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ITDO - Chapter 227 - Silver Moon Goddess, Give Birth To My Child!

In the middle of the Shadow Realm, Louie reappeared in human form. He looked at the divinity of darkness that had once belonged to Shae. After easily eliminating Shae’s will from within, he breathed in the divinity into his body.

He made a slight calculation and found that he needed a bit more divinity to ignite his divine fire. But so long as he used the method that Selune mentioned earlier, he would manage to do so soon.

Thinking like this, Louie looked at the Silver Moon Goddess. At this time, her face was incredibly pale due to using large amounts of divine power. Her eyebrows were knit together.

The Goddess only had the body of a demigod at the moment. Forcefully converting a lot of faith into divine power would cause great harm to her body. She was like an old machine being forced to run for a long time.

“Your Highness, I never imagined that you would actually be the Silver Moon Goddess and that you are in your true body,”

Louie’s eyes glittered as he spoke. Facing the true body of the Goddess, many thoughts passed through his head.

Even during the Era of Disaster, the Gods that appeared were mostly in their incarnations. It was very hard to actually encounter their true bodies. A God’s true body was their foundation. If their incarnations died, they could just use divinity and divine power to create another one.

However, in front of him was the Silver Moon Goddess’ true body that contained her divinity and divine authority. This was her truest form.

“I also had no choice but to conceal it. I hope you will forgive me, Lord Louie.”

The Silver Moon Goddess let out a bitter smile. She did not have the presence of a God. Perhaps it was because Gods and demigods were in the same position in the current Era. Moreover, Louie had helped her get through a difficult situation just now. The elves and Dragon City were also in a cooperative relationship. If the Silver Moon Goddess was high and proud, then she would not give Louie any face.

“I understand your plight, milady.”

Louie nodded gently, knowing that for the Gods, especially for Gods in their true bodies that were at the demigod level, she had no choice but to conceal her identity. Otherwise, if other demigods found out about this, she might be besieged on all sides and be killed. This was because killing a true god’s true body would allow demigods to take another step to become a god.

“Now that all secrets have been revealed, I think you have no need to hide them. In order for us to see each other honestly, I hope that you can tell me the secrets of the sleeping Gods and why you are able to stay in the main continent for 30,000 years while others are all in deep sleep.”

Although Louie had already guessed the reason, he asked anyway.

It was better for the other party to confirm his speculations.

Selune did not hide anything anymore. She straightforwardly spoke, “After the end of the Era of Disaster, due to the world of San Soliel being heavily damaged, most Gods lost their faith and could only fall dormant with the world. At that time, the Gods had lost energy in their godhood and became demigods. Less than 10% of the population of the world survived, but a portion of demigods still lived.

“At that time, the demigods were all the Gods’ enemies. When everyone was a demigod, choosing to sleep with the world was the best choice. As long as they did not fall and still possess a throne, then they would have their chance. For the Gods, time had no meaning. Whether it was 30,000 years or 50,000 years, they could return to glory as long as they did not fall.”

“Thus, most Gods chose to go to sleep, but I was different. At that time, my divine power was already low-tier. The elves were also almost extinct. If I chose to sleep, then I would definitely die when I woke up. Shae and Rose would definitely not let go of me. Under that situation, I had no choice but to completely give up on my godhood, becoming a demigod. I had to prepare to fight to the death.”

From her bitter smile, it was clear that the Selune at that time did not make the choice because she was brave, but because she had no choice but to pick that option.

“In the era after the Era of Disaster, the demigods still knew about the many Gods that were alive. They knew that I abandoned my godhood and only retained my divinity and divine authority. Thus, I was besieged by the demigods and experienced many life and death battles to survive.”

The Silver Moon Goddess spoke calmly, but Louie knew how difficult it was to do that. When everyone was a demigod, anyone who could kill Selune would gain a chance to become a God. Few could not resist such a temptation. The fact that the Silver Moon Goddess could survive that attack was worthy enough to become an epic.

“So, you survived in the end, and the demigods who attacked you all died?”

“Yes. I killed any demigod who knew that I was the Goddess of the Silver Moon to survive. Over the course of a few thousand years, I killed all those who knew.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ tone contained coldness and brutality.

“Why are there no other demigods among the elves?”

This was a strange point that Louie could not understand. As there were more than a million elves, the only demigod was the Silver Moon Goddess.

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“If a demigod is born among the elves, there is a huge chance that my identity will be revealed. I will not allow a demigod to be born among the elves before I return to my throne again.”

The Silver Moon Goddess told Louie with great clarity. She had probably killed those elves who had become demigods as well.

“Then, what about Sisna?”

Louie once again asked in a straightforward manner.

The Silver Moon Goddess hesitated for a moment before sighing, “You have probably seen through it already. Sisna is actually a clone that I made for a purpose. A thousand years ago, I detected signs of the Gods’ revival…”

“To be on the safe side, I created a ‘daughter’ of my own and put a part of my divinity into her. If there really was an accident and my real body fell, as long as Sisna could become a god, I would have a certain possibility of taking over her will with my divinity and using her body to return to the world.”

Louie secretly nodded his head, thinking that this was definitely a means that a god possessed. As he had expected, Sisna was not the Silver Moon Goddess’ adopted daughter, but a creature she had created. She could be called a furnace for her revival.

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“Lord Louie, the Gods are beginning to gain influence on the main continent once again. I’m afraid that it won’t be long before the drows come and take their revenge upon the elves. Now that the elven race is suffering from internal and external problems, I implore you to join hands with me and rise up to face the upcoming chaotic era.”

The Silver Moon Goddess spoke sincerely. In the beginning, she already thought of joining forces with Louie, but there was no sense of urgency. However, after encountering two Goddesses during this trip, she found that things were developing faster than she had expected. With the elves as her foundation, she had to preserve them as much as possible before becoming a God again.

But, now that the elves were utterly isolated, Rose would definitely not let this chance go.

Although Shae had suffered heavy losses today, everyone knew that she would not stop. She would definitely appear again and target the Silver Moon Goddess.

On the other hand, the strength that Louie had shown this time, the way he resisted the temptation, his courage, as well as the potential developments of his city made the Silver Moon Goddess feel that joining forces with Louie was the best means of breaking all obstacles.

It was just that before entering the Shadow Realm, she believed that Louie had a high chance of joining forces with her because there were many benefits for him, but now, she wasn’t so sure.

As expected, Louie shook his head and said, “Your Highness, the enemy you are facing is not my enemy. There is no grudge between me and the Spider Goddess. As for the Goddess of the Night, she would rather deal with you rather than a dragon like me. Making enemies for no reason is a very foolish act that I would not do. Moreover, I do not trust you now.” Louie said frankly.

Each one of her enemies was not easy to deal with. In order to keep her identity a secret, she had killed many demigods, even the demigods of the elven race were not spared. Moreover, in order to keep her life, she also used Sisna as a tool. The nature of the Gods was really cold and ruthless.

However, this was more in line with Louie’s perception of the Gods.

The Silver Moon Goddess also knew that her present self would not be able to easily gain Louie’s trust and pondered, “Lord Louie, I can make an oath to the River Styx and am willing to work with you for three thousand years.”

With an oath that lasted three thousand years towards the River Styx, then they would not need to worry about the other backstabbing them.

However, Louie shook his head, “Your Highness, you should know better than me that Gods are Gods and mortals are mortals. Even if I make an oath with you, once we become Gods far above the main continent, my future city and your elven clan are not bound by this oath. This will become a huge loophole. Even if you and I are bound by the oath, our followers are not.”

“Then, do you have a better way?”

The Silver Moon Goddess became agitated as she knew that she was in a bad position. The fact that the Gods could act with their incarnations was beyond her expectations. This change in the rules wasn’t very friendly towards her.

With only her true form, she was prey for the Gods. Whoever killed her could get everything she owned. The time for mortals to become true gods hadn’t come yet. Before that moment comes, she would be in her weakest and most dangerous state.

What she needed right now were allies, allies that would go through thick and thin with her. She couldn’t trust gods. Even the Goddess of Morning who was enemies with the Goddess of Night and Rose could not be trusted. This was because she also had qualms with her. When she lost the divine authority of light, a portion of it was taken by the Goddess of Morning.

On the other hand, Louie did not take Shae’s offer to betray her before. This virtue and nobility were obviously more favorable to her. If Louie desired her divine authority and divinity, it was indeed the best time to strike, but Louie did not betray her.

Louie looked at the Silver Moon Goddess after much consideration. He slowly said, “I need to have a bind and a medium with you. The best way would be to give birth to an heir. With your true body and my true body, a true ‘child of god’ would be born. He will inherit everything from me once I become a God and will become the best link between the Dragon City and the elves.”

The simple translation of Louie’s words was: Oh Goddess, give birth to my child!

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