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RSSGSS - Chapter 133 - Tier 6 Saint

Witch's Sin!

This was a name that almost every Guild in God's Domain knew about.

Compared to the other first-rate Guilds, Witch's Sin was the closest to becoming a super-first-rate Guild in God's Domain. Not only did it have two Tier 6 God-ranked experts, but it also had at least 25 publicly known Tier 5 experts under its command. It was an existence that no power in God's Domain could afford to underestimate.

However, what concerned Su Qianliu right now wasn't that a pseudo-superpower was seeking to partner with Zero Wing. Instead, what concerned her was the fact that Witch's Sin was an affiliated Guild under World Dominators. In a situation where World Dominators had put a kill order on Zero Wing, there was no way Su Qianliu wouldn't doubt Witch's Sin's goals.

"How many people did Witch's Sin send over?" Shi Feng asked.

"Two people; an old man and a girl. The old man is the Witch's Sin's Source of Darkness, Liu Wusheng," Su Qianliu answered, her voice taking on a reverential tone when she spoke about Liu Wusheng.

Liu Wusheng was a magical class player, and he was akin to a living legend for magical class players.

This was because Liu Wusheng had fought a Tier 6 God-ranked expert to a standstill despite being only at Tier 5.

The astonishing battle back then had destroyed nearly one-third of a kingdom. Although Liu Wusheng didn't win the fight, the God-ranked expert fighting him didn't win, either.

The achievement of fighting a Tier 6 God-ranked expert to a standstill as a Tier 5 player was something only a few players could accomplish. Hence, after that battle, Liu Wusheng became a role model for many Elementalists.

"Alright, I'll head back now," Shi Feng said, nodding as he hung up the call.

"Are you really going to meet them now, Guild Leader?" Blackie asked, confused by Shi Feng's decision.

Witch's Sin might be visiting for a partnership, but the Abyssal Star Primordial City was much more important than Witch's Sin. The sooner they finished filling up the city's NPC guard slots, the sooner they could ensure the city's safety. Meanwhile, ensuring the city's safety was especially important now that Shi Feng had given Hidden Soul the green light to share the city's information.

"Of course. Witch's Sin isn't as simple as everyone thinks," Shi Feng said, chuckling. Then, without offering an explanation, he activated his Return Scroll and teleported back to Hundred Flow City.

Most people still weren't aware how powerful Witch's Sin was exactly in this life.

Most people might regard Witch's Sin as a pseudo-superpower, but if they were speaking in terms of strength, Witch's Sin could already be considered a bona fide superpower. Moreover, Witch's Sin had also kept a frightening individual hidden from the public.

The Witch of Crime and Punishment, Smooth Life!

During Shi Feng's previous life, almost nobody knew that Witch's Sin had kept a Tier 6 Mage God hidden under its grasp. Only after the Greater God's Domain's various powers invaded their God's Domain did Witch's Sin reveal this Mage God of theirs.

Though, rather than a Mage God, it'd be more appropriate to address Smooth Life as a Tier 6 Saint instead.

In addition to becoming a God-ranked expert, Smooth Life had also successfully reached the extremes of a World Law.

Meanwhile, during her debut fight, Smooth Life had single-handedly killed seven Tier 6 God-ranked…

After that battle, Smooth Life instantly rose to fame in both their God's Domain and the Greater God's Domain.

Upon reaching Tier 6, the difference between players would become very small. So, it was astounding that Smooth Life managed to go up against seven God-ranked experts simultaneously and kill every one of them. Even in the Greater God's Domain, few Tier 6 God-ranked experts possessed such heaven-defying combat power.

Hence, now that Witch's Sin was taking the initiative to ask for partnership with Zero Wing, Shi Feng naturally couldn't turn down the offer without at least finding out what Witch's Sin wanted. After all, a Tier 6 Saint would be of significant help once the Outerworld powers invaded their God's Domain.

Hundred Flow City, Candlelight Hotel:

After Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath had waited for around twenty minutes, Shi Feng finally walked into the lounge they were waiting in.

"Hello, Mr. Black Flame. I am Liu Wusheng, Witch's Sin's Great Elder," Liu Wusheng said, taking the initiative to greet Shi Feng. "The person next to me is Blue Sheath, one of Witch's Sin's Vice Guild Leaders."

"Hello," Shi Feng returned the greeting while scanning the two people before him. "May I know what partnership you seek to discuss with me?"

"I see that you are a very straightforward person, Mr. Black Flame," Liu Wusheng commented as he caressed his beard. "In that case, I'll just get to the point. Blue Sheath and I have come here for one purpose only: to make a deal with you."

Chuckling, Shi Feng asked, "What kind of deal?"

"The Primordial Mana Equipment Set!" Liu Wusheng said, excitement flashing in his eyes. "I have already looked into Mysterious Moon's situation. The reason Mysterious Moon can produce so many experts with near-Tier 4 strength is entirely because of the Primordial Mana Equipment Sets you provided them."

Initially, Liu Wusheng had been confused about why World Dominators had chosen to avoid a frontal confrontation with Mysterious Moon. However, after investigating Mysterious Moon and learning about the Primordial Mana Equipment Sets, he understood why World Dominators had made such a decision.

"Yes, I did supply those things to Mysterious Moon," Shi Feng said, not bothering to deny Liu Wusheng's claims. Anyone intent on investigating Mysterious Moon's Primordial Mana Equipment Sets could easily find out the sets' origin, so there was no point in hiding this information.

"We wish to buy those Primordial Mana Equipment Sets as well," Liu Wusheng said, smiling when he saw Shi Feng acknowledging his claim. "We are willing to pay twice as much as Mysterious Moon. Moreover, we will also sign a contract stating that we will not use these sets against Zero Wing under any circumstances."

Liu Wusheng greatly desired the Primordial Mana Equipment Sets. So long as Witch's Sin could acquire forty of these sets like Mysterious Moon, it could afford to come into the spotlight and get everyone to acknowledge it as a superpower.

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"Your offer is very tempting, Mr. Liu. However, Zero Wing no longer intends on selling these Primordial Mana Equipment Sets, so I'm afraid I will have to refuse your offer," Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

"If two times is not enough, Witch's Sin can offer you three times!" Liu Wusheng hurriedly said when he heard Shi Feng's words.

"The price isn't the problem, Mr. Liu," Shi Feng said. "I've already said that Zero Wing will not sell those sets. However, if you really wish to partner with Zero Wing, I can offer Witch's Sin another option."

"What option?" Liu Wusheng asked out of curiosity.

"Join Zero Wing's mercenary alliance and cooperate with Zero Wing in dealing with World Dominators!" Shi Feng stated.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's suggestion, the corners of Liu Wusheng's mouth lifted slightly. Then, he shook his head and said, "It's not that I doubt your strength, Mr. Black Flame, but there is no way you can win against World Dominators. There is no benefit for Witch's Sin to do so, either. You need to know that Witch's Sin is an affiliated Guild of World Dominators!"

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Shi Feng wasn't surprised to hear Liu Wusheng rejecting his offer. Smiling, he asked, "What if I give you and Witch's Sin's many apex experts a significant chance at reaching Tier 6?"

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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