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ITDO - Chapter 217 - The Dragon Strikes

Selune was extremely aware of the dragons’ tendency towards greed, and her interactions with Louie only confirmed this.

While he seemed intelligent and reasonable at a glance, that was only a farce he pulled to ensure he gained even greater benefits in the long run.

In fact, dragons were cunning when they hunted, but in terms of political skills, they were far from humans.

However, Louie was different from other dragons and could be called extremely intelligent.

That’s why the Silver Moon Goddess used promises and baits. She told Louie that there was no danger in exploring the divine kingdom, and as a result, Louie made the decision to follow her.

In the original plan, there should have been no danger in this exploration. According to her research, the Gods who were sleeping should not have been able to influence the main continent. But for some reason, the Goddess of Night was able to influence the world for a short time, which was absolutely bad news to her.

Because of this mess, the exploration that was safe had turned dangerous. The Silver Moon Goddess was afraid that Louie would cooperate with the Goddess of the Night and become her enemy.

The Silver Moon Goddess’ face was shrouded in mysterious clouds, but Louie could detect nervousness from her.

At that moment, numerous thoughts flashed through Louie’s mind, and he began to analyze the pros and cons.

To be honest, the words of the Goddess really moved him. From her words, he understood that she had promised this unknown demigod with a portion of the Silver Moon Goddess’ divinity. Even just half would be enough to obtain a mid-tier divine power.

According to this, the Goddess of the Night was going to take half of the divinity for herself.

But with Louie’s appearance, she had surprisingly offered the benefits of what she would have gained. She even offered the Silver Moon Goddess’ divine authority.

This goddess was truly worthy of being one of the oldest gods. She had always had the upper hand when fighting against the Silver Moon Goddess. She was also decisive and ruthless as she wished to kill the Silver Moon Goddess forever. If Louie did not know that they were sisters, he would have thought that the two had killed their parents in an unholy feud.

At that moment, Louie was hesitant to make that jump. If he could really get the divine authority of the silver moon, he would have the chance of replacing the Silver Moon Goddess. It must be understood that the Silver Moon Goddess had been pretending to be the Elf Queen for 30,000 years. Not even Sisna knew that their queen was the Silver Moon Goddess. In that case, Louie could become the new God of the Silver Moon and do things behind the scenes without anyone finding out.

But in the end, Louie suppressed his greed and regained reason.

First of all, he did not trust the Goddess of the Night. She was a goddess who managed secrets, but was also ready to use secrets to fight her enemies. From the only records about her, she was a wise yet sinister Goddess. If she did not pledge by the River Styx, then Louie would never trust her promises.

Even if Louie could become the new God of the Silver Moon, it was impossible for the Goddess of the Night to let him keep this a secret. She would definitely tell this to the elves and cause their faith to collapse. When that happens, Louie, who had the divine authority of the moon, would most likely be pulled down from the stars and face complete annihilation.

Secondly, the Silver Moon Goddess might have some unknown trump card that could help her escape. If that happened, Dragon City would enter a full-scale war with the elves. With Dragon City’s current state, Louie could not win at all.

Naturally, the most important thing of all, he possessed the divine authority of the ‘Dragon God’. It was just that he could not use it at the moment. If he accepted the divine authority of the moon, then he would have to give up on the divine authority of the Dragon God. With these on the scale, Louie immediately knew which side he should choose.

Choosing the ‘Dragon God’, and giving up on the ‘Moon’.

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After making a decision, the head that possessed the divine authority of dreams opened its mouth and sprayed out a mouthful of Emerald Dragon Breath. In this way, Louie had told the two goddesses his choice.

The Emerald Dragon Breath landed on the unknown demigod’s divine domain, shifting reality to illusion. The sea collapsed and turned to bubbles as if everything was just an illusion. In an instant, the divine domain turned into nothing.

“What a pity. It seems you made the wrong choice that you will regret for the rest of your life, little…”

The Goddess of the Night let out a sigh as if she was feeling pity for Louie.

But Louie ignored her. With the Silver Moon Goddess holding her down, he only had to eliminate the other danger.

With a gap in the divine domain of the enemy, Louie was finally able to see the mysterious demigod’s appearance.

He or she was wearing a light blue robe and was dressed like a mage. The only thing different was that they were wearing a large wizard hat. At first, Louie thought that the person was a witch. From the demigod’s appearance, Louis suspected that this demigod was female or perhaps a crossdresser.

However, whatever the demigod’s gender was, they were finally within Louie’s vision.

For a dragon, their strongest weapon was their naturally strong body that was known as a miracle of the world. Most spells cast against it would be rendered useless.


Therefore, after seeing this unknown demigod, Louie did not even think twice and used his claws to smack them down.

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With a body that was three hundred meters long, Louie’s palm descended with the force of a meteor. With the support of his divine power and the genetic transformation performed by the Terran Civilization, his physical body was absolutely stronger than any creature in the world.

Compared to his claws, the demigod’s body looked so small. The moment their sight was obscured by Louie’s dragon’s claw, they took out a trident. Aqua blue divine power converged on it and the sound of waves echoed from the void once again. The trident and the claw collided with each other.


A terrifying explosion sounded. A giant hole appeared in the Goddess of the Night’s divine kingdom. The demigod was slapped hard onto the obsidian ground by Louie’s strike.

At the same time, Louie felt a stinging pain from his claw that was cut by the trident.

‘It’s a divine weapon, but only a lesser one.’

Louie judged that the other party was different from the Night Goddess and the Silver Moon Goddess. She lacked the resources and backing to have a genuine divine weapon.

Although lesser divine weapons were powerful, they were not that deadly to Louie. He only needed to be careful if the other party held a genuine divine weapon.

For dragons, their bodies were equivalent to a divine weapon. Although Louie’s body could barely be categorized as a lesser divine weapon, it was only a matter of time for him to evolve into his final form and make his body to be similar to a genuine divine weapon.

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