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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 087: The Six Paths Immortal Firmament

“Oh? My physical body?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

“As Sima Changkong told you, the Cultural Dao Sage Palace is actually the Human Path Secret Realm. You were present when the Slaughter Heavenly Dynasty reappeared. If we guessed right, they had entered the Asura Path Secret Realm,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said indifferently.

Gu Hai raised his eyebrows, immediately understanding.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, this humble one has a question. I wonder if…” Gu Hai looked at the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

“Oh?” The Qian Heavenly Emperor turned his head to look at Gu Hai.

After all, according to the reports, Gu Hai was excellent at gathering information and usually did not ask others questions. This should be especially so with the Qian Heavenly Emperor, as any question that he asked would expend some of the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s favor towards him.

“I would like to know what is going on with this world, or rather, with immortals,” Gu Hai said solemnly.

“Why do you ask that?” the Qian Heavenly Emperor asked.

“Previously, the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece caused me to sleep for ten days and ten nights. I had a dream during this time and seemed to have understood something, but I have not grasped it firmly. The world? Immortals? Everyone knows that an immortal can live forever. One can become an aloof immortal. However, why do I feel that there is still something missing? I am not sure about it, and the people of the world cannot possibly know. I believe that only the people who are the closest to becoming immortals know the truth of this world. Qian Heavenly Emperor is the only such person that I know of,” Gu Hai replied gravely after taking a deep breath.

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“Heaven? One is powerless before Heaven unless one becomes immortal. You are not qualified to know about it yet.” The Qian Heavenly Emperor shook his head.

“Oh?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

One is powerless before Heaven unless one becomes immortal? Laozi had said the same thing to Gu Hai in his dream.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor stared at Gu Hai for a while. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Never mind. Even if we do not speak of it today, you will come to know in the future. Heaven is the immortal.”

“Heaven is the immortal?” This slightly startled Gu Hai.

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The Qian Heavenly Emperor took another deep breath and said, “Heaven is the only immortal in this world. He has a name, the Six Paths Immortal. He rules over everything in this world, controlling the universe around it. He reigns over the six paths of reincarnation. He is the overlord of everything. That’s why he will never let anyone become an immortal. That’s why there has never been anyone who succeeded in becoming an immortal.”

Gu Hai frowned heavily. “The overlord of this world, the will of the world, is the Six Paths Immortal?”

“That’s right!” The Qian Heavenly Emperor nodded.

“That is to say, we are in a smaller world and there is an immortal world outside?” Gu Hai asked curiously.

“Immortal world? There’s no immortal world. Perhaps there might be worlds similar to ours, but there are no immortal worlds of a higher level. After one leaves this world, there is only the void outside, a mass of primal chaos,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor explained.

“However, I don’t understand. If there is no outer world, then where is the Six Paths Immortal?” Gu Hai asked with a frown.

“He? He can be everything. He can be the wind, he can be the rain, or he can be the citizens in the Divine Continent. He can even be right beside you. Everything is possible. That’s why you have to be careful. Now that you know about him, you must never speak of him. He might not care, or he might mind it a lot. If you carelessly speak of him, you will only attract trouble to yourself,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said gravely.

However, Gu Hai frowned heavily. “I am somewhat confused.”

“Don’t be confused. When you reach a certain level, you will know everything. Just do what you need to do. By the way, to the Six Paths Immortal, our world has a name,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said with a deep breath.


“It’s called an immortal firmament!” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said.

“An immortal firmament?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

This world is called an immortal firmament? In my dream, Laozi said that it was too late. One is powerless before Heaven unless one becomes immortal. If I want to try, I have to find an immortal firmament.

“It’s called the Six Paths Immortal Firmament,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said.

“The Six Paths Immortal Firmament?” Gu Hai frowned slightly.

“The immortal firmament births all life; the immortal firmament creates all things. Everything in the Six Paths Immortal Firmament belongs to the Six Paths Immortal. We are all his; everything belongs to him. All the laws, all rules, the calligraphy Dao, the Go Dao, the music Dao, they are all his. He can take them away whenever he wants, as everything in the Six Paths Immortal Firmament belongs to him!” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said, speaking in measured words.

Although the Qian Heavenly Emperor spoke slowly, Gu Hai could hear a refusal to submit in his tone, a certain pride.

“Many thanks to Qian Heavenly Emperor for explaining!” Gu Hai bowed.

Although Gu Hai still did not understand some things, this much already made him feel grateful.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor looked at Gu Hai and nodded. Then, he took out a black ball and handed it to Gu Hai.

“Sima Changkong should have already told you this previously. We will help you with everything we have, and you must help us bring this item into the Human Path Secret Realm. Up to the second palace hall will do,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said seriously.

Gu Hai received the item carefully. After taking a deep breath, he asked, “Why did you choose me?”

“Did you forget about what we said?” the Qian Heavenly Emperor countered with a faint smile.

Gu Hai suddenly raised his eyebrows. The Qian Heavenly Emperor had said the Six Paths Immortal could be anyone or anything.

“You don’t trust the people beside you?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

“It is not that we don’t trust them. In some matters, one has to trust when it is time to trust. However, in some matters, one has to be isolated from others when it is time to do so,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said.

“Why did you choose me?” Gu Hai asked with a frown.

If the Qian Heavenly Emperor wanted to snatch the recommendation talismans by force, even the Classic of the Dao and Virtue would be useless.

“You are not,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor replied with a faint smile.


“Although the Six Paths Immortal can manifest himself as many people, he is extremely proud. After Old Mister Guan Qi lost to him, he took away the Go Dao laws. He could not possibly respect the Go Dao. Furthermore, he would not think much of you with your current strength. Based on the various conflicts in the heavenly court’s cities, we can tell that you are not a spy from another faction. That’s why we chose you,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said indifferently.

“What if I conflicted with them on purpose?” Gu Hai asked with a frown.

“Would our judgment be wrong? If we were wrong, we would not be qualified to talk about the Six Paths Immortal,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor retorted indifferently.

Gu Hai nodded as he took a deep breath.

“As long as you hold this item in your hand, it can follow your soul body into the Cultural Dao Sage Palace. The Cultural Dao Sage Palace is the first palace hall of the Human Path Secret Realm. When you enter the second palace hall, place this ball there,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said seriously.

“Don’t worry.” Gu Hai nodded.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor nodded and waved.


Surging fog suddenly appeared around the two again. When the fog scattered, the two vanished from the mountain’s summit, returning to the Ten Thousand Sages Convention.

The spectators in the surroundings were still cheering loudly. The Qian Heavenly Emperor stood at his original spot, showing a dignified expression, with Gu Hai standing before him.

Gu Hai bowed slightly to the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

Then, Gu Hai flew back to the plaza’s center.

The Grand Mohist consumed some medicinal pills, and her injuries recovered significantly. She turned her head to look at Gu Hai coldly.

“All those who are not involved, please leave the center of the plaza. Only Gu Hai, the Supreme Ascendant, and their assistants are permitted to be here!” Gongyang Sheng announced seriously.

“Yes!” the Qian Nation subjects answered.

“Hah!” The Supreme Genesis smiled coldly and left with the Solar Divine Palace disciples.


The Future Buddha also left with the Spirit Mountain Holy Land disciples.

“Grand Mohist!” The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples turned to the Grand Mohist.

“Go on. Everything is fine now,” the Grand Mohist said.

“Yes!” they answered and left.

The spectators immediately quieted. Everyone knew that entering the Cultural Dao Sage Palace was next.

Aside from the four hosts, only Gu Hai’s group of four and the Grand Mohist’s group of four remained.

Gongyang Sheng, Venerable Liu Nian, Founding Dynasty, and Ninth Young Master looked at the sages in the sky.

“Sages, the victor has emerged. It’s time to inform heaven!” Gongyang Sheng called out.

“Alright!” This time, the sages did not cause any trouble.

“Reporting to heaven!” Gongyang Sheng said.

“Reporting to heaven!” Venerable Liu Nian, Founding Dynasty, and Ninth Young Master shouted nearly in unison.

“Reporting to heaven!” the sages shouted simultaneously.


The noble spirit sea in the sky churned, and the Cultural Dao Sage Palace immediately shone with a dazzling, white light.

“The victor of the Ten Thousand Sages Convention has been determined. Gu Hai and the Supreme Ascendant share first place. They each have three assistants. Will heaven verify this and bestow the heavenly access divine light?!” Gongyang Sheng shouted.

“Will heaven verify this and bestow the heavenly access divine light?!” Venerable Liu Nian, Founding Dynasty, Ninth Young Master, and the sages shouted nearly in one voice.


The Cultural Dao Sage Palace opened again, and four blue orbs of light flew out.

“Four?” The distant Yehua felt slightly startled.

“Previously, the assistants of whoever obtained first place could enter as well. However, Heaven is only allowing one assistant in this time?” the Supreme Genesis said.

“That is to say, Gu Hai can bring in only one person, and the Grand Mohist can also bring in only one person?” Yehua said with a frown.


Indeed, the four blue orbs immediately separated into two groups. Two flew to the Grand Mohist, and two flew to Gu Hai.


Suddenly, a white pillar of light shot out of the Cultural Dao Sage Palace and took the shape of stairs.

“Fuse your mind with the light orb and separate your physical body and spiritual souls. Then, climb the heavenly stairs and enter the Cultural Dao Sage Palace!” Gongyang Sheng called out.


A blue orb touched the Grand Mohist’s forehead, and her body immediately gave off blue light. Then, she sat down cross-legged. The moment she did, the blue light came out of her body.

“That blue light is her spiritual souls? The spiritual souls have separated from the physical body?” Bodhisattva Zi Zhu said with wide eyes.

The shape of the blue light took the appearance of the Grand Mohist. It even had her clothes, which fluttered as she walked out. However, her physical body remained seated cross-legged.

“You!” The Grand Mohist’s spiritual souls pointed to one of her subordinates.

“Yes! Thank you, Grand Mohist!” That Supreme Ascendant Dao disciple excitedly accepted one of the blue orbs into himself.


That Supreme Ascendant Dao disciple sat down cross-legged. His spiritual souls left his body and stood beside the Grand Mohist.

The two’s spiritual souls looked at Gu Hai coldly. Then, they walked to the heavenly stairs.

“Why is there only one spot?” Sima Changkong’s expression changed.

Initially, he thought that heaven would give three spots for the assistants, so he would be able to go as well. Unexpectedly, only one could go with Gu Hai. Could he go in?

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