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RSSGSS - Chapter 119 - The Beginning of Madness

New Moon Forest:

A 100-man team of Level 103 experts geared with Dark-Gold and Epic Equipment was in the midst of fighting against a horde of Undead numbering in the thousands. Although there were quite a few Level 105 Great Lords among these Undead creatures, this expert team quickly and steadily reduced the horde's numbers.

The leader of this 100-man team was a male Berserker wielding a blood-red two-handed saber. In addition to holding off several Great Lords by himself, this Berserker was also issuing commands to his teammates that precisely targeted the weak points of the Undead horde.

In less than half an hour after the battle began, the 100-man team successfully cleaned up the horde of several dozen Great Lord ranked Undead Knights and several thousand other Undead creatures. Not only did the team suffer zero casualties, but they had also expended little Stamina throughout the battle. If they kept up this pace, the team could probably take care of several more Undead hordes of such size without having to take any breaks in between.

"You're really the best, Boss Blade! As expected of the leader of our Guild's Five Demon Generals! You're probably the only person in the Guild who can lead a team so efficiently!" Luo Tiancheng, clad in silver armor and carrying a greatsword on his back, complimented as he approached the Berserker leading the team.

"It's so-so. If Guild Leader Shi were still around, this level of combat would be nothing," Rampant Blade nonchalantly said as he glanced at Luo Tiancheng.

Ever since Shadow's Five Demon Generals disbanded and Guild Leader Shi Feng left the Guild, he had become the only person capable of supporting Shadow's ambitions. Although there were quite a few first-rate experts in the Guild that were close to reaching the Half-step Refinement Realm standard, none of them could take charge in large-scale battles effectively. An example would be two of Lan Hailong's close confidants, Luo Tiancheng and Zhou Yuhu.

As for Gu Yiren and those from World Dominators, they couldn't be relied on whatsoever. This was because Gu Yiren never had any intentions of managing or developing Shadow at all. Since taking over as Shadow's Guild Leader, the only thing he had done was order Shadow's members around to help him with miscellaneous work. Most of the time, Gu Yiren would be doing his own thing with his team from World Dominators. Not once had he helped train anyone from Shadow before.

"You're being too modest, Boss Blade. Now that you've reached the Refinement Realm already, combined with World Dominators' resources, it's only a matter of time before you reach Tier 4 in the future. There's no way that Shi Feng can hope to match you," Luo Tiancheng said, laughing. "Once we complete our mission this time, Chairman Lan will discuss with Guild Leader Gu to let you become the Guild's Acting Guild Leader. At that time, you'll get to manage all of the Guild's affairs."

"Refinement Realm?" Rampant Blade revealed a bitter smile when he heard these words. "I reached this realm over a year later than Su Qianliu. I also heard that Su Qianliu has apparently joined the new Guild that Guild Leader Shi and Blackie established. An expert of my caliber is only strong in a Guild like Shadow."

In reality, Rampant Blade had received an invitation to join Zero Wing from Blackie. However, he had grown attached to Shadow over the years, and he still had many brothers in Shadow, so he eventually rejected Blackie's offer.

"You're putting Zero Wing on too high of a pedestal, Boss Blade. Zero Wing is nothing but a newly-established small Guild with a few thousand members. Even with Su Qianliu's Thousand Flow adventurer team serving as its base, there's no way it can compete with our Guild. After all, Shadow now has World Dominators backing it. Once the resources from World Dominators start piling up, our Guild will have many Tier 4 experts in the future. In contrast, Zero Wing is going to have a tough time even surviving," Luo Tiancheng said in disdain.

In Luo Tiancheng's opinion, Shi Feng's statement to make Shadow disappear was nothing but a joke. Even Chairman Lan Hailong had laughed when he heard of it. While the Miniature Ancient World's launch had indeed granted Shi Feng a lot of advantages and reduced the various powers' influence, it didn't change the fact that a Guild required resources and experts to prosper.

Although Shi Feng now possessed high status in Jin Hai Academy, Jin Hai Academy was nothing but a God's Domain Academy. The things it could do and the resources it possessed were incredibly limited. Trying to go against Shadow, which had several hundred thousand members and controlled ten city states, was nothing but lunacy.

There was also no competition between the experts of Zero Wing and Shadow.

Ever since Shadow received the Guild Legacies from World Dominators, Shadow's members achieved significantly faster growth. Rampant Blade had even become a Refinement Realm expert thanks to these resources.

Even if Zero Wing had a Refinement Realm expert like Su Qianliu[1], it still couldn't compete with Shadow in the future. In fact, after Shadow completed the mission assigned by World Dominators this time, World Dominators would be able to control the entirety of Hundred Flow City through the Darkmoon Outpost. Once that happened, Shadow could take advantage of World Dominators's influence to eradicate Zero Wing.

"Let's stop talking about this. Have everyone look for the Darkmoon Tokens quickly," Rampant Blade said, not bothering to refute Luo Tiancheng's words. Based on the current situation, Shadow was indeed growing stronger and stronger. As evidence, even Luo Tiancheng had reached the Half-step Refinement Realm already. "We need to meet our quota of 200 tokens by today. Otherwise, World Dominators is going to halve our training resources,"

Luo Tiancheng nodded. Then, he hurriedly had everyone on the team sort through the loot. At the same time, he sent the team's Assassins and Rangers to scout around for more Undead creatures.

Meanwhile, during the time Rampant Blade's team was looting their kills, Rampant Blade suddenly heard a message notification.

"This… Has Mysterious Moon gone crazy?"

Rampant Blade couldn't help but be stunned when he read the message Gu Yiren sent him.

Meanwhile, noticing Rampant Blade's shocked expression, Luo Tiancheng asked, "What happened, Boss Blade?"

"Mysterious Moon has suddenly declared war on World Dominators!" Rampant Blade said after taking a deep breath. "Moreover, just a few minutes ago, Mysterious Moon annihilated one of World Dominators's 100-man teams…"

"Annihilated?" Luo Tiancheng was also shocked and confused when he heard Rampant Blade's words. "Is Mysterious Moon looking to die?"

It might be fine if it were merely a simple conflict with a few players from a different Guild. World Dominators wouldn't even care if a few of its players got killed. After all, such minor conflicts were frequent in God's Domain. There was no way a Super Guild like World Dominators would bother to pay attention to these trivial matters every day. After all, there were millions of members in the Guild. There'd be no end if it tried to take care of every personal conflict that took place.

However, it was different if an entire 100-man team got annihilated. It was especially true now that World Dominators had declared monopoly over the New Moon Forest. Such an act of transgression represented an entirely different meaning.


This was a declaration of war!

It had already been many years since anyone dared to declare war on a Super Guild. Meanwhile, the last time it happened, a first-rate Guild had gotten erased from God's Domain…

TL Notes:

[1]Even if Zero Wing had a Refinement Realm expert like Su Qianliu:

This isn't a translation error. Shadow most likely isn't aware that Su Qianliu has become a Flowing Water Realm expert.

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We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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-Thanks to Heian Cat for pointing this out.

SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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