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RSSGSS - Chapter 126 - Saint Legacy?

Hundred Flow City, Witch's Sin's Residence:

"Forty? You're saying Mysterious Moon has forty experts with strength nearing the Tier 4 standard?" Liu Wusheng asked, greatly surprised when he heard Blue Sheath's report. Then, realization dawned upon him as he said, "No wonder World Dominators stayed silent after losing to Mysterious Moon. Without mobilizing all of its forces, there's no way World Dominators can deal with those forty experts."

The public was only aware that Mysterious Moon had won against World Dominators, not how Mysterious Moon had achieved this victory. Although this information was already plenty shocking, it was nothing compared to the information Blue Sheath brought back.

"I thought World Dominators would try to recover its lost reputation immediately, but it seems that won't be happening any time soon," Liu Wusheng said as he stroked his beard. "I have truly underestimated Mysterious Moon. I didn't think they would actually be so far ahead of Witch's Sin."

"That's right! I didn't think that Mysterious Moon has hidden its strength so deeply," Blue Sheath said, nodding in agreement.

Challenging a superpower was a necessary process for all first-rate Guilds. Only when a first-rate Guild had managed to achieve a victory against a superpower would the other powers in God's Domain recognize it as a superpower. Otherwise, nobody would be convinced of the first-rate Guild's status, and nobody would fear it as they would fear a superpower.

"However, while Mysterious Moon might have snatched the initiative, it is Witch's Sin's turn to make a move next!" Liu Wusheng said, his voice filled with determination.

"Actually, Mysterious Moon's matter isn't the most shocking thing I saw today, Elder Liu," Blue Sheath suddenly said. "Before I discovered Mysterious Moon's fight with World Dominators, I saw something even more amazing!"

"Something even more amazing?" Liu Wusheng couldn't help but be a little surprised.

If news of Mysterious Moon having forty experts with near-Tier 4 strength got out, it would most likely shake the entire Miniature Ancient World. Nobody would think that World Dominators had grown weaker after losing to Mysterious Moon, either. On the contrary, they would think that World Dominators's defeat was inevitable. So, Liu Wusheng found it hard to believe that there was something even more amazing than this matter.

"A Tier 6 Sword God has entered the Miniature Ancient World!" Blue Sheath said, uttering every word loudly and clearly. "Moreover, I can guarantee that it's a Sword God that I have never seen before!"

"A never-before-seen Sword God in the Miniature Ancient World?" Liu Wusheng felt a chill crawling down his spine when he heard Blue Sheath's words. "Are you certain?"

It should be known that Tier 6 God-ranked experts were high and mighty existences. Even if the Miniature Ancient World had a lot of opportunities and potentially even housed God Legacies, these opportunities were nothing to a true Tier 6 God-ranked expert. There was no way a God-ranked expert would do something as stupid as abandoning their Tier 6 status and restarting their progress in the Miniature Ancient World.

Even the Five Great Super Guilds wouldn't do such a thing.

The reason for this was simple. The birth of every Tier 6 God-ranked expert required an astronomical amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals. It was why only the strongest among first-rate Guilds possessed Tier 6 God-ranked experts. While the various superpowers had the Seven Luminaries Crystals to produce multiple God-ranked experts, they definitely couldn't afford to waste these resources.

Hence, there shouldn't exist a Tier 6 God-ranked expert in the entire Miniature Ancient World.

If such an expert existed, there could only be one explanation.

An Outerworld player!

"I have a record of the battle," Blue Sheath said as she forwarded the video she recorded of Shi Feng's battle.

A Saint Legacy!

This was the first thought that came to Liu Wusheng's mind after watching the video.

Most people would only take Shi Feng's attack at face value when they saw the attack shattering space. However, as a Tier 5 Divine Mage and someone incredibly close to reaching Tier 6, Liu Wusheng possessed much greater knowledge than most players.

Meanwhile, thanks to his knowledge, Liu Wusheng could tell that the main reason Shi Feng could exhibit such power with his attack was due to his extraordinary control and usage of Mana. The level of control and usage Shi Feng had exhibited was simply unheard of.

Out of all the existences Liu Wusheng could think of, the Saints of legends, individuals who had reached the extremities of one particular field, should be the only existences capable of manipulating Mana in such a precise and ingenious manner. Hence, he concluded that in addition to being a Tier 6 God-ranked expert, Shi Feng must also have a Saint Legacy.

"I believe Mysterious Moon shares a close relationship with this Sword God. Otherwise, he wouldn't have appeared in the New Moon Forest when Mysterious Moon was challenging World Dominators," Blue Sheath said, offering her opinion on the matter.

"No! You're completely mistaken!" Liu Wusheng said, shaking his head. "Or, more specifically, everyone in Hundred Flow City is mistaken! This God-ranked expert didn't appear because Mysterious Moon decided to challenge World Dominators! Instead, it is because Mysterious Moon has formed a partnership with this God-ranked expert beforehand that it dared to challenge World Dominators!"

Forty experts with near-Tier 4 strength!

This was a force only a veteran Super Guild like World Dominators could muster at this stage of the game. Newer Super Guilds and other superpowers couldn't muster such a force even if they wanted to.

Mysterious Moon was merely a first-rate Guild that didn't even have a Tier 6 God-ranked expert. How the hell did it come to possess so many experts of such caliber?

"What should we do about this, Elder Liu?" Blue Sheath asked. After thinking it over, she felt that Elder Liu's words made sense. Otherwise, she'd have no way to explain how Nightingale, someone slightly weaker than her in terms of combat standard, possessed the ability to kill a Domain Realm expert like World Dominators's Hammer Knight Lonely Dragon.

"Go and get ready. It's about time we visit Zero Wing as well," Liu Wusheng said, smiling as he stood up from his seat. "We can't let Mysterious Moon monopolize everything! Good things must be shared!"

"I understand." Blue Sheath nodded. "I'll have people find out where Zero Wing is based immediately."

After saying so, Blue Sheath vanished from the conference room, leaving Liu Wusheng by himself.

"An Outerworld player, is it? It seems it's about time we break free from World Dominators's control!" Liu Wusheng muttered as he looked out the window.

Find the original at h*sted novel.

Find the original at h*sted novel.

Witch's Sin had already reached the standard of a super-first-rate Guild three years ago. Its strength had long since gone beyond the level of even top-tier first-rate Guilds. In addition to having two publicly known Tier 6 God-ranked experts, it also had one other Tier 6 God-ranked expert in secret.

With three Tier 6 God-ranked experts and the Guild's near-perfect Guild Legacy that allowed it to nurture players systematically until the Void Realm, Witch's Sin was more than qualified to become a super-first-rate Guild. Even actual super-first-rate Guilds were no better than Witch's Sin in these regards.

However, Witch's Sin still chose to conceal its strength and hide behind World Dominators.

This was because the leadership of Witch's Sin understood that it still wasn't time for their Guild to reveal its strength. They understood that the pool of water known as God's Domain was much deeper than most people thought. It definitely wasn't as shallow as it seemed. Three God-ranked experts were far from enough to accomplish anything great in God's Domain. Witch's Sin still required an opportunity.

Meanwhile, now was the chance for Witch's Sin to rise!

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Heian Cat for pointing this out.

SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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