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ITDO - Chapter 230 - Can’t Say No

A red tinge appeared on Selune’s cheeks accompanied by a slightly flustered expression. Of course, this was all an act. Demigods could control their bodies at will, and so it was impossible for her to be bested by her emotions. Rather, this was likely just an act to further tempt Louie.

Which wasn’t to say that it was unsuccessful.

Anyone, regardless of race, as long as they were men, no, even women would be charmed by the Goddess’ temptation. After all, every pore of her skin radiated divine charm.

If the Goddess of the Night was enchanting and charming, then her sister, the Goddess of the Silver Moon was a cold beauty. And when she seduced people, her charm was even more unbearable.

“Your Highness, we can carry out the act of procreation at any time. Our way of procreation is different from mortals, and we can use divine power to catalyze the birth, but ultimately, it would require some time.”

For one of the most ancient Goddesses, since she had made a decision, she would not beat around the bush like a small woman. Now, she was very eager to give birth to an heir and establish a solid alliance with Louie. This way, the two could help each other and gain more power.

Louie was indeed stimulated by the Silver Moon Goddess. His draconic instincts in particular rose to the occasion.. He almost nodded his head immediately and attempted to unite with the Goddess in the Shadow Realm.

However, at the critical moment, the last silver of reason in Louie’s head prevailed. He did not immediately agree to this, not because he felt that the location was bad, but because once the two of them were to have intercourse, then his roots as a fake demigod would be exposed!

Louie was just considered as a divine creature at the moment and not a demigod who had lit up his divine flame. He has been disguising and deceiving everyone with the power inside his godhood. Now that the lies were piling up, he had to make a way to turn the lie into a reality.

Fortunately, after this journey, Louie had gained enough divinity from the Goddess of the Night and was just a hair short of igniting his divine flame to become a true demigod. So he pretended to be calm and said, “Your Highness, there is no need to be anxious. You and I have just consumed a lot of divine energy. It’s best if we go back and rest for a while until we are in our best condition to give birth to an heir.”

The act between mortals could be over in a few minutes, but an act between gods could last for three days and three nights, especially when it was not done for enjoyment, but for the birth of a ‘divine child’, which would require divine energy and divinity every moment.

As a veteran, the SIlver Moon Goddess could naturally bear it, but Louie might not be able to complete the ceremony. If he suddenly failed at the last moment, then his pride as a man would be shattered.

A man could never say no, so Louie was the one who needed to recover his divine power.

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However, the Silver Moon Goddess did not know Louie’s thoughts. She never had a child before and did not know all the twists and turns. This made her feel that Louie’s words were logical. Since it was for the birth of an heir, it would be best if they were in their most optimal states. Since it was her real child, the child of the Silver Moon Goddess, she needed to make her own divine child perfect and prevent anything wrong from happening.

The Silver Moon Goddess slowly nodded her head, “Your Highness, just as you said, things shouldn’t be rushed. I will go back to the Silver Moon Kingdom and recuperate. After you have finished recuperating, you can find me in the shrine.”

Facing the Silver Moon Goddess yet being able to retain reason and suppress his desires made the Silver Moon Goddess have a higher opinion of Louie. She felt that this dragon did not only have pure luck to be the chosen dragon. For him to be able to get everything he had now, he had to be an excellent dragon, and would also become an excellent god in the future.

The goddess would only allow such a god to unite with her. Only such a God was trustworthy. The gods had always lived a drunken life without knowing the possible dangers, causing them to fall into decay.

Selune had encountered many mortal creatures falling for the charms of a goddess in her entire life. Let alone dragons, any creature would want to embrace a goddess.

“Your Highness, you don’t have to rush to leave. Before entering the divine kingdom, you told me about a place where I could obtain the divinity that I need. I hope you can pass on that information.”

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Seeing Selune’s attitude, Louie was a bit embarrassed and strangely felt as if he was the one who was about to be taken by the Goddess and not the other way around. She was simply in too much of a hurry. Although in terms of age, he was just a grass compared to her.

“With our current relationship, you don’t need to be so polite… about the divinity that you need, it’s in the astral realm, the realm of the stars. When countless gods fell during the Era of Disaster, their copses were pulled into the astral realm. After 30,000 years, the traces of the gods should be done, but there are gods who left behind traces of their divinity. During those years, I recorded where the corpses of the gods lay in case I needed to use them in the future.”

The Silver Moon Goddess spoke in a much more intimate manner. Although it still contained pride and coldness, it was much more humane and no longer as distant as compared to the past.

Before Louie could ask further, the Silver Moon Goddess had informed him of the coordinates of which stars to find the corpses. With Louie’s abilities as a divine creature, remembering these coordinates was an effortless task.

The astral realm was equivalent to the universe in the Earth’s system. It was a moving, collapsing, and vast realm. A small amount of negligence would lead to one being lost in it without finding a way back.

With Louie’s identity as a demigod, he had already remembered his coordinates in advance in order to not get lost in the astral realm. However, finding one particular thing was like finding a needle in a haystack, but thanks to the Silver Moon Goddess’ coordinates, Louie would be able to reach his goal. If he did not have prior information, he would probably not be able to find any of the corpses.

“Please don’t keep me waiting for too long, Your Highness!”

The Goddess’ vivid lips raised into a clear and stunning smile. Her beautiful face made Louie breathless. With a wave of divine power, she opened a portal to return to the main continent and disappeared in front of Louie as if she had disappeared into the foggy night.

Louie waited until the Silver Moon Goddess was completely gone before taking a deep breath. He was not preparing to return to Dragon City, but going directly to the astral realm.

An ancient Goddess was waiting for him. If he still took his time, it would become unromantic.

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