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ITDO - Chapter 225 - Killing A God

The will of darkness, decay, and evil had descended in this almost ruined divine kingdom. The inky black had finally coagulated into a substantial presence than when only Shae revealed herself. This was because the Spider Goddess was a lot closer to the image of an evil god than Shae. Anyone in her domain would feel suffocation and madness engulfing them.

Elves and spiders were the sources of her faith, but this divine authority could only be considered as a racial divine authority. Other than providing her with a fair amount of faith, it did not make her any stronger. So, it was natural for her to also have other divine authorities such as evil or darkness.

The Silver Moon Goddess said that Shae wanted to kill the Spider Goddess and gain her divine authority. The divine authority of darkness was originally Shae’s but after the battle with the invaders, she had lost parts of it. Some of these were taken by the Spider Goddess.

With this power, the Spider Queen added the power of destruction and evil to her domain.

It was chaotic and pervasive as if the evil power that belonged to the Abyss had now pervaded the small divine kingdom, drowning everything and competing with the moon in the sky.

“Lord Louie, leave Rose to me. Please deal with Shae. She is currently very weak and only has a little divine power left. Just be careful of her schemes and tricks.”

The Spider Queen’s appearance changed dramatically after using her divine powers. Her humanoid form transformed to look like an arachne with the upper half of her body being human and the lower half being spider, and in her hands was a pitch black whip.

She immediately entered a frenzy and started to lash out at Selune.

Louie concurred with Selune’s advice as it was the best for the moment. The Silver Moon Goddess would deal with the Spider Goddess who still had abundant divine power while he dealt with the exhausted Goddess of Darkness. Although the Spider Goddess still had full divine power, it was impossible for her to defeat the Silver Moon Goddess. As long as he killed Shae’s incarnation, then the divine kingdom would completely collapse, allowing Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess to leave at any time.

With this in mind, Louie did not hesitate. His three dragon heads sprayed out three different dragon breaths that contained different divine authorities. These converged on the Goddess, enveloping her.

At the same time, Louie still remained alert of the ocean demigod. Unless she made a move, Shae wouldn’t be able to last a few rounds against Louie.

On the other hand, the ocean demigod, after finding out Shae’s true nature, did not want to participate in this battle anymore. After knowing that she could not obtain the Silver Moon Goddess’ divinity, this demigod stimulated her divine power and began attacking the divine kingdom with the trident in her hands. She and everyone else had the same thoughts of breaking the restrictions of the divine realm and gaining freedom.

The ocean demigod’s attack on the divine kingdom was tantamount to helping Louie. She was manipulating the rules of Shae’s divine kingdom with her divine power. To add insult to injury, Louie would attack Shae from time to time with his sharp claws and tail, causing her to defend with her divine weapon and expend divine power. Although the weapon was powerful and could easily cut through Louie’s scales, the degree of injury was nothing with his size.

On the contrary, the more his blood flowed, the more frantic Louie became. He knew that she had little divine power left. The Goddess of the Night might be more efficient in using divine power compared to Louie, but the absolute gap in amount soon left the Goddess of the Night in a sorry state.

Driven by bloodlust as well as plain lust for her beautiful form, Louie roared and continued to wreak havoc in the divine kingdom.

Although dragons were chaotic creatures, they could suppress their desires during battle quite well and devote their minds solely to combat.


Louie’s mouth opened and bit on the waist of the Goddess of the Night, almost splitting her in half. The Goddess cried out in pain but still looked rather calm. She wanted to use her divine weapon to cut off Louie’s teeth, but he did not give her that chance. With another bite, he tore off the Goddess’ arm.

The arm was too small for Louie’s size. He couldn’t even chew it and just swallowed it directly. With the help of a dragon’s intestine and divine power, Louie digested the arm that was a mass of divine power. At this point, Shae’s divine power was close to being empty.

A disgusting bite mark had appeared on the Goddess’ waist with only a bit of flesh connecting her body together. However, her insides were different from those of a human. The incarnation did not have any internal organs and only divine blood spilled out.

Louie’s claws once again lit up and shot out beams of light. This had turned the body of the Goddess into a sieve. As if she knew that her incarnation was reaching her limits, she no longer tried to defend and allow Louie to destroy her body.

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Louie’s body changed once more and transformed from dragon to human. One of his hands became a sharp knife and directly pierced her and he held it in his hands.

At this time, Shae and Louie’s bodies were sticking together. The Goddess suddenly revealed a demonic smile. Her tattered body moved forward and closed in on Louie’s ear. Like a lover, she whispered, “Dragon, you have successfully aroused this goddess’ interest. I will come to find you again. At that time, let us talk about the ‘Terran Civilization’.”

Shae’s words caused Louie’s expression to change. Seeing how his mood changed, Shae cackled and continued, “Since you want divinity, let me give the divinity in this body to you!”

After her words, the body of the incarnation began to burn. She did not ignite her divinity for a final counterattack before her death like a normal demigod. Instead, she gave her divinity as a gift directly delivering it to Louie’s hands.

As he watched the Goddess of Night disappear and a part of divinity in his hand, Louie’s expression turned ugly.

This was because the Goddess had found out a part of his own secret. This was the difficulty of killing Gods. Even if he killed Shae now, it was only her incarnation. As long as she still had divine power, she could just create a new one.

Not even a prairie fire could eliminate the grass. It would grow again when the spring breeze blew.

But no matter what was said, Louie had successfully killed a god.

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