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NETS - Chapter 283 – Place of Inheritance (3)

"Vein Reinforcement Pellet. Good stuff," Lu Ping gave praise as he looked over the pellet recipe.

The Essence Extension Pellet, Vein Reinforcement Pellet, and Blood Extraction Pellet were the three best medicinal pellets that Late Blood Condensation Realm cultivators used to consolidate their cultivation base and prepare for the Core Forging Realm.

Lu Ping had already learned the Essence Extension Pellet during the Alchemy Conference, and he’d been wondering how to get his hands on the other two pellets. Who knew he would stumble across one so quickly? Now, all that was left was the Blood Extraction Pellet.

Since the reward for ranking in the top 32 and above was selecting a Core Forging Realm pellet recipe, Lu Ping decided to ask for a Blood Extraction Pellet instead. The Northern League naturally wouldn't reject his request, since the pellet was ranked a realm below.

With a gloomy expression, Lu Ping walked out of the test hall at the base of the fifth mountain. He let out a signal and fifteen minutes later, the Amethyst Bees came back one after another, and Lu Ping returned them to the Tome of Thousand Millets.

After the bee swarm returned, Lu Ping noticed that nearly twenty bees were missing, most likely killed by the spatial rifts or swallowed away by a spatial collapse.

Fortunately, the bees had all advanced to the Third Layer Blood Refining Realm, with some even breaking through to the Fourth Layer. Perhaps more would break through soon.

Out of nowhere, Dabao appeared with a small interspatial pouch on his neck, which contained all the random things that he’d found. Inspecting the contents, Lu Ping found that most of it was just junk. There was, however, a jade box containing some seeds that caught his attention.

Lu Ping put Dabao back in the spirit pet pouch, then turned to enter the test hall again.

This time, the test was much harder than he thought. It required him to concoct the Golden Essence Pellet, a type of Core Forging Realm pellet!

Although Lu Ping was coming close to concocting such a higher realm medicinal pellets, he actually didn't believe he could accomplish it before advancing into the Core Forging Realm.

The reason being that Core Forging Realm pellets involved much more than spirit herbs and a pellet recipe; the alchemist’s true energy played a major role as well. This was exactly why most Master Alchemists were also Enlightened Masters.

Even though it wasn't impossible for Late Blood Condensation Realm cultivators to become Master Alchemists, the requirement was almost impossible to achieve. They had to compress their arcane energy firmly enough until it turned into true energy, just as Lu Ping did with his divine sense and divine revelation.

Hence, if Lu Ping wanted to concoct the Golden Essence Pellet, he would have to gather a large amount of arcane energy and compress them hard enough into true energy, then inject them inside the pellets.

Since there was only a day left, Lu Ping wasn't sure he could concoct the Golden Essence Pellet in time. Therefore, he recalled the Amethyst Bees and Dabao back first, so he wouldn't have to worry about them later on.

Chu Ting's high-grade cauldron and her Grade 3 spirit fire would come in handy at a time like this. The test prepared three cauldrons of spirit herbs for him, which meant that he only had three chances to pass.

Lu Ping carefully selected the spirit herbs. Although they would all work in the end, balancing the medicinal efficacy between the herbs could save him some energy during the process, and also reduce wastage.

Lu Ping pondered for a moment, then gritted his teeth and gave a high-grade spirit stone to the puppet with the pestle. The puppet consumed the spirit stone and became much livelier, and it went on to pound the spirit herbs into powder. In the process of doing so, the pestle mystic treasure also emitted a warm light to stimulate the herbs' medicinal efficacies.

This way, the powdered herbs would make the alchemy process easier, and the enhanced medicinal efficacy would in turn increase the pellets' quality.

He then set up three high-grade spirit stones in the cauldron—that way he could quickly use them should something go wrong.

At this point, Lu Ping couldn't care how extravagant this alchemy would end up anymore. To him, this was more than just passing the test, it was now an opportunity to prove his alchemy skills. If he succeeded, it would be a milestone leap in growth!

Towards the end of his first cauldron, Lu Ping only managed to condense three clusters of spirit paste inside. However, just as he was about to condense the spirit paste into pellets, two of them exploded and evaporated.

Lu Ping quickly rushed to activate one of the high-grade spirit stones, but it was still a step too late. The last condensing spirit paste also exploded apart!

Clearly, the problem was his lack of arcane energy, or rather, true energy.

As the minutes passed, there was no time for him to recover his depleted arcane energy. So, Lu Ping directly consumed a Triple Turning Spiritual Pellet for replenishment.

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For his second try, Lu Ping was more careful. This time, he decided to focus on making two pellets only. This way, his attention was more focused and he could reserve his arcane energy and divine revelation on the pellets. He just had to ensure he succeeded in concocting one pellet, that would be more than enough!

At the final moment of condensing, Lu Ping exploded the last two high-grade spirit stones in the cauldron. However, the spiritual energy still wasn't enough for the two pellets to come into shape.

Hence, Lu Ping decisively gave up one of the pellets and directed all of his spiritual energy and arcane energy into the last pellet. Finally, he succeeded in condensing the pellet, but this wasn't the end.

Inhaling deeply, Lu Ping opened the cauldron lid. The golden pellet hopped up like avnaughty child and fled to the doors.

A spirit pellet! This was the most important feature for Core Forging Realm pellets—they all had a sense of spirituality in them!

But Lu Ping was prepared. He swiftly reached out his hand and scooped the pellet back up. Then, he hurriedly placed this one and only pellet to the mechanism on the table. After passing the test, two jade scrolls flew out of nowhere into his hands.

Lu Ping didn't have time to celebrate his alchemy breakthrough, nor check the contents of the jade scrolls. He immediately turned and rushed out of the hall.

Outside of the hall, the array formation of the five mountains resonated together and stairs made of light formed in front of him, leading down a pathway to the basin in the center of the five mountains.

While he was making his way down the stairs, the broken space began to collapse bit by bit. Space rifts were tearing the area apart and everything was being swallowed up by the void.

Lu Ping quickly reached the bottom of the basin, placed the formation chassis at the center of its array formation together with a hundred mid-grade spirit stones and nine high-grade spirit stones. Immediately, the array formation was activated and shone brightly, then linked up with the array formations of the five mountains.

Seeing that his mission was completed, Lu Ping hastily activated the teleportation charm given to him by the Enlightened Master. The space beside him rippled like water and he quickly left through the space tunnel.

Just after he left, a massive space tunnel opened up in the sky—the mountains and basin were sucked up from the ground and dragged into the tunnel. Unable to hold itself up anymore, the broken space collapsed entirely into the void.

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A loud thunderous noise reverberated above Qian Yuan Mountain, and in the Qian Yuan Immortal Land, a basin surrounded by five mountains miraculously appeared in the minor world.

Great Ancestor Hong Ye nodded in satisfaction, he murmured, "Six out of eight broken spaces have been saved. It's a pity Zhou Chuang only managed to receive one of the two Grandmaster Alchemists' heritages. And this junior from the Violet Charm Pavilion only saved three of the four heritages. How useless."

At the end of the day, a total of thirty-four mountains were added to Qian Yuan Immortal Land. The mountains were aligned in the marvelous pattern of a great array formation, which was clearly the work of another Great Ancestor.

Lu Ping was teleported back to Qian Yuan Great Hall, which was actually the spatial mystic treasure that contained the Qian Yuan Immortal Land. Beside him were the other seven alchemists who all looked equally as disheveled. They glanced at each other.

Enlightened Master Qin appeared in the hall and said merrily, "Your kind aid has helped the Northern League recover a huge loss. On behalf of Qian Yuan Mountain, I'd like to thank you all for your assistance."

The alchemists quickly bowed back politely, then Enlightened Master Qin continued, "The other alchemists have already claimed their rewards, only eight of you are left now. Come, follow me. You may select a recipe of your choice from our Pavilion of Alchemy, and you’re granted three days to study the alchemical insights left by our predecessors."

After leaving Qian Yuan Great Hall, Enlightened Master Qin casually waved his hand, and a teleportation formation appeared before them. He looked at their stunned expressions and laughed. "The Pavilion of Alchemy is another place of inheritance for the Northern League. This teleportation formation will bring you directly to it."

Sure enough, the place of inheritance was not easily accessible by others. Restricting the means of entrance through a teleportation formation was a good way to prevent unwanted trespassers.

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