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ITDO - Chapter 235 - Goddess’ Lover

“According to rumors, the moon spring has a magic power recovery effect. It is a rare treasure of the world.”

Louie walked forward as he spoke. With his footsteps, his clothes that were made with divine power gradually disappeared. Louie walked towards the side of the spring without any shame. He looked at the clear turquoise water and did not hesitate to step into it. The water wasn’t deep so he was able to sit down in it.

At this moment, Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess were sitting on opposite sides. The clear pool water did not obscure any of their body parts. Louie looked at the Goddess’ alluring body without shame.

“The moon spring is a natural spring created by the condensation of the essence of the moon which can only be found within the range of the Ancient Tree of Life. In the past, when the ‘Gate of the Moon’, my divine kingdom, still existed, I had altered the rules within the realm, allowing it to be found everywhere in my divine kingdom.”

“If you were to visit my kingdom 30,000 years ago, you would have been able to see moon spirits dotted like the stars.”

The Silver Moon Goddess cupped her hands on the spring water and raised it above her head. The spring water that contained magic power slipped through her fingers and soaked her silver hair. It continued flowing down her tender soldiers until it fell back into the spring again.

The Goddess was not using the moon spring’s water to cleanse her body. As long as divine creatures possess divinity, their bodies would not produce any bodily waste. She just had a habit of enjoying a comfortable bath, but she did not know her actions caused Louie’s blood pressure to rise in anticipation.

“Visit your kingdom 30,000 years ago?”

Hearing the Goddess’ words, Louie lightly laughed. He had not been born thirty thousand years ago. Even if he was born, how could he have had the chance to enter the ‘Gate of the Moon’ as a mortal? Let alone getting to enjoy a taste of the Silver Moon Goddess’ body, he wouldn’t even have been able to see her bathing like this.

Now was really a great time. The gods were not high up anymore and mortals had the chance to participate in the epic story of divinity. However, it was also the worst of times. The gods had revived to compete for faith. They would certainly break the existing order and laws as the age of chaos approached.

Louie raised his head and looked at the opened-domed roof of the palace. He gazed at the moonlight and thought about it. In Shae’s divine kingdom, Louie had seen its basic rules. At this time, he could also sense that the rules inside the palace were also different from the outside world. Ten thousand years of time allowed the palace to become a similar existence to a divine kingdom. It took more than 10,000 years to make, but it was inferior to one made in just a few years by a weak god.

The gap between gods and demigods was just too big.

When Louie was about to speak, the Silver Moon Goddess interrupted him, “You can just call me by my name. There is no need to be so polite. We can be a bit more intimate… You might just be a beginning as a god on the path to immortality, so you can ask me anything that you don’t understand.”

“At the end of the Era of Disaster, I fell to become a weak god, but as a god born since the beginning of the world, I once stood at the top of the gods. I should be able to meet your needs in regards to knowledge about the gods.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’s voice was cool and clear. The corner of her mouth contained a faint smile, and her tender fingers which were more delicate than flowers fixed her messy hair in front of him. Her words did not contain any other meaning, other than telling him a fact.

“Your Highness, Selune…”

Although the Silver Moon Goddess originally intended Louie to call her by her name, Louie still gave the most basic respectful title. Even if he ended up giving birth to an heir together with the Goddess and enjoying her body to the fullest, relationships between the gods could never easily go past a certain bottom line to prevent hatred from brewing.

Any god, even the weakest god, was to be respected unless two sides were originally hostile.

“Then, the Ancient Tree of Life…”

The Silver Moon Goddess, Selune, like the Night Goddess, Shae, definitely knew the most ancient secrets of the gods. She possessed the most profound knowledge among the gods. Louie knew that on his path to becoming a god, the Silver Moon Goddess would be his mentor, his guide, and of course, his lover.

“Your Highness Louie, have you perceived the breath of that god? Hmm, when you showed me your godhood, I did feel a tiny touch of the divine authority of life in it as well as another powerful divine authority that was once partially obtained and lost by the Goddess of Magic.”

The Silver Moon Goddess was slightly stunned, but she soon came back to her senses and lightly spoke of these things that shocked Louie.

The Silver Moon Goddess was able to see a lot of his secrets the very first time she saw his godhood. He really could not underestimate these ancient and powerful gods.

Louie himself had not yet lit up the power of the divine authority of life, but the Silver Moon Goddess had surprisingly been able to detect that he had a fragment of it. At the same time, the Silver Moon Goddess said that the Goddess of Magic once possessed but lost the fragment of strong a divine authority. That should be the divine authority of the time.

“Perhaps I have a real connection with you, Your Highness. The divine authority of dreams within you was originally mine. I had lost it during the Era of Disaster. I didn’t expect that the complete divine authority would be in your possession.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ words solved one of Louie’s doubts. It was no wonder why he felt the divine authority of dreams was the strongest at that time. It turned out that the divine authority once belonged to the Silver Moon Goddess, and she had lost it. When Louie first understood the nature of divine power, he borrowed godhood to alter the rules of the world and put this divine authority under his possession.

Although it wasn’t as important as the divine authorities of magic and earth, it was still a complete divine authority that allowed Louie to make use of it completely.

The majority of the divine authority of magic was in the hands of the Goddess of Magic, and the majority of the divine authority of earth was with the God of the Earth. The only complete divine authority that Louie had was ‘dreams’.

‘But according to the Silver Moon Goddess, no other god possessed the divine authority of time. As long as I can light it up, I can obtain the full divine authority!’

The thought of this made Louie excited, and the Silver Moon Goddess’ next words also gave him a surprise.

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Search hosted.novel for the original.

“I will explain details about that god afterward. It just happens that they hold the divine authority of life. This divine authority is not of great use to me. If you need it, I can transfer it to you!”

Saying this, the Silver Moon Goddess stood up. Her white skin was like a crystal under the silver moon. The moon spring added to her charm and seductiveness.

“Your Highness Louie, there is no need for gods to forcefully suppress their desires. You don’t need to use reason to endure anymore… What you will taste next is my true body, the true body of a goddess, not just an incarnation.”

This ancient goddess smiled sweetly. As she walked in front of Louie, thousands of flowers seemed to bloom and bless that divine body.

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