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RSSGSS - Chapter 136 - Mercenary Alliance Takes Shape

"Partnership?" After hearing Shi Feng's question, Liu Wusheng couldn't help but ask, "May I know what conditions Witch's Sin will have to meet if we join Zero Wing's mercenary alliance?"

Right now, Liu Wusheng no longer doubted the possibility of a partnership between Witch's Sin and Zero Wing. On the contrary, he wanted to complete the partnership discussions and finalize everything as soon as possible.

However, the situation inside the tower was also obvious.

There were only 100 rooms available on the first floor. In other words, the tower could, at most, accommodate 100 players at a time in its current state. However, Liu Wusheng did not doubt that there'd be a ton of players trying to join Zero Wing's mercenary alliance in the future. There was no way 100 rooms would be enough to accommodate all of these players. Not to mention, Zero Wing would certainly be saving a portion of these rooms for itself. So, the number of rooms left for the mercenary alliance would be even fewer.

In other words, there was going to be a restriction set for those seeking to use the rooms in the tower.

However, the restrictions couldn't be too absurd, either. If the restrictions Zero Wing imposed were so high that nobody could fulfill them, there'd be no reason for Witch's Sin to join Zero Wing's mercenary alliance.

"You don't have to worry about this point, Mr. Liu," Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the concerned look on Liu Wusheng's face. "Aside from the 30 rooms reserved for Zero Wing's use, the rest of the 70 rooms will be given the same treatment. Anyone who joins the mercenary alliance would qualify to use the primordial tower's rooms as long as they become a Bronze member. It will cost 200 Magic Crystals and 100 Contribution Points to use the rooms for each other. Silver members will also receive a 10% discount, while Gold members will receive a 20% discount.

"Of course, depending on the player's rank, the amount of time they can rent the rooms will also differ. Bronze members can only rent the rooms for one hour a day, while Silver members can rent two hours a day and Gold members can rent four hours a day."

"Members only need to reach the Bronze rank to use the rooms?" Liu Wusheng was a little surprised to hear Shi Feng's answer. He didn't think the condition to use the rooms would be so low. "May I know what it would take to become a Bronze member? Also, how will the mercenary alliance's contribution system work?"

In response, Shi Feng said, "It's very easy to become a Bronze member. All you need to do is accumulate 5,000 Contribution Points, while becoming a Silver member will require 50,000 Contribution Points, and becoming a Gold member will require 300,000 Contribution Points. Members can earn Contribution Points through completing the quests issued by the mercenary alliance.

"At the same time, the mercenary alliance will also take on commissions from others. However, the alliance will not offer any Contribution Points for these commissions. The alliance will only serve as an intermediary between players and ensure that the commissions are completed. In exchange, the alliance will charge a small commission fee.

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"If Witch's Sin becomes a partner of the mercenary alliance, you will receive five million Contribution Points to issue commissions with. However, you will have to pay a monthly fee of one million Gold and two million Magic Crystals. You will also have to protect the mercenary alliance's interests and Abyssal Star City's safety. If you fail to do so, you will lose your monthly allocation of Contribution Points."

When Shi Feng finished speaking, Blue Sheath couldn't help but gasp in shock.

"Did Zero Wing start as a band of bandits?" Blue Sheath said in a somewhat angry tone. "Not only are you asking for a monthly payment of one million Gold and two million Magic Crystals, but you also want us to protect the mercenary alliance's interests and the city's safety?"

If it were on the main continent, Witch's Sin would have no problem paying one million Gold and two million Magic Crystals. However, they were currently in the Miniature Ancient World. Witch's Sin was already expending a ton of Coins and Magic Crystals just to maintain its daily operations. There was no way Witch's Sin could afford to give Zero Wing so many Coins and Magic Crystals.

"Shut your mouth, Blue!" Liu Wusheng suddenly chided.

"Elder Liu?" Blue Sheath froze in shock, and she couldn't help but look at Liu Wusheng in confusion.

However, Liu Wusheng simply glared at Blue Sheath, causing Blue Sheath to promptly lower her head and stop speaking. Then, Liu Wusheng looked at Shi Feng apologetically and said, "I'm sorry to have shown you such an embarrassing sight, Mr. Black Flame. As an apology, Witch's Sin is willing to partner with Zero Wing and join Zero Wing's mercenary alliance. We are also willing to double our monthly payments for just nine million Contribution Points each month."

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When Blue Sheath heard Liu Wusheng's words, she couldn't help but be shocked once again. For a moment, she even suspected a spy from Zero Wing had replaced the Liu Wusheng before her. Otherwise, why would Liu Wusheng behave in such a crazy manner? Not only was he not trying to reduce the payment they needed to make to Zero Wing, but he was even offering to give up on more benefits.

"You have a very keen insight, Mr. Liu," Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw Liu Wusheng's apologetic expression. Then, he shook his head and continued, "Unfortunately, I cannot agree to your offer. Five million Contribution Points; that is the most I can give you. I will be inviting more powers to join the mercenary alliance in the future, so I cannot let Witch's Sin monopolize everything."

"What a pity," Liu Wusheng said, sighing. "Alright, then. Five million it is. Let's sign the contract immediately!"

This situation thoroughly dumbfounded Blue Sheath. Even though Liu Wusheng was already offering to pay more, Zero Wing had refused the offer? Wasn't Zero Wing supposed to be a Guild of bandit origins?

However, before Blue Sheath could snap out of her daze, Liu Wusheng had already signed a Magic Contract with Zero Wing on Witch's Sin's behalf. With the Main God System serving as the guarantor, both parties would have to adhere to the contract's terms unless they no longer wished to exist in God's Domain.

After Shi Feng signed the contract with Witch's Sin, he let Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath take their time strolling around Abyssal Star City. Meanwhile, he made his way to the City Lord's Mansion and continued selecting NPCs to hire for the city's security.

"What happened to you just now, Elder Liu? Why did you offer to pay Zero Wing even more resources? Is Zero Wing's mercenary alliance that good?" Blue Sheath asked, unable to hold back her curiosity any longer.

Blue Sheath was well aware of Liu Wusheng's personality. The old man was the very definition of a miser. Normally, Witch's Sin's various Branch Guilds would have to go through a lot of trouble just to ask for some extra resources. Yet, now, Liu Wusheng had taken the initiative to give resources away to Zero Wing, an outsider. This could definitely be considered one of the wonders of Witch's Sin.

"You have no idea how astonishing that primordial tower is. Now that Zero Wing's mercenary alliance is still in its budding phase, we must take full advantage of this opportunity. It is especially so for the monthly allocation of Contribution Points. Those points will be crucial in helping more people in our Guild become Gold members. Otherwise, why would you think I'd be willing to pay so many Coins and Magic Crystals?" Liu Wusheng said, rolling his eyes at Blue Sheath. "I didn't understand why Black Flame was so sure we would partner with him before, but I understood it all after entering the primordial tower's miniature world."

"Is that tower such a magical place, Elder Liu?" Blue Sheath asked dubiously.

Even a God Legacy could only provide very limited help to Tier 5 players in reaching Tier 6. So, how much help could a measly primordial tower possibly provide to Tier 5 players?

"Once you reach Tier 5 as well, you'll understand just how frightening that primordial tower's function is," Liu Wusheng said. He couldn't help but shudder when he recalled the environment he experienced inside the primordial tower's miniature world. "Right now, I can confidently say that if the primordial tower's function gets leaked, the various powers in God's Domain would either try to extinguish Zero Wing or partner with Zero Wing at all costs."

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Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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