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RSSGSS - Chapter 145 - Erasure

Miniature Ancient World, Hundred Flow City:

After the sudden bounty the Asura Mercenary Alliance had put on World Dominators, an uproar also occurred in Hundred Flow City.

"Zero Wing is amazing! I can't believe it dared to put a bounty on a Super Guild! This is the first time a non-superpower has done such a thing since God's Domain's launch! World Dominators is probably losing its mind right about now!"

"Zero Wing might be a small Guild, but it has a powerful background. That Asura Mercenary Alliance has established a city next to the Boundary Mountain Range, something even the Five Great Super Guilds haven't managed to accomplish. World Dominators has gotten itself into big trouble this time."

"I heard many superpowers are tempted to take action. I wonder what World Dominators plans to do about this situation."

Initially, many of Hundred Flow City's players and powers didn't have much understanding of World Dominators. However, after witnessing the scene over at Mysterious Moon's Residence, they understood just how frightening a Super Guild was.

So, when everyone learned that Zero Wing had put a bounty capable of tempting even superpowers on World Dominators, they couldn't help but look forward to what would happen next.

God's Domain had already remained peaceful for a long time. Whether it was independent players or the various major powers, everyone had already grown used to being controlled by the various superpowers. Meanwhile, the various superpowers had also seemingly come to a tacit agreement to keep their conflicts contained. Never had any superpower launched a full-scale war against another superpower.

Originally, everyone thought that Mysterious Moon would become the first Guild to restart the warring era and initiate a full-scale war against World Dominators. However, the honor of doing so would most likely be going to Zero Wing instead, looking at the current situation.

While the players in Hundred Flow City were talking about Asura's bounty on World Dominators, several thousand players suddenly walked out of the city's Teleportation Hall. Not only was every player in this group at Level 103 or above, but they were also fully equipped in Epic Weapons and Equipment. The aura they radiated also caused the surrounding players to feel suffocated. This was because even the weakest among these players was at the Half-step Refinement Realm standard, with most of them being at the Refinement Realm standard.

Most importantly, every one of these players wore World Dominators's Guild Emblem on their chest. Obviously, these players must be from one of World Dominators's trump card legions.

"Why did so many experts from World Dominators come to Hundred Flow City?"

"Could World Dominators be thinking of extinguishing Zero Wing once and for all?"

"This is great! The fires of war are finally lighting up! I wonder who will win in the end? Will it be Zero Wing? Or will it be World Dominators?"

The surrounding players couldn't help but grow excited when they saw World Dominators's experts making their way to Zero Wing's Candlelight Hotel after exiting the Teleportation Hall.

The last time a massive war had taken place in God's Domain was several years ago. It was a war that had destroyed an entire kingdom, and just watching the video recording of the war gave everyone an unforgettable experience.

If they could witness such a war taking place with their own eyes, they'd have no more regrets.

Inside a three-story open-air bar near the Candlelight Hotel…

When Rain Song looked at the experts surrounding the Candlelight Hotel, she turned to Cleansed Rue and worriedly asked, "Big Sis Rue, why do you think World Dominators suddenly sent so many experts over this time? Could it really be planning on duking it out with Zero Wing?"

The strength World Dominators had kept hidden was massive beyond comprehension. While Abyssal Star City was indeed an amazing city, Asura's bounty on World Dominators was unlikely to affect World Dominators too significantly. Even if the various superpowers did take action against World Dominators, this situation would, at most, affect World Dominators's development. It definitely wasn't enough to threaten World Dominators's continued existence.

Meanwhile, if World Dominators decided to crush Zero Wing with everything it had, Zero Wing would stand no chance. Take the current situation, for example. Simply by having experts surround the Candlelight Hotel, World Dominators had essentially rendered the hotel useless. After all, no sane person would try to enter the hotel in this situation.

"I don't know." Cleansed Rue shook her head. "Zero Wing has already moved all its members to Abyssal Star City. Even if World Dominators renders the Candlelight Hotel useless, it would be no skin off Zero Wing's nose. On the contrary, World Dominators would be the one suffering a loss for wasting so much manpower."

It wasn't just Zero Wing that had shifted its base of operations to Abyssal Star City. If they hadn't agreed to meet with Nature Hall's representatives here to discuss Zero Wing, they would probably still be investigating Abyssal Star City.

Inside one of the lounges in the Candlelight Hotel…

A gray-haired, middle-aged man sitting on a sofa was sipping on some tea an NPC had served him while looking at Shi Feng, who sat across from him. Then, after setting down his cup, he smiled and said, "You are surprisingly young, Guild Leader Black Flame. I find it hard to imagine there'd be a God-ranked expert like you in our God's Domain."

"World Dominators is the amazing one. I didn't think it would send its renowned White Devil to the Miniature Ancient World. It seems World Dominators is determined to obtain the Miniature Ancient World," Shi Feng said, smiling faintly as he looked at the middle-aged man before him.

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Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, the middle-aged man suddenly froze. Even the two experts standing next to the middle-aged man couldn't help but look at Shi Feng incredulously.

"Incredible!" the middle-aged man exclaimed after regaining his calm. "Less than forty people know of my true identity in World Dominators, yet you managed to find out about it. I have to admit that you have an unbelievable intelligence network behind you. No wonder you're not afraid of our kill order."

"All I have to say is that I know far more than you think," Shi Feng said, chuckling without elaborating further.

World Dominators had five God-ranked experts on the surface. Meanwhile, one of them was White Devil.

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However, White Devil always wore a helmet whenever he appeared in front of others, so hardly anybody knew White Devil's true appearance. Of course, Shi Feng wasn't included in this list. This was because he had seen White Devil's true appearance during his previous life.

Back then, White Devil had been fighting two Outerworld God-ranked experts by himself.

The battle at the time had been astonishing. World Dominators had lost a Holy City, the city reduced to nothing but a fiery crater spanning tens of thousands of yards. As a result of the fight, White Devil's Fragmented Legendary Weapon and Helmet had been thoroughly destroyed. Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who had rushed to the scene at the time, just so happened to catch White Devil's true appearance.

"Since that's the case, I won't waste time talking about nonsense." Putting on a serious look, White Devil said, "We are planning on dropping our kill order on Zero Wing, so we hope that Zero Wing, or more specifically, the Asura Mercenary Alliance, can cancel its bounty on World Dominators."

"Do you think you can just put a kill order on us and cancel it whenever you like? Don't you think this is unfair for Zero Wing?" Shi Feng bluntly stated.

"That is true." White Devil nodded. "Hence, we plan to give Zero Wing an explanation."

"What explanation?" Shi Feng asked curiously.

"Aren't you looking to deal with Shadow?" In a definitive tone, White Devil said, "We will erase Shadow's name from God's Domain. What do you think of this condition?"

"Erase Shadow from God's Domain?" Shi Feng grew a little interested. Although he was more than capable of erasing Shadow from God's Domain himself, doing so would require a lot of time. "How long will it take?"

"Two days!" White Devil answered without hesitation. "In two days, you will no longer see Shadow in God's Domain! That includes all information on Shadow!"

Upon hearing White Devil's words, Shi Feng couldn't help but marvel at World Dominators's strength. In addition to claiming that it would eradicate a second-rate Guild, it also promised to do so in two days. It should be known that Shadow was in control of ten City-states. It had many Branch Guilds in God's Domain and over a million members.

If World Dominators wanted to erase Shadow from God's Domain in two days, it would certainly have to pay a considerable price.

"May I know what you think, Guild Leader Black Flame?" White Devil asked, smiling as he looked at Shi Feng.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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