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RSSGSS - Chapter 120 - Zero Wing?

"All party leaders! Contact all the nearby teams and have them gather at our location immediately!" Rampant Blade shouted after getting over his shock.

Gu Yiren had explicitly stated in his message for all Guilds affiliated with World Dominators to form 1,000-man legions and surround the lake region in the New Moon Forest.

Meanwhile, his goal in doing so was very obvious.

Mysterious Moon had already angered World Dominators. So, now, World Dominators was preparing to make a move against Mysterious Moon!

Under Rampant Blade's command, his party leaders promptly began contacting the other teams operating nearby, everyone reacting both anxiously and excitedly over this situation.

"Quick! Bring your team over! Mysterious Moon has declared war on World Dominators, and World Dominators is now planning on taking action against Mysterious Moon! You're going to miss the show if you don't hurry over!"

"That's right! World Dominators must be preparing to take revenge!"

"A top-tier first-rate Guild versus a Super Guild! It's been many years since something like this has taken place!"

At this time, Shadow's members weren't the only ones excited over this situation. The members of World Dominators's other affiliated Guilds operating in the New Moon Forest also grew restless over this situation.

Ever since the incident where a Super Guild had erased a first-rate Guild took place several years ago, no more of such incidents took place in God's Domain. At most, conflicts between first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds were limited to small fights. This time, however, World Dominators was evidently planning on getting serious.

Hundred Flow City:

Inside a Guild-owned three-story mansion located along the city's main street…

"One first-rate Guild, three second-rate Guilds, and seven third-rate Guilds… It seems World Dominators is really planning on using Mysterious Moon to set an example this time…" a white-clad old man sitting behind a desk muttered as he read the news he just received.

"Do you think we should cooperate with World Dominators this time, Elder Liu?" a woman sitting on the sofa in front of the desk asked. The woman radiated a bold aura, and she was sipping on a cup of tea as she spoke to the white-clad old man.

"Witch's Sin might have become a pseudo-super-first-rate Guild in these past few years, but we still can't hold a candle to World Dominators, so we still need to send some people over," the old man said with a light smile. "But I don't believe Mysterious Moon has gone crazy. Since they dare bare their fangs against World Dominators, they must have their reasons for doing so. Take a team with you. I'm sure Zuo Tiankuang won't make a fuss if we send a team led by one of our Vice Guild Leaders."

"But remember that you're only there to spectate. You're not there to work for World Dominators."

"I understand," the woman said as she got up from her seat. Then, with a slight smile, she continued, "I can also use this chance to pick a fight with Nightingale. Hopefully, she won't disappoint me."

After saying so, the woman vanished from the office as if she had never appeared here before.

"It seems this little girl is still hung up over the Secret Pavilion's past evaluation," the white-clad old man said with a slightly bitter smile when he heard the leather-clad woman's words.

The woman named Blue Sheath had been entered into the Secret Pavilion's Rookie Assassin List together with Mysterious Moon's Nightingale in the past. However, Blue Sheath was ranked one place behind Nightingale at the time. The two of them had known each other since young, and they had always been each other's rivals. So, Blue Sheath couldn't help but feel peeved over the evaluation.

Initially, the old man thought that Blue Sheath had forgotten about her rivalry with Nightingale after having most of her time occupied with training under World Dominators. However, it would seem that Blue Sheath had never let go of this rivalry.

Meanwhile, during the time Witch's Sin was dispatching experts to the New Moon Forest, a commotion also took place throughout Hundred Flow City.

"What's going on? Why are so many Guild experts leaving the city together?"

"Don't you know? Mysterious Moon declared war on World Dominators. World Dominators has decided to deal with Mysterious Moon, so it is now calling on all of its affiliated Guilds to gather at the New Moon Forest. News of this has long since spread throughout the entire city."

"A first-rate Guild is declaring war on a Super Guild? Did Mysterious Moon's leadership lose their minds?"

"Who knows? Maybe Mysterious Moon is confident in winning?"

"Not a chance. That's a Super Guild we're talking about. The only thing that could come of declaring war on a Super Guild is death."

The players in Hundred Flow City began discussing Mysterious Moon's actions as they watched the various large Guilds' experts leaving the city in large groups. Meanwhile, opinions on Mysterious Moon were split into two camps. One camp felt that Mysterious Moon was simply seeking its own death, while the other camp felt that Mysterious Moon was worthy of becoming the various first-rate Guilds' role model. Some people also felt that it might be time to rewrite God's Domain's history.

New Moon Forest, New Moon Lake:

The silvery-white lake looked like the moon from afar, and the radiance it gave off illuminated the surrounding forest. The scenery here was spectacular, and many players grinding in the New Moon Forest would often stop by this place to enjoy the view.

At this moment, though, the New Moon Lake's beauty was partially eclipsed by the 10,000 or so first-rate experts gathered beside it.

"Most of the various Guilds' experts have gathered here already, Guild Leader Gu. We can conduct a sweep of the forest at any time," Rampant Blade reported respectfully as he looked at Gu Yiren, who was currently resting underneath a tree.

Although Gu Yiren had never cared about Shadow's affairs and never bothered to help Shadow's members grind, nobody in Shadow dared to question Gu Yiren's strength and authority. Take the current situation, for example. Even though the various first-rate Guilds present originated from ten different Guilds, all of them were under Gu Yiren's complete control.

"Good." Gu Yiren nodded as he swept his gaze across the small army before him. "Split everyone into 1,000-man legions and search the forest. Kill all outsiders you come across!"

"All?" Rampant Blade couldn't help but ask.

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A Guild would easily incite anger from the public if it randomly killed players out in the fields. Even when a Guild blockaded a map to fight another Guild, it would, at most, warn non-enemy players to leave the map. Only when these outsiders refused to abide by the warning would a Guild decide to kill them.

"I don't want to repeat myself," Gu Yiren said as he glanced at Rampant Blade. "Also, notify immediately if any of you come across Mysterious Moon's core team. World Dominators must be the one to annihilate them!"

So, this is a Super Guild?

Rampant Blade had his impression of Super Guilds refreshed when he saw Gu Yiren's complete disregard toward making enemies.

Normally, most powers in God's Domain would more or less worry about involving outsiders when declaring war on others. After all, the last thing they wanted to do was to offend a power they couldn't afford to offend.

However, World Dominators didn't seem to care about this in the slightest. Judging by Gu Yiren's tone, it would seem that he wouldn't hesitate to take action even if the other party was another Super Guild.

Afterward, the gathered first-rate experts split into 1,000 legions and spread out in all directions, conducting a thorough search of the entire New Moon Forest.

Sometime after the hunt for Mysterious Moon's members began, a Ranger from Shadow urgently contacted Rampant Blade and said, "Vice Guild Leader, two of our Assassin parties suddenly got annihilated less than 1,000 yards away from the New Moon Lake! Moreover, the people who annihilated those two parties are now heading toward your direction!"

"They're heading for us?" Rampant Blade couldn't help but grow confused when he heard the Ranger's report. "Can you send their images over?"

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They were using the New Moon Lake as their base of operations this time. To ensure that they had enough forces to dispatch as reinforcements at all times, they had kept a force of 2,000 players by the lake. Gu Yiren's team from World Dominators was also on stand-by here. Thus, it'd be suicide for any enemies to come to their location.

"Yes. I already captured their appearances with Eagle Eyes. I'll send the image over now," the Ranger said, nodding.

A moment later, an image appeared in front of Rampant Blade.

The enemies that killed the two Assassin parties only numbered a few. Meanwhile, every one of them was wearing a Black Cloak to hide their information.

"This is…Zero Wing?"

When Rampant Blade looked at the picture, he quickly noticed two familiar figures.

Although these two players had hidden their player information, they didn't bother hiding their appearances. So, Rampant Blade instantly recognized Su Qianliu's and Blackie's faces.

However, before Rampant Blade could react to this discovery, several figures gradually walked out of the forest ahead of him…

Hellscythe's Notes:

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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