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RSSGSS - Chapter 122 - Difference in Strength

Two dozen Refinement Realm experts?

Rampant Blade's expression grew somber when he saw World Dominators's experts charging toward Blackie and Su Qianliu's party. He didn't think that Gu Yiren's team members would be this powerful.

It was true that Su Qianliu and Blackie were considered experts even by first-rate Guilds' standards. It was especially true for Su Qianliu. Not only did she reach the Refinement Realm long ago, but it was even rumored that she had reached the Flowing Water Realm already.

However, even a Flowing Water Realm expert would find it difficult to go up against two dozen Refinement Realm experts simultaneously. Not to mention, these were Refinement Realm experts from World Dominators, a Super Guild. Not only did they have much better training, but they were also fully equipped with Epic Weapons and Equipment…

You overconfident fools! Do you think World Dominators will hold back against you? Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but sneer as he looked at Shi Feng's party.

World Dominators was a Super Guild. There was no way it would sit by and watch as one of its affiliated Guilds got targeted. It would become a joke in God's Domain if it did that.

The two dozen Refinement Realm experts reached within 50 yards of Shi Feng's party in the blink of an eye. Then, every one of them began revealing their strongest moves, none of them intending to hold back or play around with Shi Feng's party. At a glance, one could tell that these were all veteran experts with real experiences clashing with other players.

"Restrict them!"

In response to the two dozen Refinement Realm experts' assault, Blackie waved his staff and cast a Spell without chanting an incantation. Even the Mana fluctuations that came from him were incredibly weak.


Along with a loud bang, several hundred shadow vines emerged from the ground beneath the two dozen Refinement Realm experts' feet. In addition, from start to end, none of the shadow vines radiated any Mana fluctuations, the appearance of these vines swift and silent.

What?! Double speed-casting?! Rampant Blade was shocked when he saw Blackie's attack. He felt as if he was coming to know Blackie for the first time.

Double speed-casting!

This was a spellcasting technique that only an extremely few magical class experts could master. Even most Refinement Realm experts were incapable of such a feat.

Yet, now, not only did Blackie effortlessly execute a double speed-casting, but his Mana control was so excellent that he had leaked hardly any Mana throughout the entire spellcasting process. The level of technique Blackie had just displayed was something even Flowing Water Realm experts could not accomplish…

Similar to Rampant Blade, the two dozen Refinement Realm experts were similarly caught off guard by Blackie's response.

The speed of Spells might not be as fast as melee attacks, but Spells made up for their lack of speed with numbers.

Meanwhile, the countermeasure experts had developed to counter Offensive Spells with a large number of attacks was to detect the Mana fluctuations caused by the Spell targeted at them and take evasive measures in advance.

However, if a Spell gave off no Mana fluctuations during its formation, it'd be nigh-impossible to dodge it preemptively. In such a scenario, the only response one could make was to prepare oneself to block the Spell.

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The next moment, the several hundred shadow vines lashed out at the Refinement Realm experts simultaneously, causing these experts to lose at least one-third of their HP. Some had even lost half of their HP. The appearances of these experts were also reduced to a mess, and they looked nothing like an expert team from World Dominators…

What a powerful magical class expert! Blue Sheath, who was spectating the battle from a distant treetop, couldn't help but focus her gaze on Blackie.

World Dominators's Refinement Realm experts all possessed Strength rivaling Grand Lords of the same level. Yet, even though these experts had blocked the shadow vines attacking them, they had still lost over one-third of their HP.

In God's Domain, the power of Spells relied on two factors.

The first factor was the player's Basic Attributes, while the other factor was the Spell's Completion Rate. Of these two factors, the latter played an especially important role. With a sufficiently high Spell Completion Rate, one's Spell could exhibit power several magnitudes greater than a similar Spell cast by a player with the exact same Basic Attributes.

Although Blackie's aura felt extraordinary in Blue Sheath's eyes, it was, at most, on par with World Dominators's Refinement Realm experts. This meant that both sides should possess roughly similar Basic Attributes. Thus, the reason Blackie managed to cause so much damage to those Refinement Realm experts despite this fact must mean that his Spell Completion Rate was extremely high!

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Impossible! Luo Tiancheng's eyes bulged when he saw the effect of Blackie's Spell. How did he get so strong?

The two dozen Refinement Realm experts made up a frightening force. Yet, with just a simple wave of his staff, Blackie had not only stopped these two dozen Refinement Realm experts' assault, but he had even reduced them into a miserable mess.

Luo Tiancheng was fully aware of Blackie's standards. Back when Blackie was still with Shadow, he had only been a member of the Guild's middle management. Moreover, he was focused mainly on handling Guild affairs, and his combat standard was only at the level of first-rate experts. He couldn't even be considered one of the top-ranking experts in the Guild.

Yet, what was with this situation?"

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng took a look at World Dominators's Refinement Realm experts, he turned toward Happy Snow the Berserker and said, "Go and help Blackie. It'll be tough for him to deal with these people alone."

After all was said and done, Blackie still hadn't reached the Refinement Realm standard. While he might have a Gold Mana Body, the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique, and the Primordial Mana Equipment Set helping him, he could still die easily if he got caught in a melee or targeted by numerous ranged attacks.

Simply put, Blackie was currently a glass cannon. He might have astonishing offensive capabilities, but he wouldn't last more than a few moves in an actual duel with a Refinement Realm expert…

"Fine, then. I'll use these guys to test my recent improvements," Happy Snow said, curling her lips in dissatisfaction.

Immediately, Happy Snow unsheathed the two-handed saber hung on her back. Then, in the blink of an eye, she instantly appeared amidst the two dozen Refinement Realm experts, her speed superior to even Assassins of the same level.

Subsequently, before World Dominators's Refinement Realm experts could react, Happy Snow swung her massive saber at the nearest Shield Warrior.

Advanced Combat Technique, Wolf Pack!

Happy Snow's saber instantly transformed into five phantom wolves that pounced at the Shield Warrior.

However, the Shield Warrior was no pushover. Although he had reacted slowly to Happy Snow's appearance, as soon as he noticed Happy Snow attacking him, he promptly raised his shield and activated the Tier 3 Defensive Skill Iron Wall. Aside from increasing his Defense by 200% and reaction speed by 50%, the Skill also reduced the numbing effects he suffered by 100%.

Other than the Shield Warrior, a nearby Oracle also quickly reacted to Happy Snow's attack. Immediately, the Oracle cast a defensive barrier on the Shield Warrior, the barrier nearly doubling the Shield Warrior's maximum HP.


When the first phantom wolf collided with the Shield Warrior's shield, the Shield Warrior stumbled one step backward and nearly lost his balance. As a result, when the second phantom wolf struck, the Shield Warrior promptly lost his balance and fell on his back.

Immediately afterward, the third, fourth, and fifth phantom wolves pounced on the Shield Warrior afterward, instantly tearing through the Oracle's barrier and reducing the Shield Warrior's HP to zero. The Shield Warrior had died so quickly that the nearby healers didn't even have time to heal him.

She killed him in one move?! Rampant Blade couldn't help but gape in shock when he saw Happy Snow killing the Shield Warrior after just one exchange.

Rampant Blade had seen Happy Snow before, and he knew that the little girl had only reached the Refinement Realm recently. Yet, now, she had instantly killed a veteran Refinement Realm expert. It was simply unbelievable!

"Not bad. I like this feeling," Happy Snow stated excitedly as she looked at the Shield Warrior's vanishing body.

Not only did the Primordial Mana Equipment Set increase her Skill Completion Rate, but it had also improved the density of her Mana and her control over Mana. Because of this, she had a much easier time executing combat techniques, and she became able to execute Wolf Pack effortlessly. If it was before she acquired this set, she wouldn't have been able to make use of the Advanced Combat Technique in actual combat.

Of course, the Primordial Mana Equipment Set wasn't the only factor contributing to her success. A more important factor was the Ancient God's Blood Shi Feng had given to her. Thanks to the Ancient God's Blood, her Mana Body had also reached the Gold rank. Moreover, it was even a Peak Gold Mana Body. This improvement had cleared up her mind significantly, and she could now execute combat techniques much more efficiently.

Previously, she could only create four phantom wolves when executing Wolf Pack. Moreover, it was also under a practice setting. Now, not only could she freely execute the combat technique in battle, but she could even create five phantom wolves with it.

"What power! Is she a monster?"

When the other experts from World Dominators saw their companion getting killed, they couldn't help but gulp nervously. If Happy Snow could kill even a Shield Warrior in one move, it went without saying that she could do the same for other classes.

To make matters worse, they still had to keep an eye out for Blackie's ranged attacks. If they received a direct hit from one of Blackie's Spells, they wouldn't even know how they died.

Meanwhile, seeing World Dominators's experts growing cautious, Shi Feng asked, "Do you still want to continue?"

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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