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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 088: If You Are Not Willing to, We Don’t Mind Taking Your Head

Sima Changkong looked at Gu Hai anxiously.

“Little Sima, move aside. Don’t get in my way. I want to go! I want to go in with Brother-in-Law!” Long Wanyu pushed Sima Changkong aside.

Sima Changkong: “…”

There was only one spot, so there was definitely no hope for Sima Changkong. He stepped aside bitterly, looking at Long Wanyu with resentment.

“Brother-in-Law, I’ll go with you!” Long Wanyu said excitedly.

Nearby, the Supreme Genesis’s eyes narrowed. He seemed to be saying something, apparently projecting his voice to Bing Ji.

The Supreme Genesis did so very secretively; no one noticed.

Bing Ji’s expression changed, showing bitterness as she shook her head.

The Supreme Genesis’s face turned sullen. “This is the Supreme Singularity’s order. Are you going or not?”

Bing Ji appeared anxious.

Gu Hai shook his head. “Bing Ji, come in with me.”

“Ah?” Bing Ji’s expression changed.

The Supreme Genesis felt slightly startled. Then, he showed a faint smile. “Remember the second Mind Conceding Soup. The Mind Conceding Soup is a spiritual item. Your spiritual souls can bring it in.”

Bing Ji’s expression changed, betraying her mental struggle.

“Think of your mother,” the Supreme Genesis said.

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Bing Ji suddenly shivered.

“Why? Brother-in-Law, I want to go in with you. Is there any danger there? I can help you find out!” Long Wanyu said anxiously.

“I probably cannot die in there. However, outside…” Gu Hai shook his head.

“What about outside?” Long Wanyu felt slightly startled.

“Wanyu, something major might happen here later. Protect my physical body. I trust only you in the Qian Nation,” Gu Hai said gravely.


Long Wanyu wanted to plead her case, but Gu Hai’s line of trusting only her extinguished all thoughts of entering the Cultural Dao Sage Palace.

“Alright!” Long Wanyu nodded, feeling upset.


Gu Hai immediately merged that blue orb of divine light into himself. His body gave off dazzling blue light, and he sat down cross-legged.

After the blue light entered Gu Hai’s body, he felt icy cold as if a force clamped him, filling his body with a different energy. He felt squashed into a clump.

Then, he suddenly stood up. However, it was not his body standing up but the spiritual souls enveloped in the blue light.

Gu Hai’s spiritual souls still held the black ball from the Qian Heavenly Emperor. At the same time, he sensed a fire calabash in his spiritual souls.

The fire deity’s fire calabash from the fire deity palace? I brought it out too?

Gu Hai took a step forward, leaving his physical body. Others could not see the fire calabash in his body or the black ball in his palm. Gu Hai looked at his physical body curiously.

“Wanyu, I’ll leave my physical body to you,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Go on. Nothing will happen with me around!” Long Wanyu said while pouting, appearing upset.

Gu Hai looked at Bing Ji.

Bing Ji bit her lip.


A divine light orb entered her, and her spiritual souls left her body, following behind Gu Hai.

“Mister Gu, the Cultural Dao Sage Palace will be open for only ten days. Be careful!” Sima Changkong said bitterly.

Gu Hai nodded.

Then, he walked to the white heavenly stairs and started climbing up. Bing Ji followed close behind.


In the distance, among the crowd, the Future Buddha and a group of bodhisattvas surrounded Bodhisattva Zi Zhu. Fog encircled them, preventing people from seeing in.

At this moment, many chains wrapped around Bodhisattva Zi Zhu.

“Future Buddha, you bastard, what are you doing? Why did you capture me? Grand Mohist! Grand Mohist! Save me!” Bodhisattva Zi Zhu cried out, startled and furious.

Although Bodhisattva Zi Zhu shouted, the surrounding fog seemed to isolate sound, preventing the outside world from hearing what was going on inside.

Bodhisattva Zi Zhu’s voice was masculine.

“Veritable Hong Yu, sorry for the offense. Please calm down,” the Future Buddha said with his palms pressed together.

Those in the fog could see out, but those outside could not see in.

Bodhisattva Zi Zhu stared at the distant heavenly stairs. The Grand Mohist and her subordinate were nearly at the top.

“The one following behind the Grand Mohist is Bodhisattva Zi Zhu? The Grand Mohist initially chose me to enter the Cultural Dao Sage Palace with her. You swapped my spiritual souls with Bodhisattva Zi Zhu’s the instant the divine light orb merged with me?” Bodhisattva Zi Zhu said with a glare.

“I recall now! The third day after Gu Hai fell asleep, Bodhisattva Zi Zhu and I faced each other during the painting Dao competition. It was you, Future Buddha! You grabbed Bodhisattva Zi Zhu’s hand and my hand. Then, I felt a warmth enter my body. You cast your spell on me then? How? How did you do it?”

“Amitābha! Veritable Hong Yu, please put up with this for a few days,” the Future Buddha said.

“That’s not right. You grabbed the hands of the Grand Mohist’s three assistants, swapping their spiritual souls. I know now. The sixth of the top sixteen ancient treasures, the Reincarnation Pool! Isn’t the Reincarnation Pool the Present Buddha’s enchanted treasure? He lent it to you? The Reincarnation Pool? You swapped my spiritual souls with Bodhisattva Zi Zhu’s to let her enter the Cultural Dao Sage Palace while trapping me here? Future Buddha, how treacherous of you!” Veritable Hong Yu roared while glaring.

“Amitābha!” The Future Buddha held his palms together, now ignoring Veritable Hong Yu.



The Qian Heavenly Emperor glanced in the Future Buddha’s direction, apparently having noticed something. Then, he revealed a faint, cold smile before turning away and ignoring them. He looked skyward coldly. The Grand Mohist had entered, and the spiritual souls of Gu Hai and Bing Ji were making their way in.


When the four’s spiritual souls had entered, the Cultural Dao Sage Palace’s doors closed.

“Your Holy Eminence, they have entered!” Sima Zongheng said.

“We saw,” Long Zhanguo said indifferently.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor suddenly tensed, staring at the Cultural Dao Sage Palace fixedly.

The Supreme Genesis, the Azure Emperor, Emperor Kong, and the others felt startled.

“What’s going on? Why does the Qian Heavenly Emperor suddenly have such a serious expression?” the Azure Emperor said with narrowed eyes.

“Indeed. Imperial Lord, hasn’t everything ended? The Ten Thousand Sages Convention is over. Everything will be over when those four come out ten days later. Now, no one can do anything,” Dan Wang said, feeling curious.

“Something’s not right. Something’s not right.” The Azure Emperor kept his eyes narrowed.


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Suddenly, a loud sound rang out on the outskirts of Heavenly Yin City. Everyone looked over.

A four-winged angel had tried to fly out of Heavenly Yin City, but a rain of arrows drove him back.

“What are you doing? How dare you attack?!” that four-winged angel shouted with a glare.

Everyone looked over and saw many soldiers lined up in that direction. Ten-odd flying ships hovered in the sky. The one who shot earlier was the Divine Strategy Battalion Commander, Li Shenji.

Li Shenji looked at that four-winged angel coldly and shouted, “From now on, no one is to leave Heavenly Yin City.”

“What?” The expressions of countless citizens, cultivators, and visitors in Heavenly Yin City changed.

One of the wings of that four-winged angel was broken. He now turned to the Supreme Genesis with a horrified expression. “Veritable Lord!”

The Supreme Genesis, the Azure Emperor, and Emperor Kong looked around.

Suddenly, many flying ships flew over to Heavenly Yin City from all directions, not just where the four-winged angel went.

One…ten…one hundred…one thousand…ten thousand flying ships. The soldiers numbered in the millions, completely surrounding Heavenly Yin City.

Soldiers filled both the ground and sky, densely packed together. There even seemed to be net-shaped ritual arrays preventing anyone from leaving.

“Tight Encircling Net Ritual Array?” The Azure Emperor’s face sank.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, what do you mean by this?” The Supreme Genesis’s face sank as he looked at Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo stood on his platform and looked down on the entire Heavenly Yin City.

“Heavenly Yin City, Qian Nation citizens, don’t panic. Wait in Heavenly Yin City for now. Just wait for a while,” the Qian Heavenly Emperor said.

“Yes, Your Holy Eminence!”

The Qian Heavenly Emperor’s words were an edict. Furthermore, the citizens in Heavenly Yin City deeply respected him, so they immediately calmed down.

However, the experts from the various factions in the world showed sullen expressions.

“Amitābha! Qian Heavenly Emperor, might I ask what you mean by this? We came here at your invitation to participate in the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. Why are you trapping us here in Heavenly Yin City?” the Future Buddha asked sullenly.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor looked at the experts around and said indifferently, “Wait for a while!”

“Wait for a while? What are we waiting for? Are you planning to take us all down in one go?” the Supreme Genesis demanded coldly.

Long Zhanguo turned his head and glared at the Supreme Genesis. A murderous intent spewed out, pressing on the Supreme Genesis. “We said already, wait for a while. If you are not willing to, we don’t mind taking your head!”

Long Zhanguo’s glare and ferocious words made the Supreme Genesis shiver, a chill spreading throughout his body.

Who was the Supreme Genesis? He was an old monster from ancient times. His earthly soul had reincarnated through the generations, pieced back every time. Who knew how long he had lived and how much danger he had faced before? However, his souls shivered for some reason beneath the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s ferocious gaze.

Who was the Qian Heavenly Emperor? Although he had not reincarnated through the ages, he had created the Qian Heavenly Dynasty, which was no weaker than the Solar Divine Palace. He also wielded the strongest enchanted treasure in the world, the Heaven Splitting Ax. No one dared to anger him, and he never changed his mind on anything he decided.

If the Qian Heavenly Emperor wanted to kill someone, he would go for it with all his might. If he wanted one dead, one had to die.

If you are not willing to, we don’t mind taking your head?

This already conveyed Long Zhanguo’s murderous intent.

Kill the Supreme Genesis and make enemies with the Solar Divine Palace?

The Supreme Genesis felt a chill in his heart. He did not doubt Long Zhanguo’s murderous intent, as Long Zhanguo was a man of his word. The Supreme Genesis no longer dared to argue, despite the overwhelming resentment in his heart. He looked at the Future Buddha, the Azure Emperor, Emperor Kong, and others.

The Future Buddha, the Azure Emperor, and Emperor Kong did not support the Supreme Genesis. They only looked at the Qian Heavenly Emperor, wondering what he was up to.

The three knew how strong the Qian Heavenly Emperor was. They also understood how ruthless he was.

The Ten Thousand Sages Convention had already ended. Why did the Qian Heavenly Emperor go to such lengths? All the cultivators from around the world were curious. Many of the Qian Nation officials did not know what was happening.

Only a few officials showed expressions similar to Long Zhanguo’s, dignified and grave. Their eyes also had a trace of excitement.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor seemed to be waiting for something. Everyone waited for that something. They were waiting for Gu Hai to place that black ball in the second palace hall of the Human Path Secret Realm.

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