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ITDO - Chapter 234 - Living with the Goddess

The Forest of the Moon was located in the southernmost part of the main continent, in a vast region filled with many natural and mineral resources, and populated with a variety of races.

Not counting the elves living in other realms, the number of elves living in the main continent totaled more than a million. Almost all of them lived in isolated, tribal societies within the Silver Moon Kingdom in the Forest of the Moon.

In truth, the Silver Moon Kingdom was a city in the middle of the forest with various elven tribes living around it. And because the forest was too wide, the Silver Moon Kingdom only occupied a part of the Forest of the Moon.

After passing through the portal, Louie arrived at the outer edge of the Silver Moon Kingdom. In the past, Louie did not know much about spells, so he did not find anything suspicious about this palace. Now that he had gained the divine authority of magic and learned many spells, he discovered that there were actually many protective spell formations on the outskirts of the kingdom. Its main purpose was to prevent the infiltration of powerhouses above the legendary rank.

‘The Silver Moon Goddess used ten thousand years to set this up. No other race can learn this.’

Louie looked at this formation that covered the entire Silver Moon Kingdom and sighed in relief. Only the Silver Moon Goddess could do this kind of thing. Whether it was humans or beastmen, they definitely did not have the ability, energy, or material resources to set up a defensive formation for the entire country.

Naturally, the main thing was that when the formations were activated, it was equivalent to closing off the entire country. Against invaders like beastmen and humans who overwhelm them in numbers, this was the best method for the elves. With the number of elves, losing a small number of them was already considered a huge loss.

When Louie crossed the formation, he noticed that the elven scouts lurking in the forest did not panic or attack, but knelt respectfully on one knee. It seemed that the Silver Moon Goddess had already informed her people and guards about Louie coming to visit and had instructed them to allow him to cross the defensive line without any hindrance. As a result, Louie was able to safely arrive at the heart of the Silver Moon Kingdom.

With Louie’s flying speed, it didn’t take long for him to reach the royal capital, a beautiful fairyland-like city. There were old but flourishing trees, a rainbow reflected in the sky, a waterfall flowing down the mountains, a clear stream, roads lined with grass and flowers, as well as elves living in tree houses.

The elves of the Silver Moon Kingdom lived very leisurely lives. With their long lifespans, they would never let themselves get too busy. If Dragon City was a busy modern city, then the country of elves was a small city in the mountains.

Louie flew over the royal capital, causing a commotion, but the elven inhabitants only watched curiously. As his 40-meter-long body flew past, the elven soldiers did not react in any way, allowing him to head towards the Ancient Tree of Life.

“What powerful vitality.”

When Louie saw the Ancient Tree of Life this time, he was able to glean more information about it. When he first came to this world, he only thought that it was just a magical plant, but now that he was a true demigod and gained more knowledge about the world of San Soliel, he could faintly tell that the tree emitted fluctuations of divine power.

“This Ancient Tree of Life should have been a god in the past, and a strong one at that. I’m just not sure if the god is asleep or is already dead for them to become such a large tree of life.

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Louie did not think much about it. His body landed on the square in front of the Silver Moon Palace and rapidly transformed into an elf.

After all, Elven structures simply could not accommodate his natural size.

The square was guarded by elven guards, and when they saw Louie, the elves in their fine armor bowed their heads in greeting and allowed him to walk up the white wooden steps towards the temple where their queen lived.

Louie, whose clothes had changed into the intricate style of the elves, walked up the steps and entered the palace gates. As he opened the gates, elven maids were on their knees and the elven guards bowed without a word. No one dated let out a sound, causing the whole place to be enveloped in a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Louie’s footsteps echoed down the hallway as he moved forward. When he entered the main hall, the entire hall closed up with roots blocking all entrances, turning the inside into a closed space.

The Silver Moon Goddess could not reveal her identity yet, and their current alliance was a secret. Louie had discussed with the goddess that they would not notify the public until their child was born. Once they did, Dragon City and the Silver Moon Kingdom would be completely united.

This was the first time Louie came to the Goddess’ palace. The entire structure of the palace contained the aesthetics of the elves - noble, elegant, colorful, but without the materialistic decadence of human palaces. The trees coiled and formed the palace as if it was all made naturally.

Although the palace was beautiful and relaxing, the most beautiful one was the one standing at the top, the Silver Moon Goddess who wore a silver muslin and on her bare feet with her back towards him.

“Your Highness, are you finally ready?”

The Silver Moon Goddess slightly tilted her head sideways, and Louie found that her face was once again covered in the layer of mysterious mist. In the hall, there was a statue. When Louie looked at its face, he was able to tell that it was the Silver Moon Goddess herself. At this time, he finally understood the purpose of the mist. It was to stop other people from finding her roots.

But after seeing Louie, the mist gradually dispersed, revealing her clear and beautiful face. Although it was only a side profile, her perfect contours could make a bard sing out countless beautiful poems.

This time, Louie’s feelings were different from before. Now, he was able to completely form the attitude of appreciating the beauty of the goddess, so he did not hide his eyes that were burning with desire.

The Silver Moon Goddess’ voice still contained coldness like a frosty moon, but Louie knew that her harp-like voice was full of her emotions.

“Yes. I have reached the best state.”

Louie gently nodded to show that he had finished his preparations.

The Silver Moon Goddess smiled and seemed to giggle a bit, but she did not let out a sound and walked forward with her delicate foot on a small cobblestone path. With her light steps, the white muslin covering her body also fell to the ground, unraveling her beautiful back.

Louie greedily looked at the Goddess’ back. There was no piece of her that was ugly. Her skin glowed with the moonlight like transparent jade, releasing a creamy white luster. From her slender neck to her shoulders, from her backbone to the bend of her legs, every inch of her skin exudes an unspeakable charm.

She was perfect the way she was. If any part of her was longer, it would be too long. If any part was shorter, it would be too short. If white powder was applied to her it would be too white. If red powder was applied, it would be too red.

At this moment, Louie’s breathing increased. He finally understood the true meaning of the concept of flawlessness.

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The Silver Moon Goddess lifted her foot and walked into the blue spring in front of her. Her silvery fragrant hair glowed under the moonlight. At the same time, she invited Louie, “This is the moon spring of the elves. Even if gods soak in it, they will feel comfortable. Your Highness, would you like to come and try?”

Louie did not hesitate or feel embarrassed. He lightly chuckled and walked forward.

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