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RSSGSS - Chapter 138 - Abyssal Star Primordial City Opens

Inside a high-class bar located one street away from the city center…

"This is everything I've uncovered about Zero Wing, Vice Guild Leader," Dawn Moon, who was hiding her appearance and information with a Black Cloak, said as she looked at Cleansed Rue. Then, in a powerless tone, she continued, "Many experts are keeping a constant eye on Zero Wing. I have to wear a Black Cloak to even go outdoors. Otherwise, I'd have at least a dozen experts tailing me. Zero Wing's Guild Leader is simply a lunatic. I can't believe he ignored World Dominators's warning just to take revenge for a Guild member…"

"Based on your report, it would seem that Zero Wing indeed possesses an extraordinary foundation. Not only has it provided Mysterious Moon with the strength to fight against World Dominators, but it also has that Mana Technique. Seeing as Zero Wing can afford to let so many internal members learn it, Black Flame must've fully mastered that Mana Technique already," Cleansed Rue said, gaining a general understanding of Zero Wing's situation after listening to Dawn Moon's report.

Everything turned out roughly the same as her conjectures.

From what she gathered, the person known as Black Flame should be a God-ranked expert from an Outerworld. Moreover, it would seem that Black Flame intended on establishing a power in the Miniature Ancient World, and Su Qianliu and the others were part of the first group of experts Black Flame had recruited.

"More and more experts are setting their sights on Zero Wing now, Vice Guild Leader. When can I leave Zero Wing?" Dawn Moon asked as she looked at Cleansed Rue expectantly. She truly did not wish to stay in Zero Wing for even a day longer. It was simply too stressful to have over a dozen Refinement Realm experts stalking her constantly. This was a treatment that even players who had offended top-tier first-rate Guilds wouldn't get to enjoy.

"This…" Cleansed Rue hesitated to give Dawn Moon an answer.

Dawn Moon was one of the talents Hundred Flower Palace had set its sights on. If she got targeted by experts every day, it'd be difficult for her to even level up, let alone seek out the opportunities scattered across the Miniature Ancient World.

However, Zero Wing was also an opportunity for Hundred Flower Palace to learn about other God's Domains and the powers originating from them.

It wouldn't be long before Hundred Flower Palace had to clash with Outerworld powers. So, Hundred Flower Palace needed to learn more about Zero Wing.

Before Cleansed Rue could decide on an answer, Rain Song suddenly said, "I'm afraid you'll have to be disappointed, Little Moon. You have to continue staying in Zero Wing."

"Did something happen?" Cleansed Rue asked as she looked at Rain Song strangely. Previously, Rain Song had wanted to plead on Dawn Moon's behalf to let Dawn Moon withdraw from Zero Wing sooner. Yet, now, she was saying that Dawn Moon needed to stay in Zero Wing. Moreover, she had spoken in a commanding tone.

"A message just came in from the Guild. Witch's Sin has openly rebelled," Rain Song solemnly said. "Right now, Witch's Sin has formed a military alliance with Zero Wing. Moreover, it has stated that if World Dominators doesn't retract its kill order, it will declare war on World Dominators!"

"Has Witch's Sin gone mad?" Cleansed Rue couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

Witch's Sin!

That was a Guild that had already far surpassed Hundred Flower Palace in strength. While Witch's Sin had yet to be officially acknowledged as a superpower, the many first-rate Guilds in God's Domain understood that Witch's Sin was already a superpower. In fact, Witch's Sin's foundations were already on par with the average superpower.

Although there was still a significant difference in strength between Witch's Sin and a veteran Super Guild like World Dominators, there was no doubt that Witch's Sin's defection had changed the status quo of the situation. Now, World Dominators would have to carefully consider whether it truly was worthwhile to deal with Zero Wing.

However, compared to what would happen in the future, Cleansed Rue was more curious to find out why Witch's Sin was helping Zero Wing to such an extent.

At the same time, news of Witch's Sin's defection had also spread like wildfire, and the entire Hundred Flow City was in an uproar.

"What's going on?"

"Witch's Sin is siding with Zero Wing? Doesn't that mean World Dominators will hesitate to take action now?"

"What is going on? Does Zero Wing have some kind of powerful background? How did it manage to get Witch's Sin to help it to such an extent?"

The various powers operating in Hundred Flow City began making all sorts of conjectures about Zero Wing after learning about Witch's Sin's defection. First, it was Mysterious Moon. Now, it was Witch's Sin. In no time at all, Zero Wing, a small Guild that had originally been unremarkable, had become the center of attention of every power operating in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, less than 15 minutes after Witch's Sin made its declaration, World Dominators had also reiterated its intentions to destroy Zero Wing once again. Meanwhile, should Witch's Sin insist on being stubborn, World Dominators would not hesitate to go to war with it!

For a time, an uproar occurred among the various powers of God's Domain.

None of the various powers had expected that shortly after the Miniature Ancient World's opening, two of God's Domain's superpowers would show intentions of going to war with each other. Originally, the various powers thought that the various small Guilds would be the first ones to ignite the flames of war. Then, third- and second-rate Guilds would follow, and things would gradually heat up until the various superpowers joined into the fray.

Yet, now, two superpowers were actually planning to go to war. Moreover, the cause of this war was one small Guild.

In addition, shortly after World Dominators announced its stance, it had updated the bounty it offered for its kill order on Zero Wing. Now, not only was World Dominators offering a God Legacy, but it had also added a Legendary item to its list of rewards.

A Legendary item!

Even the various superpowers only had a few of these items each. Meanwhile, every Legendary item possessed heaven-defying abilities. Some Legendary Weapons could even let Tier 5 players go against Tier 6 God-ranked experts.

After the announcement of such an astonishing bounty, even the various superpowers could no longer sit still.

Misty Canyon, Abyssal Star City:

"We're in deep trouble this time, Guild Leader. World Dominators has thoroughly lost its mind," Su Qianliu said, a bitter smile forming on her face as she looked at Shi Feng's face in the video call. "According to reports, apex experts from more than five superpowers have gathered in Hundred Flow City ever since World Dominators issued a Legendary item for its bounty. It seems everyone is intent on taking action."

Seeing the gloomy look on Su Qianliu's face, Shi Feng consoled, "Don't worry. Since World Dominators wants to compete using foundations, we'll compete with it! We'll show everyone that Zero Wing won't necessarily lose to World Dominators!"

"We won't lose to World Dominators?" Su Qianliu asked in confusion.

"Gather all Zero Wing members." Chuckling, Shi Feng said, "From now onwards, we'll no longer be grinding in the leveling maps around Hundred Flow City!"

"Where are we going to grind at, then?" Su Qianliu asked in confusion.

"The Boundary Mountain Range," Shi Feng said, laughing. Then, he disconnected the call and called up Abyssal Star City's control panel. "Although it's a bit early, since World Dominators isn't holding back, let's see who can hold out until the end!"

System: Do you wish to open the Abyssal Star Primordial City now?

"Open it!" Shi Feng confirmed his decision without hesitation.

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Heian Cat for pointing this out.

SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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