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ITDO - Chapter 233 - Igniting the Divine Fire, One Step Towards Becoming a God

After a few months, Louie opened his eyes, his body brimming with divine power. Naturally, this divine power was still insufficient to fill up his godhood. For a god with high-tier divine power, filling up their godhood would require hundreds of thousands of believers and countless years of their devotion.

A demigod’s consumption of divine power, on the other hand, was far too low.

In these few months, Louie’s divine power recovery speed became faster. This wasn’t something Louie had caused, but because his believers had grown in numbers and quality, allowing him to recover faster.

“Clooney is doing a good job…”

Louie was still lying in this cave. Since no one had found it for several months, it meant that the place was safe for the time being.

The lord of Dragon City was praising his subordinates. From the moment he left Dragon City to go to the Shadow Realm, from the Shadow Realm to the Astral Realm, and from the Astral Realm back to the main continent, almost a year had passed and Louie had not returned to Dragon City during that time.

Within a year, Louie’s followers had increased rather than decreased. This meant that Dragon City was running according to his will without any mishaps. The administrative system that Louie had set up did not require him to do all the work. As long as he had set a direction for the city, his people could make the city continue its operations.

If he was a lord on Earth and had disappeared for a year, he might have already been usurped by his people. However, in the world of San Soliel, a world where individual strength was paramount, Louie did not have to worry about it happening.

The reason why Dragon City was still standing in this continent without anyone daring to invade it was mainly because of his presence as a demigod. If Louie gave up on the city and relinquished his title as its lord, then the city would definitely fall under siege in just a few days.

So, compared to other people, the citizens of Dragon City would prefer him to stay as the lord.

“Your lord will soon become a true demigod.”

Louie’s tone was filled with excitement.

There were three steps required to become a true god. The first was to ignite the divine fire. The second was the creation of a divine throne. And finally, the formation of a godhood while creating a divine throne. This was also the hardest step.

Louie did not need to do this hardest third step anymore and only needed to do the first two steps well. Now, Louie was going to do the first step to become a god – igniting the divine fire!

Louie took a deep breath. After checking his body to make sure there were no problems, he closed his eyes and sunk his consciousness into the deepest part of his spiritual sea. There, he saw his godhood and divinity as well as the incoming divine power.

These were all the things that belonged to him. Even the godhood had become one with him and was brewing in his soul. With his own consciousness, Louie began to mobilize the divine power inside and injected it into his divinity.


There was a sudden indescribable sound in his soul, and soon, a fire appeared on top of his divinity. This was not a real flame, but a conceptual embodiment. Because it resembled fire, it was called ‘divine fire’ by the gods.

With the creation of this fire, Louie’s divine power began to be consumed at a quicker rate. It strengthened the flames and they began to burn with ever greater intensity.

Following that, changes occurred in Louie’s body. His soul and dragon body fused into one. His entire body collapsed into basic particles and fused with his soul. They formed muscles, blood vessels, nerves, bones, skin, and other organs. Once again, it turned into a dragon form.

If the modification done by the Terran Civilization gave Louie a perfect body, then the ignition of the divine fire was an evolution to his soul.

[Starting to record the host’s process of becoming a god.]

[Terran Civilization’s highest priority research project has started.]

[Confirming the connection between the soul and the body.]

[Recording in progress… recording in progress…]

The Intelligent Brain, which had been silent until now, began to whir into action once more, unbeknownst to Louie.


When the last bits of Louie’s divinity turned into a flame, a blazing fire that seemed to burn for eternity appeared in the depths of his soul. This was a divine fire that belonged to the gods where the divinity resided.

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With the appearance of the divine fire, Louie’s soul had changed… it had become a ‘divine soul’ which had the nature of being immortal.

At this moment, Louie had achieved an infinite lifespan.

Many creatures could achieve physical immortality in the world, but the passage of time would cause their souls to be worn out. Only gods could make the body and soul become one, thus reaching the highest point of the divine.

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Louie opened his eyes again to see that the world had changed from his viewpoint. What he saw were no longer external manifestations of matter, but the hidden rules behind everything in the world.

With the immortal divinity burning like an immortal fire, it became a constant energy source, acting as a perpetual motion machine for the gods that became their sustenance.

“This is the world of the gods, or maybe the world of the demigods. No matter what’s the case, I have already taken the first step to become a god. Once the world’s rule changes again, I can immediately become a god, and that day is quite close at hand.”

Louie’s tone contained undisguised excitement. He was now a god that only mortals could dream about.

“Heh, with my current ability, I can carry out an equal ‘battle’ with the goddess. For the future of Dragon City, I must soon give birth to an heir. At the same time, I can test out my breeding ability.”

In fact, Louie also couldn’t wait to give birth to an heir as a bridge to be in alliance with the elves. Louie also knew that he would one day leave the main continent. The lordship of Dragon City must be handed over to the next generation. The sooner the heir was born, the more he could teach. He would teach them more knowledge and abilities so that the heir could perfectly inherit everything he owned in the mortal world.

Louie stood up and stretched his body. The coordinates of the Silver Moon Kingdom appeared in his mind and he opened a portal with his claw and crossed over.

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