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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 085: End of the Cultural Battles

The Grand Mohist paled somewhat. After all, this was not the Supreme Ascendant Scripture’s first appearance. Driving it to its limits was a huge drain.

Every moment took an extremely horrifying toll on her strength.

She thought she could immediately suppress and topple the Classic of the Dao and Virtue when the legendary Supreme Ascendant appeared. However, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue also manifested an old man. Is that Gu Hai? To think his aura is no weaker than the legendary Supreme Ascendant’s?

The legendary Supreme Ascendant was insufficient to destroy the Classic of the Dao and Virtue. The aura of the Classic of the Dao and Virtue flourished and burgeoned by the moment.

The two sides clashed, agitating the laws of the world around them.

Auspicious clouds and white energy encased the thirty-three layers of heaven. However, roiling dark clouds lay farther out. Lightning flashed, and thunder roared as the laws shuddered. The world turned dark.

Heavenly Yin City had Lifespan Beiming’s lifespan ritual array. As a result, the damage from the two holy Dao scriptures’ clash was kept to a minimum. The spectators were already holding their breath, staring as Gu Hai continued dictating.

As the law tentacles waved, voices recited the Classic of the Dao and Virtue, sounding like countless ghostly beings chanting. The voices were resonant, even louder than those of the Supreme Ascendant Scripture.

The Supreme Genesis looked at Gu Hai with a fervent gaze. Then, he shifted the same gaze to the Classic of the Dao and Virtue that Bing Ji was writing. This was a first edition, the first appearance of this composition. This represented the most supreme might of the Classic of the Dao and Virtue.

The Supreme Genesis was not alone. The Azure Emperor, Emperor Kong, and countless other experts stared at the Classic of the Dao and Virtue as well.

This holy Dao scripture was no weaker than the Supreme Ascendant Scripture. No one dared to target the Supreme Ascendant Scripture, as it was one of the Myriad Age Daoist Sect’s foundational treasures. However, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue was not.

Furthermore, Gu Hai was only a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, an extremely weak fellow.

If a baby held a valuable treasure, the treasure would tempt others.


In a distant restaurant:

Lord Tang frowned heavily. “Old man, are you seeking death? Writing a holy Dao scripture? Can you defend it? You might even be captured and forced to write every day. Old man…hah…”


Since Lord Tang could think of this, Gu Hai naturally could too. However, Gu Hai had to write this now.

The legendary Supreme Ascendant on the other side appeared very clear already, like a transcendent immortal who had left the mundane behind. It seemed like the world suddenly turned bright.

The legendary Supreme Ascendant looked at the legendary Laozi opposite him coldly.

“Who are you?” the legendary Supreme Ascendant asked coldly.

When the Supreme Ascendant spoke, laws appeared out of nowhere with the words, forming a heavenly river that rushed at the legendary Laozi.

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However, the legendary Laozi ignored it, as Gu Hai had already reached the last segment and Bing Ji started writing it.

“Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good. He who knows does not gamble; he who gambles does not know. The sage accumulates nothing, having used what he has for others. Even so, he ends up richer still. The heavenly way is to benefit and not harm; the sagely way is to act without contention.”


At the last stroke, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue immediately flared with a bright purple light that covered the land and scattered the Supreme Ascendant Scripture’s aura.

The legendary Laozi suddenly opened his mouth and breathed out. His breath split into three.

The three breaths slowly took form, turning into three boundlessly majestic, three-kilometer-tall figures. One of them looked incredibly similar to the legendary Supreme Ascendant on the other side.

As the heavenly river from the legendary Supreme Ascendant’s words rushed at the legendary Laozi, the giant that looked similar to the legendary Supreme Ascendant waved.


That heavenly river exploded and scattered.

“What’s that? Another legendary Supreme Ascendant?” someone exclaimed.

“Why does Gu Hai’s Classic of the Dao and Virtue also have the legendary Supreme Ascendant?”

“That old man breathed them out. Three of them? Who are those three?”

“Why is this Classic of the Dao and Virtue so strange?”

Only Gu Hai understood what happened. Laozi’s breath had become the Three Pure Ones.

The three figures from the old man’s breath suddenly deferentially saluted the old man.

“Grand Pure One, Lord of the Dao and the Virtue, salutes the Sagely Lord!” the person who looked similar to the legendary Supreme Ascendant said respectfully.

“Jade Pure One, Lord of Primordial Beginning, salutes the Sagely Lord!”

“Supreme Pure One, Lord of the Numinous Treasure, salutes the Sagely Lord!”

The old man nodded. His figure wavered and disappeared into the Classic of the Dao and Virtue.

Only the Three Pure Ones stood in the sky, still bowing to the old man who had left.

Then, they turned and faced the legendary Supreme Ascendant.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor suddenly stood up.

Far away, the Supreme Genesis, the Future Buddha, the Azure Emperor, and Emperor Kong goggled.

“The Three Pure Ones? The Three Pure Ones? He covered the entire Myriad Age Daoist Sect with one scripture?” The Supreme Genesis suddenly felt very interested in the Classic of the Dao and Virtue.

“Amitābha! The Three Pure Ones? Which ones are the Three Pure Ones?” the Future Buddha said in shock.

“Send out my order. Go all out to investigate Gu Hai. I want to know everything about him!” Emperor Kong said to one of his subordinates.

The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes slightly at Gu Hai, his eyes blazing with fervor. “I must obtain Gu Hai.”

The moment the Three Pure Ones appeared, the legendary Supreme Ascendant opposite them paused for a moment.

“That’s impossible! Why can your scripture write out my Myriad Age Daoist Sect’s three lines of inheritance? Lord Supreme Ascendant, please destroy this false Dao and give justice to my Supreme Ascendant Scripture!” the Grand Mohist shouted.

“Alright!” The legendary Supreme Ascendant nodded.

The legendary Supreme Ascendant swung the horsetail whisk he held. As he did so, a law tentacle charged at the Three Pure Ones.

The Grand Pure One suddenly swung a horsetail whisk as well, sending out a law tentacle, while the other two of the Three Pure Ones took no action.


The two horsetail whisks and two law tentacles clashed, sending out a powerful shock wave. Space shook. The two horsetail whisks and two law tentacles arrived at a stalemate, but everyone could tell that the Grand Pure One’s was more powerful. It pressed hard, threatening to crush the other party’s law tentacle.

“It is the same kind of law, so why is yours…,” the Grand Mohist said, wide-eyed.

“Use your recommendation talismans to prevent your law from getting extinguished. Otherwise, this segment of your scripture will be crippled, useless from here on!” Sima Changkong called out happily.

Use recommendation talismans to protect the scripture from destruction?

“No! You can’t possibly destroy my Supreme Ascendant Scripture!” the Grand Mohist snarled, glaring furiously.


A loud sound rang out; the legendary Supreme Ascendant’s horsetail whisk had exploded. The Supreme Ascendant’s law tentacle also exploded to pieces. Then, the law tentacle of Gu Hai’s Grand Pure One absorbed the fragments.

“He won! Hahaha! He won!” some Qian Nation citizens cried out excitedly.

However, countless cultural Dao cultivators could not accept such a result.

Gu Hai had just written the Classic of the Dao and Virtue, yet it was already stronger than the Supreme Ascendant Scripture? However, facts were as such. The Supreme Ascendant Scripture had lost in the clash of scriptures.

A segment of the Supreme Ascendant Scripture’s scroll turned to dust and vanished.

“Executioner, Killer, Trapper, and Ender! Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array!” the Supreme Pure One shouted.


Suddenly, four divine swords flew out of the Lord of the Numinous Treasure’s sleeves and shot towards the legendary Supreme Ascendant.


The swords formed a powerful shredding force, wanting to kill the legendary Supreme Ascendant.

The legendary Supreme Ascendant waved, and a group of law tentacles rushed out to block.

“Sect Master Heavenly Access’s Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array? Shouldn’t there be seven? Why are there only four?” someone suddenly cried out.

“Sect Master Heavenly Access? Heavenly Access is in the Classic of the Dao and Virtue?” the Grand Mohist said while goggling.

“Grand Mohist, please use your recommendation talismans to protect your scripture. Otherwise, more segments of your Supreme Ascendant Scripture will get destroyed!” Sima Changkong shouted.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The shredding force of the Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array was extremely powerful. When it crashed into the legendary Supreme Ascendant’s law tentacles, the tentacles trembled, looking like they would shatter.

“Grand Mohist, this is a foundational law of the Supreme Ascendant Scripture! It must not be destroyed!” a Supreme Ascendant Dao disciple cried out anxiously.

“Humph! Very well, ten recommendation talismans!” the Grand Mohist said while scowling.


Ten of the recommendation talismans shining on the Grand Mohist suddenly moved away from her and entered the law tentacles.


The Four Immortal Executioner Swords trembled slightly, appearing like they would be knocked away. However, they still held on.

“Grand Mohist, it is not enough!” that Supreme Ascendant Dao disciple said anxiously.

“Forty!” the Grand Mohist said with an unsightly expression.


The light of forty recommendation talismans suddenly knocked the Four Immortal Executioner Swords away. Then, the recommendation talismans rushed towards Gu Hai, together with the four divine swords.


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Suddenly, forty more recommendation talismans shone on Gu Hai.

“This is…? Why did the Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array get knocked back?” Gu Hai frowned.

“The recommendation talismans are given by heaven. All the laws in the world are ruled by heaven. Although Mister Gu’s Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array is powerful, it has to go back if heaven wills it so,” Sima Changkong explained.

“The Classic of the Dao and Virtue cannot defy heaven’s will?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Sima Changkong nodded.

Even so, the strength of the Classic of the Dao and Virtue deeply shocked everyone. That was the Supreme Ascendant Scripture, but it got suppressed into submission.

Li Er’s words suddenly rang out in Gu Hai’s mind. One is powerless before Heaven unless one becomes immortal.

It turns out that no matter how powerful one is, one will not even be worth a strike before heaven?

Gu Hai ruminated on this while the Classic of the Dao and Virtue and the Supreme Ascendant Scripture continued clashing.

With each clash, the scriptures changed continuously.

The Supreme Ascendant Scripture had some areas where it did not lose to the Classic of the Dao and Virtue, so the Grand Mohist managed to snatch back some recommendation talismans. However, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue was superior overall.

Forty…eighty…one hundred…two hundred….

Gu Hai kept winning more recommendation talismans.

The Qian Nation officials were thrilled.

This continued until the last segment of the scriptures clashed.



The Grand Mohist spewed out a mouthful of blood and collapsed. The Supreme Ascendant Scripture’s powerful aura suddenly returned to the scroll. Everything had ended. The competition was over.

Half of the Supreme Ascendant Scripture’s segments had disappeared.

While the Supreme Ascendant Scripture was not crippled, its might was significantly weaker than before.

Half of countless years of accumulations had been destroyed in such a short while.

However, the Classic of the Dao and Virtue sparkled, showing purple-gold words.

The manifestations of the Classic of the Dao and Virtue suddenly entered the scroll.

The clash between the Classic of the Dao and Virtue and the Supreme Ascendant Scripture resulted in the Classic of the Dao and Virtue’s victory.

The recommendation talismans around Gu Hai had increased to five thousand, half of the recommendation talismans available. Given this, they would not lose. The Qian Nation officials cheered happily.

Out of ten thousand recommendation talismans, Gu Hai had five thousand, the Grand Mohist had four thousand nine hundred ninety, and ten independent cultivators had one each.

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