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RSSGSS - Chapter 121 - Five is Enough

What are they trying to do? Are they also planning to make an enemy out of World Dominators?

Rampant Blade was astonished and confused when Blackie and Su Qianliu walked out of the forest.

It was already a well-known fact that Mysterious Moon and World Dominators were at war with each other. Moreover, World Dominators had also made it clear that it wouldn't forgive Mysterious Moon for this slight.

It was already bad enough that Blackie and Su Qianliu's group had come to the New Moon Forest and gotten rid of two of Shadow's scout parties. After all, this was already a blatant act of provocation toward World Dominators. Yet, to make matters worse, they had even appeared before Gu Yiren. With the strong stance Gu Yiren was taking in this war, he would absolutely make sure that Blackie and Su Qianliu's party vanished from God's Domain.

At this time, Rampant Blade couldn't help but feel conflicted over this situation. Whether it was Blackie or Su Qianliu, both had been his comrades for many years in Shadow. They used to go on adventures and brave all sorts of danger together. So, he did not wish to see the two falling into the abyss.

However, with the situation at hand, there simply wasn't anything he could do to salvage this situation…

Subsequently, the various experts gathered by the New Moon Lake also started noticing Su Qianliu's group one after another.

"Haven't we blocked off the New Moon Forest already? How did these people get in?"

"They're hiding their player information. Could they be Mysterious Moon's helpers?"

"That's possible, but it is also possible that they are not. They might be from a superpower trying to take advantage of this situation to strike at World Dominators. After all, it's not like World Dominators is free of enemies."

The experts present quietly discussed themselves when they saw Su Qianliu's group emerging from the forest.

The current Miniature Ancient World was a chaotic mess as every power in God's Domain sought to get a piece of the pie and become the future leader of God's Domain. Meanwhile, as a Super Guild, World Dominators was a strong competitor for the various superpowers of God's Domain. Now that Mysterious Moon had suddenly declared war on World Dominators, it wasn't strange that some superpowers had decided to muddy the waters.

After Gu Yiren saw Su Qianliu's group, he walked up to them and demanded, "How bold of you to come here! Who are you people? Which superpower are you from? Is it Battle Wolves? Or is it Sacred Temple?"

In Gu Yiren's opinion, the only outsiders who dared come to provoke World Dominators now would either be Mysterious Moon's helpers or World Dominators' rivals. Meanwhile, the possibility of Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple trying to stir up trouble was the highest.

"Zero Wing!" Su Qianliu stated.

"Zero Wing?"

"Where is Zero Wing based? Why haven't I heard of such a superpower before?"

"Could this be a cover name? They're wearing Black Cloaks to hide their identities, after all. How can they possibly expose their real identities now?"

The various experts present couldn't help but be surprised and confused when they heard Su Qianliu's answer.

There was a limited number of superpowers in God's Domain, and every one of them possessed powerful origins. Hence, any player that had played God's Domain for some time would more or less know about the various superpowers. The various large Guilds' members even had to undergo a compulsory course on the various superpowers' basic information.

"Zero Wing?" a piece of information suddenly flashed across Gu Yiren's mind when he heard this name. "Is it the new Guild that Former Guild Leader Shi Feng established?"

Meanwhile, when Luo Tiancheng saw Su Qianliu, he couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. Then, after racking his mind for a moment, he suddenly exclaimed, "You… You're Su Qianliu!"

Su Qianliu's appearance was a sight that almost all veteran members of Shadow would remember. After all, she used to be one of the most beautiful female members in Shadow. On top of that, she also used to be one of the strongest experts belonging to Shadow.

"That's right." Su Qianliu did not deny Gu Yiren's and Luo Tiancheng's words. "We're not here to go against World Dominators today. We're just here to settle some personal grudges."

"Personal grudges?" Gu Yiren sneered as he suddenly thought of something. "Do you mean taking care of Shadow?"

According to his informant, Shi Feng, the former Guild Leader of Shadow, had a thorough falling out with Shadow after Lan Hailong's shameless behavior. As a result, Shi Feng had publicly declared that he would erase Shadow's name from God's Domain.

Originally, Gu Yiren thought that Shi Feng was only speaking out of anger. He never thought that Shi Feng actually planned on carrying out his words.

At this time, Shi Feng, who had hidden both his information and appearance, suddenly said, "That's right. We hope that unrelated people do not interfere to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstandings."

In reality, Shi Feng could've let Mysterious Moon take care of a second-rate like Shadow. However, after thinking it over, he decided that it'd be best if he erased Shadow from God's Domain with his own hands.

"You want to deal with one of World Dominators's affiliated Guilds right in front of our eyes? Do you think we'll allow that?" Gu Yiren asked, laughing. "Don't you think you're being too arrogant? Do you take World Dominators for a decoration?"

"That's right! Who do you think you are? One of the Five Great Super Guilds?" Luo Tiancheng said, fanning the flames. "With just the five of you, do you really think you can do anything to Shadow?"

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The other members of Shadow also nodded in agreement, a nonchalant expression on their faces.

Shadow had well over a thousand first-rate experts gathered by the New Moon Lake right now. Among them, there were even a bunch of Half-step Refinement Realm experts. With such a force, they could even take on two Mythic monsters simultaneously, let alone five measly players.

In response, Shi Feng said in a definitive tone, "Five is enough!"

"Five is enough?" Gu Yiren couldn't help but laugh. Then, his gaze grew cold as he said, "In that case, let me see how you five are going to fight us!"

After saying so, Gu Yiren waved his hand.

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Immediately, two dozen Refinement Realm experts from World Dominators charged at Shi Feng's party of five.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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