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ITDO - Chapter 223 - Calculating Night Goddess

‘This is really shocking news. The Goddess of Night Shae was actually a traitor to San Soliel. Perhaps her ambitions were so great that she wanted to annihilate all of her competitors and rule over the world of San Soliel by herself?'

For a moment, many thoughts swirled in Louie’s brain. He was very interested in the events that transpired. After all, this was a secret that even he did not know. It seemed that there were more secrets to uncover about the Era of Disaster.

Louie did not know much about the Terran Civilization that invaded the world of San Soliel. Other than the silent Intelligent Brain who would only speak up when Louie found an energy source, Louie did not know anything about the civilization. Just from the technology that the civilization left, he could guess that they were very powerful.

At first, Louie thought that the Terran Civilization directly made a massive invasion of San Soliel and destroyed many realms. He thought that they would not contact anyone from this ‘barbaric lower civilization’, but from the words of the Silver Moon Goddess, the Terran Civilization had not only contacted an indigenous creature of San Soliel, they even contacted one of the strongest gods of this world.

When the words of the Silver Moon Goddess fell, the Goddess of Night’s expression turned to gloom. Her pair of alluring as if always teasing dark beautiful eyes have become quiet. That sudden change in atmosphere let everyone know that the Silver Moon Goddess’ words were not lies.

Afterward, the ocean demigod unconsciously distanced herself by a step from Shae. Although it did not mean completely abandoning their relationship, this behavior told others that their relationship had become complicated.

The ocean demigod was not stupid. She chose to cooperate with Shae just to obtain the Silver Moon Goddess’ divinity. If Shae truly became the enemy of the Gods and she joined her side, then it was the same as courting death. Unless Shae became the strongest goddess of the world and was dubbed as ‘Her Majesty’, then it was impossible to win against that many Gods.

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If they were at times of peace, Shae’s high-tier divine power would save her life even if all gods became her enemies. At most, she would be suppressed by the Gods, but no God would dare enter her realm and attack her. The Gods were also self-preserving creatures and feared death.

However, the present era was soon going to become chaotic. It would be the era when the Gods revived. Shae wouldn’t have her divine kingdom, and the card she left behind in the Theocracy did not seem to be successful. If the Gods were to stand against her, she would undoubtedly fall.

“That’s why you chose to attack the Silver Moon Goddess here. You plan to seize the divine authority of the moon and pretend to be the Silver Moon Goddess. With a million elves believing in you, you could gradually recover and stand at the forefront of the gods. At that time, even if the Gods become your enemy, it would be impossible for them to wipe you out.”

Louie spoke out and immediately understood the Goddess of Night’s plans. He finally understood why she wanted to do this. In addition to her hatred of the Silver Moon Goddess, she wanted to use the life of the Silver Moon Goddess to obtain a new life.

At the same time, Louie’s heart was also shaken. The Goddess of the Night was truly worthy of being an ancient god who warred with the Goddess of Light. She was even almost successful in playing the Silver Moon Goddess to death. Her plot and cunning were simply terrifying to the extreme.

Louie was lucky. If he had been tempted by the Goddess of Night and backstab the Silver Moon Goddess, then he would never be able to get the divine authority of the moon. Even if he got it temporarily, he would soon become her next target and become a thorn in his flesh.

If other Gods had invited the Silver Moon Goddess, she would not have been fooled, but the Goddess of Night clearly understood the hatred between the two of them. She knew that the Silver Moon Goddess would jump into the river to kill her and this would never be washed away as long as the Goddess of Night showed traces of her whereabouts. The Silver Moon Goddess would certainly follow the traces and thus be tricked into this world.

At the same time, the Goddess of the Night also invited the Spider Goddess Rose, who also had a feud with the Silver Moon Goddess. From Louie’s point of view, the Spider Goddess was like a madman who wasn’t right in the head when facing the Silver Moon Goddess. She was like a resentful woman who had been abandoned by her lover. She was even willing to cooperate with Shae in order to deal with the Silver Moon Goddess.

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The Goddess of the Night was standing on a one-way bridge and calculating everything to ensure success. This made Louie feel awe. She was so close to succeeding. From a weak god, she could instantly stand at the peak.

Louie’s words made the Silver Moon Goddess slightly smile and nod. Her beautiful face was like the caress of the moon, indicating that he was correct. On the other hand, the ocean demigod began to openly back away far from Shae. After knowing her scheme and tricks, the ocean demigod also began to feel afraid, afraid that she wouldn’t even gain any benefits and be sent to death by Shae as well.

At this time, the Goddess of the Night became isolated. Although the Spider Queen was in a cooperative relationship with Shae, she was able to maintain sanity in her madness. She was only here for Selune and did not want to entangle herself with Shae.

The Goddess of the Night paled. For her, a woman who loved to keep secrets, she hated her secrets being exposed the most. Only when her secrets were forever kept would she be able to control everything behind the scenes. But when all darkness was exposed to the light, she would have nothing to hide.

This was why Shae had always fought with Selune.

“Your Highness, why did Shae choose to join forces with the invaders from outside the Crystal Wall System? Could it be that she truly has big ambitions to become the only ruler of this world?”

Louie felt doubtful, and the Silver Moon Goddess did not hesitate to expose secrets, especially ones that belong to Shae. She preferred to let everyone know Shae’s secrets.

The ocean god slightly turned sideways. Her robes prevented people from seeing her figure and appearance, but she was also greatly curious about the secrets of the Era of Disaster.

The ocean demigod only knew that the Era of Disaster had something to do with beings outside the Crystal Wall System, but she did not know the specifics. As a result, she became willing to listen to what happened from the mouth of a god.

In any case, as long as she did not go help Shae anymore, Shae would become a true turtle in a jar.

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