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ITDO - Chapter 218 - The Dragon Releases Magic

And sure enough, she erupted from the hole in the ground a second later. Her robes were completely intact, suggesting that she took very little damage from the affair. She raised her trident once more and flew towards Louie’s face.

“Going for my eyes? Not bad,” Louie laughed.

There was no such thing as a disability for a God. Even if their eyes were blinded or they lost an arm, they would recover with time, but Louie was not willing to be blinded by others.

Seeing her lean but toned figure, he surmised that she was a warrior who emulated magical methods with divine power.

In a second he recalled all the spells he had learned so far. After his evolution, he had learned how to use all spells below the demigod rank. As for legendary ranked spells, he would need a deeper level of understanding before he could use them to the same degree. Save for the necromancies he obtained from Noella, he couldn’t easily utilize most classes of such magic.

Despite the other party’s diminutive stature compared to his size, he would take her on with utmost seriousness.

Louie raised his dragon claws again and slapped towards the mysterious demigod once more. In a bid to evade this, she twisted mid-air and soared faster towards his face.

Under normal circumstances, let alone Louie, even a demigod would not be able to avoid the trident. At most, Louie could close his eyelids and let himself be hit. However, Louie smiled and changed his claw strike to a poke.

“Order, Shock!”

This was one of Louie’s favorite spells in the ‘order system’. Its effects were the same as Words of Power, which used words to cause powerful spell effects. Although it wasn’t as powerful as prophetic spells, it was still powerful.

If an ordinary mage used the order system of spells on a demigod, it wouldn’t have any effect. But if divine power was used, it would be enough to break through any natural spell resistance of demigods.

Louie pointed his finger-like claws at the demigod, and for a split second, she felt her muscles stiffen. This was enough time for Louie to do many things.

“Nine-ringed Spell, Time Stop!”

The authority of magic granted him the ability to learn almost any spell and use them with expert-level proficiency. It This was also why the Goddess of Magic could understand every spell. Mortals could never compare to this kind of ability..

Louie was also grateful to the Era of Disaster. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the divine authority of magic to appear in his body. When the Era of disaster happened, many divine authorities were fragmented, creating multiple copies. The majority of the divine authority of magic was still in the hands of the Goddess of Magic, as she was the rightful God of the domain.

But with the divine authority of magic that Louie seized, he could also become a God of Magic.

The nine-ringed spell ‘Time Stop’ sounded outrageously powerful, but in fact, it didn’t fully live up to its name. All it did was to alter a creature’s sense of time and create a gap between their perceived sense of time and the actual passage of time in the world around them. Unless Louie lit up the divine authority of time, which was a strong and rare divine authority, he wouldn’t be able to actually halt its sands.

The effect of the nine-ringed spell was too perverse. In the face of it, the resistance of Gods and demigods would also become stronger. Louie naturally knew that even with divine power, it was impossible for him to make a demigod come to a complete stop, but the demigod never imagined that Louie would use this spell on her.

Louie did not seek to freeze the enemy. As long as her time stood still for a moment, he could use many stronger skills.

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After stopping the demigod with shock, Louie used [Time Stop] to increase this gap. In that instant, Louie unleashed countless spells. These spells were delayed spells he had prepared beforehand, but to outsiders, it would appear as if Louie unleashed powerful spells in one breath.

“Crushing Hand”

A giant hand of darkness appeared in mid-air. This appendage expanded violently and fell down like a divine palm from the sky. The demigod with the power of the seas was slapped back down the ground.

“[Great Mage’s Disjunction]!”

Louie’s claws once again slashed, creating a crack in the void that moved towards the demigod.

The demigod raised her trident in front of her to block the attack with the divine power in his weapon, but he did not expect Louie to use such a spell. In a panic, she moved back to the divine equipment.

This spell was extremely subtle. Its power did not affect living bodies, but it was effective against material objects and spells. It wasn’t a legendary spell, but it was capable of damaging even divine equipment.

Although the chance was small, the possibility was not zero. If the divine equipment in the demigod’s hands was a genuine high-class divine weapon, Louie wouldn’t dare use this spell as even if he succeeded in destroying it, the resultant shockwave would threaten even him.

But if it was just a lesser divine weapon, then Louie did not care. Even if it was destroyed, there would be no repercussions.

Even if the possibility of breaking it was also low, demigods cared for their weapons very well. Even if there was a small possibility, the enemy demigod was reluctant to try it and instead put away her weapon.

This gave Louie the opportunity he needed.

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“Finally, [Polar Ray]!”

Louie had used three high-ranking spells in quick succession, catching the mysterious demigod off guard. Louie clearly had a powerful body, but actually used magic to fight. An extremely cold ray of light shot out from Louie’s fingertips and penetrated the demigod’s torso, covering her with a layer of frost.


The demigod grunted in pain. This was the first time she let out a sound ever since she appeared. This allowed Louie to finally determine her gender.

She was dressed like a witch and was a woman. But she couldn’t use magic at all.

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