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RSSGSS - Chapter 123 - One Sword for Thousands

Although Shi Feng spoke in a calm and low voice, nobody present dared to underestimate him.

Previously, everyone thought that Shi Feng was simply spouting nonsense when he said that just the five of them were enough.

However, after seeing Blackie's and Happy Snow's overwhelming performance, nobody doubted Shi Feng's words anymore. The combat power Blackie and Happy Snow displayed was something only apex experts could exhibit in the current Miniature Ancient World. Two dozen Refinement Realm experts couldn't even serve as a warm-up for these two players. Only the various Super Guilds' apex experts could possibly fight the two of them.

"It seems Zero Wing cannot be underestimated. Despite being a new Guild, it has so many powerful experts."

"Indeed. But World Dominators isn't a pushover, either. With only five players, Zero Wing will still have difficulty targeting Shadow's members."

Faced with this sudden turn of events, the various large Guilds' experts couldn't help but turn toward Gu Yiren.

Currently, Gu Yiren still held the initiative in his hands. After all, World Dominators currently had the entire New Moon Forest on lockdown. Now, it was up to him to decide whether they would fight or not.

If Gu Yiren chose to fight, his side would most likely sustain severe losses, and his progress in the Miniature Ancient World would slow down significantly.

However, if Gu Yiren chose not to fight, his reputation among World Dominators's various affiliated Guilds would most likely plummet. His actions might even end up affecting World Dominators's prestige.

"Two experts with apex-level strength, is it? I can see why you dare to behave so boldly," Gu Yiren said as he looked at Shi Feng coldly. "However, don't forget where this place is! Apex experts might be powerful, but they aren't invincible in the Miniature Ancient World!"

As soon as Gu Yiren finished speaking, the various Guilds' experts promptly advanced and got ready for battle, their numbers exceeding 2,000.

Aside from first-rate experts, there were also some Refinement Realm and Half-step Refinement Realm experts among these 2,000-plus players. Even if they were up against two experts with apex-level strength, they could rely on zerg tactics to whittle down and kill the opponent. After all, there was a limit to a player's Stamina and Concentration.

Take Happy Snow, for example. While it was true that she had killed a Shield Warrior in one move, she had done so with the help of an Advanced Combat Technique, something that cost a significant amount of Stamina and Concentration to use.

"How about giving up now, Mister? Nobody can annihilate Shadow today," Tao Yuwei, who stood behind Gu Yiren this entire time, suddenly stepped forward to advise Shi Feng. "World Dominators has similarly dispatched apex experts to the New Moon Forest. If the battle drags out, you won't even have the chance to escape later."

The various Guilds' experts also nodded in agreement with Tao Yuwei's words.

In reality, none of them wished to fight against Shi Feng's group of five. However, Gu Yiren had already made himself clear that he wouldn't let Shi Feng touch Shadow. Thus, even if it meant dying and losing a level, they needed to stop Shi Feng's party. Otherwise, World Dominators would make it so that they couldn't continue surviving in God's Domain.

"So what you're saying is…" Instead of answering Tao Yuwei's question, Shi Feng smiled and asked, "You're not going to give way?"

"You can think of it that way," Tao Yuwei said nonchalantly.

If she came across Shi Feng's party under normal circumstances, she absolutely wouldn't dare to antagonize them at all. This was because her Guild wouldn't go out of its way to target a Domain Realm expert for her sake alone.

However, she was currently working under Zuo Tiankuang's orders, and they were also currently in the middle of a Guild War. If Shi Feng's party killed them, their Guild would definitely avenge them for the sake of its reputation.

Not to mention, so long as Shi Feng's party dared make a move, she would promptly contact Zuo Tiankuang and notify him about the situation here.

With a force of over 2,000 first-rate experts, they had more than enough fodder to keep Shi Feng's party busy until Zuo Tiankuang and the other apex experts arrived.

"In that case, you can be buried together with Shadow!"

Shi Feng absolutely wouldn't let go of this opportunity to heavily damage Shadow. Immediately, he unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night and enveloped the many experts present in his Mana Domain.

"A Mana Domain?!"

"How does he have a Mana Domain at Tier 3?!"

The various large Guilds' experts were dumbfounded when they felt Shi Feng's frightening Mana enveloping their bodies.


Shi Feng swung the Winter of Eternal Night horizontally.

Second Sword, Holy Devour!

Even with the Primordial Mana Equipment Set's bonuses, it was still a significant burden for Shi Feng to execute Holy Devour. If he tried to execute Holy Devour at full power, he could, at most, use it three times in a battle. After three executions, he would immediately fall into a mentally weakened state. Thus, this was a trump card he wouldn't casually use under normal circumstances.

However, out of all the attacks in Shi Feng's repertoire, Holy Devour had the largest AOE.

Shi Feng was only a Tier 3 player right now. If he had to kill 2,000-plus first-rate experts one by one, he'd die from exhaustion before he could even get rid of all of them. Thus, the best solution was to use an attack with a big AOE and reduce the enemy's numbers as much as possible. Then, he would leave the rest for Su Qianliu and the others to deal with.

Not good!

Meanwhile, when Blue Sheath saw the sudden change in Shi Feng's aura, she instinctively executed Shadow Walk, an Advanced Combat Technique, and distanced herself from the battlefield. She had also activated Shadow Flash, a Tier 3 Lifesaving Skill that increased her Movement Speed by 300% for five seconds. While retreating, though, she kept a constant look over the battlefield, ensuring she didn't miss out on anything.

The next moment, before Blue Sheath could move even 100 yards away from her previous location, a scorching light suddenly enveloped her vision, the light incinerating everything in its path and shattering even space itself…


Blue Sheath was dumbfounded.

One attack!

It was only one attack!

With just one attack, Shi Feng had extinguished the lives of nearly half of the 2,000-plus experts, erasing even their ashes from the battlefield…

TL Notes:

[1]apex experts and experts with apex-level strength:

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Apex experts refer to Domain Realm experts;

Experts with apex-level strength refer to expert players capable of exhibiting the raw power of Domain Realm experts. They aren't necessarily Domain Realm experts, though.

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Hellscythe's Notes:

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Heian Cat for pointing this out.

SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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