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ITDO - Chapter 220 - The Goddess’ Curiosity

Louie’s sneak attack was something that neither Shae nor the ocean demigod did not anticipate.

Both of them had guessed that Louie might perform a sneak attack, but they never imagined his methods to be this stealthy.

What he used simply did not have any spell fluctuations, divine power fluctuations, or even sound. It was completely beyond their predictions that he would fire such a terrifying beam of light.

If the Goddess of the Night still had divine power protecting her body, the high-energy beam would not be able to deal any damage to her, but Louie had grasped the moment when the two Goddesses crossed divine powers. At that moment, the Goddess of the Night temporarily lost divine power, giving him the chance to launch the perfect sneak attack.

After succeeding once, Louie wanted to continue and fired more high-energy beams. This time the ocean demigod was able to react. She quickly raised a wave that contained divine power to block Louie’s beams. This gave the Goddess of the Night a chance to breathe!

However, this chaos caused everyone to forget about the strongest among them, the Silver Moon Goddess. Just when the Goddess of the Night and the ocean demigod were both scrambling, four silver moon blades flew out with the moonlight. The Goddess of the Night, in a pinch, directly blocked the weapon with her ‘dark disk’. The divine power collided once more, but the divine power that came from the Goddess of Darkness was much weaker than it was at the beginning.

On the contrary, the Silver Moon Goddess had the backing of millions of elves. Even if she had lost her godhood and could not compare to the amount of divine power that Louie could store, she had high-tier divine power, the support of the elves, and an unimaginably fast faith to divine power conversion rate. This made her divine power seem infinite while the Goddess of Darkness was completely out of breath.

The Goddess of the Night was unable to fully display her abilities as a true god, and her profession was closer to that of an assassin. She wasn't good at defense at all. After blocking several times, the Silver Moon Goddess finally obtained an opportunity.


The Silver Moon Goddess’ moon rings transformed back into a staff and pointed it at Shae. Shae was locked in place as silvery gloves erupted from within her body and a trail of black smoke effused the air around her. Her jade-black body was tinged with white spots as if she had some kind of skin disease.

The Silver Moon Goddess did not use a spell, but a priest’s holy magic. While she was a mage, the Silver Moon Goddess was also a priest.

The battle between demigods or gods was not as complicated as the lower-ranked professions where the scales could shift because of various circumstances.

Other than the difference between the godhoods, the most important thing was their numbers. In other words, it was always better to fight as a group than to fight alone. This was why the gods had split apart. Even powerful Gods need to belong to a faction.

Unless they were desperate, Gods would not use their true bodies to fight. On the other hand, using incarnations did not affect them too much. At most, they would just coop themselves up in their divine kingdoms and not make a mess of things.

The Goddess of the Night knew that she was no match for the Silver Moon Goddess in single combat, but the reason she lured her in was that she wanted to rely on the ocean demigod to help her. This would allow them to team up and kill the Silver Moon Goddess. In any case, this place was her divine kingdom. Even if it was in ruins, she had the ability to limit people from entering or leaving it easily. This would trap the Silver Moon Goddess like a turtle in a jar.

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Louie’s appearance wasn’t out of Shae’s expectations. Since she had a helper, it would be natural for the Silver Moon Goddess to also find helpers to come and explore the divine kingdom. She had already planned to seduce Selune’s helpers and make them betray her. With everyone attacking the Silver Moon Goddess, she would most certainly die here. This ruined divine kingdom was simply prepared by Shae as her sister’s burial place.

However, the only thing Shae did not expect was that Louie would remain steadfast in the face of such temptation. He did not choose to betray Selune and instead chose to continue to help her. This made Shae puzzled and curious.

This was a one-of-a-kind chance. As long as Louie joined hands with her to kill Selune, then Louie would be able to gain mid-tier divine power without any obstacles. Mortals and demigods would never give up this chance to become a God, but Louie’s decision was simply incredible.

‘This dragon must have its own secrets.’

The Goddess who lorded over secrets instantly became interested in Louie. Although her attack on the Silver Moon Goddess had failed, she was not annoyed. This was the difference between gods and mortals. Mortals could be ruined over a single failure, but for Gods, as long as their real bodies were fine, they were indifferent to the destruction of an incarnation and other such things. Moreover, Shae still had a trump card, so things had not yet concluded.

Shae had been hit in the chest by Louie’s high-energy beam. Because of the high temperature, it had cauterized, but her divine power started moving and began to close her wound. However, compared to this wound caused by Louie, the injury caused by the Silver Moon Goddess was obviously more difficult to recover from.

Her black muslin had been torn to strips of cloth. Her alluring delicate body that seemed to be perfect was now riddled in with wounds. This was all caused by the Silver Moon Goddess’ weapon. The white spots on her jade-black skin were burning her body, and she could only wrinkle her brows in pain. The only thing that could resist the power of the silver moon was the power of darkness within her.

The intense battle had left her with little room to repair her damaged clothing, and consequently, she was currently topless.

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After the intense battle, the divine power of both sides had weakened significantly. Even the Silver Moon Goddess’ total divine power had decreased. The ocean demigod withdrew her domain to save her divine power. She held a trident while standing by Shae’s side. Louie also shrunk his body back to 40 meters. Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess were hovering in the air and watching the two enemies in front of them.

“Thank you for your help, Lord Louie. It’s thanks to you that I was able to gain an advantage~”

The Silver Moon Goddess, Selune said gratefully. Louie’s choice of helping her, when posed with the choice that no one should be able to reject, moved the Goddess’ heart. It must be known that Shae’s temptation just now was something truly irresistible. It was the hope of stepping towards becoming a god. Anyone might be willing to fight for such a chance.

“Your Highness now is not the time to let down your guard. Shae will not easily give up and I have a hunch that her plan isn’t this simple.”

In truth, if Louie did not have the godhood of the Dragon God, he might have worked together with the Goddess of the Night and eliminated the Goddess of the Silver Moon.

For a newly ascended God, taking steps from a god with low-tier divine power to mid-tier divine power was incredibly difficult. Instead of walking around blindly, it was better to kill a God and steal theirs.

But because Louie had a godhood with high-tier divine power and his divine authorities were already fixed, he chose to help the Silver Moon Goddess.

“You are right. I’m afraid Shae will not give up this easily… We have to be a bit more careful. This world seems like it’s about to collapse. After a period of time, this divine kingdom would without a doubt complete collapse and disappear into the Crystal Wall System.”

The SIlver Moon Goddess calmly said. The mist that had been hiding her face had already been completely dissipated after fighting with the Goddess of the Night, revealing her true appearance.

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