Witch's Sin. Witch's Sin already possessed the strength of a superpower, so World Dominators was unlikely to go to war with Witch's Sin. However, World Dominators definitely wouldn't show mercy against top-tier first-rate Guilds like Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall.

"I don't know about Hundred Flower Palace, but Nature Hall will be seeking a partnership with Zero Wing," Stalwart Bear said, laughing. "Despite having already placed a kill order on Zero Wing, the arrogant and mighty World Dominators had come to negotiate with Zero Wing. Doesn't that tell you anything?"

"Indeed. With World Dominators's arrogance, if it had a good chance at eliminating Zero Wing, it would never try to negotiate with Zero Wing after putting a kill order on Zero Wing. It'd be a huge embarrassment if it did that." Cleansed Rue nodded. "Since World Dominators had come to negotiate, it shows that even World Dominators is fearful of Zero Wing."

Although World Dominators had also held a discussion with Mysterious Moon, that was only a normal consultation between Guilds. Mysterious Moon's acts of aggression did not anger World Dominators or harm World Dominators's reputation.

However, it was a different story for Zero Wing. World Dominators had already publicly placed a kill order on Zero Wing. Yet, now, it had come to negotiate with Zero Wing. How would the various powers of God's Domain look at this situation?

World Dominators would most likely become a joke in the various powers' eyes.

There was no way World Dominators wouldn't know what would happen if it tried to negotiate with Zero Wing. Yet, despite knowing it, World Dominators still chose to do so.

"I'm heading back first. If I don't make ample preparations beforehand, it's going to be tough to get Zero Wing to agree to a partnership," Stalwart Bear said before standing up and leaving the bar.

When Rain Song saw Stalwart Bear leaving, she turned toward Cleansed Rue and asked, "What should we do, Big Sis Rue?"

"We are not the same as Nature Hall," Cleansed Rue said, shaking her head and smiling. "Nature Hall is only trying to obtain the other God's Domain's resources and strengthen itself, so it is naturally fine for Nature Hall to partner with Zero Wing. However, our Guild's aim isn't the other God's Domain's resources. What we need is a strong partner. Although the various superpowers are an option, partnering with them will be too disadvantageous for us. Meanwhile, Zero Wing is only one of the several powers in our considerations."

"I understand," Rain Song said, nodding. She was aware that the secret that Hundred Flower Palace was in possession of far exceeded the imaginations of even the various superpowers. Unless Zero Wing possessed incredible strength, it would be unqualified to become Hundred Flower Palace's partner. However, if the information Dawn Moon obtained through her reconnaissance in Zero Wing, Zero Wing would indeed have the qualifications to become Hundred Flower Palace's partner.

"Let's wait for Dawn Moon's report first," Cleansed Rue said. After thinking it over, she decided to wait for more information before deciding.

The Abyssal Star Primordial City might be something extraordinary in the eyes of the Miniature Ancient World's various powers. Still, the secret that Hundred Flower Palace possessed was many times greater than the primordial city.

Hundred Flower Palace wasn't afraid that this secret would get exposed. What it feared most was failing to secure this secret. After all, it only had one chance, so it needed to be careful in choosing who it partnered with.

Over at the Candlelight Hotel…

"Guild Leader, do you think World Dominators can really fulfill its promise in two days?"

After seeing that World Dominators's experts disappearing into the Teleportation Hall, Su Qianliu voiced the question plaguing her mind this entire time.

After all was said and done, Shadow was a second-rate Guild with over a million Guild members. No matter how she looked at it, it was simply unrealistic to try and erase Shadow's name from God's Domain in two days.

"I don't know," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Then, solemnly, he continued, "But the various superpowers have invested far more strength into the Miniature Ancient World than I initially thought. There is no saying whether the other superpowers have sent their God-ranked experts over as well. We have to reach Level 120 as soon as possible and enter the Boundary Mountain Range ahead of the various superpowers."

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Currently, everyone was still at Tier 3 in the Miniature Ancient World, so even if the various superpowers were strong, there was still a limit to the strength they could exhibit. However, once the various superpowers' Refinement Realm experts reached Level 120 and got promoted to Tier 4, they would have an overwhelming advantage over other powers.

The advantages Zero Wing currently possessed would cease to exist at that time.

If Zero Wing wished to maintain its lead over the various superpowers, it would have to enter the Boundary Mountain range ahead of the various superpowers. After all, the resources and Legacies available in other God's Domains were vastly superior to their God's Domain. If the players in their God's Domain could acquire an Outerworld Legacy, their chances of getting promoted to Tier 4 would increase by 50% or more.

Su Qianliu nodded in agreement with Shi Feng's words. Zero Wing might look like it had a good future ahead, but it also had a lot of trouble it needed to face. After all, Zero Wing had already entered the eyes of many superpowers. If Zero Wing wasn't careful, the various superpowers would quickly gobble it up.

An hour after Shi Feng concluded his talks with White Devil, World Dominators retracted its kill order on Zero Wing and announced it was no longer affiliated with Shadow. In addition, World Dominators had also announced that it would be erasing Shadow from God's Domain.

When this news came out, the various powers in God's Domain couldn't help but be stunned. Even Lan Hailong was dumbfounded when he learned of this news. He simply couldn't fathom why World Dominators would suddenly go from supporting Shadow to seeking to annihilate Shadow just because of a bounty from the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

Shortly after World Dominators's announcement, every one of Shadow's members in the Miniature Ancient World began hiding in the various NPC Cities. So long as they dared to set foot outside, World Dominators's experts would swiftly kill them.

Things were even worse for Shadow on the main continent. World Dominators's experts would attack Shadow's members regardless of the location, and even those hiding in the imperial capitals of empires were not safe from attacks.

A Tier 6 God-ranked expert had also destroyed all ten of Shadow's City-states in just one short day. Moreover, just like World Dominators had stated in its announcement, it didn't just stop at causing devastating damage. It had thoroughly erased these City-states from the face of the continent.

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After just one night, Shadow had lost all of its Guild Cities. Even its Residences inside NPC Cities were flattened.

Before one full day had even passed, Shadow had already become nothing more than an empty shell of a Guild. Almost all of its non-internal members had withdrawn. As for Shadow's internal members, they didn't even dare log into God's Domain.

World Dominators's display of strength had thoroughly dumbfounded the various powers. At the same time, everyone in God's Domain came to understand that in front of a Super Guild, even second- and first-rate Guilds were nothing but a joke.

In less than two days, Shadow announced its dissolution, and the Lan Hua Group that backed Shadow went bankrupt…

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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