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ZY - Chapter 479- Legacy battle

 Just when we were talking, footsteps spread from outside and an undead cavalry stepped in.

    "Lady Yun Yue, Elder Dragon invites you to a meeting!"


    Senior Sister Yun frowned, "Only me? Or did he call others?"

    "Also called King of Darkness and the two generals."

    "Oh, understood. I will head over."



    The moment the cavalry left, Senior Sister Yun frowned, "Seems like something is going to happen. There is definitely nothing good, he probably is announcing something."

    "I will follow you over," I said.

    "No need."

    She looked at me, "If something happens to me... At least you can..."

    "Don't say no more."

    I shook my head and smiled, "Since I call you Senior Sister, even if it is a sea of flames, I will follow you. Don't worry, I can protect myself."


    She nodded.


    In the Elder Hall, the sides of the paths had many stone lions with flames in their eyes. Undead cavalries lined up and the atmosphere was very solemn. In the hall were many elders. Apart from that, King of Darkness Xuanyuan Yu and the two generals were here. When Senior Sister and I walked in, we saw a person at the throne, it was Elder Dragon.

    At this moment, Elder Dragon looked quite sickly and he was hugging a red dragon soul. The soul stretched out tentacles and it was growing together with Elder Dragon. It looked like it was sucking at Elder Dragon's life force while Elder Dragon obtained dragon soul power from it. If not, his strength wouldn't be enough to suppress King of Darkness and Senior Sister.

    "Elder Dragon everyone is here."

    An elder in grey robe said respectfully.



    Elder Dragon opened his eyes and a dark glow shone in them. He looked at us and said, "This time... I have an important thing to discuss."

    King of Darkness cupped his fist, "Elder Dragon, please speak."


    Elder Dragon nodded, "Recently I have been observing the younger generation and understand them. Among them, July Wildfire is the strongest. You have awakened the Shura's Darkness Bloodline. The Darkness King Hall's three disciples, Li Yang, Zhou Ya and Feng Chen are decent. But they are just slightly stronger in Black Castle, in the world, they might not be."

    "Elder Dragon, what you are saying..." Left General Lin Mu frowned.

    "Very simple."

    He said solemnly, "In the past, the legacy would be chosen from Black Castle but this time it is different. One person would be chosen by the dragon soul so, we should select it with the humans, for the best batch to become the heir to the God Hall. Then the dragon soul will have more choices and Black Castle would benefit. What do you think King of Darkness?"

    Xuanyuan Yu frowned, "But... Although humans are strong but we aren't the same race. They might not want to be the master of Black Castle. How can we let a human take over? I think we should only select our race. Please reconsider."

    "King of Darkness's words sounds wrong."

    An elder said, "Are our Black Castle members just undead walking on the edge of life and death? No. On the contrary, most of us were humans so King of Darkness can toss aside his views against humans. Anyone can rule Black Castle, they just have to be loyal."

    Elder Dragon nodded, "Third Elder is right."

    Senior Sister Yun smiled, "It seems like Elder Dragon has already decided."


    Elder Dragon got up and the dragon soul buzzed. Blood energy spread such that King of Darkness and Senior Sister retreated. I was forced to defend and I entered Darkness Shura state. Lightning buzzed to protect my body.

    Elder Dragon looked at us, "For this decision, I am willing to bring out something I have kept for many years."

    He opened his palm and a red ball appeared. Within it was many sceneries, like there were worlds hidden within.


    Xuanyuan Yu was stunned, "This is... The legendary god-tier artifact Lost Happiness?"


    Elder Dragon nodded, "I had obtained it in ancient times but it was damaged in a god war. After tens of thousands of years, I managed to repair some of the laws. Even so, its power can be activated. I am willing to consume one use of it to summon a training space to attract Black Castle and Human Race experts over. The final winner can obtain the heir spot and also obtain the Lost Happiness!"

    "Oh my god..."

    Senior Sister Yun was stunned. She didn't expect Elder Dragon to be so generous. If he really wanted everything to be good for Black Castle, things would be so much better.

    "Since that is the case."

    Xuanyuan Yu bowed, "Since Elder is willing to take out such a god treasure, why would I reject this trial? Let's follow Elder's words!"

    "Okay, thank you King of Darkness."

    Elder Dragon nodded and smiled.


    A bell rang in the sky and it didn't disappear. I didn't expect that it would trigger a small server event--


    System Notification: Winter Sun City adventurers please note, Legacy fight event has begun! Quest requirement: Player level 105, rank Master, combat strength more than 25000. Players can register at the east gate and the event will begin at 12! In the end, the top three players will obtain the chance to join the hidden camp and obtain the hidden jobs of Dragon Mage, Undead Cavalry, Spectre Assassin, Darkness God Archer, Chaos Warrior. Apart from that, the top player will obtain the God weapon Lost Happiness!


    He was attacking!

    My heart shook. Black Castle was really going all out, they were going to give three hidden jobs? So I wouldn't be the only one and things would become more competitive.

    With You's chat got busy---

    Lin Xi, "Lu Li, this event has something to do with you right? The hidden jobs are all darkness faction ones."


    I nodded, "I watched as the event rolled out. But this is good for players, but for my faction, it might be a disaster."

    "How so?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    "I am not sure but it is complicated. " I frowned, "Our faction has a strong NPC, but he seems evil..."

    "Bad NPC?"

    Gu Ruyi was stunned, "Don't worry, we will beat him with you!"

    I laughed, "But it isn't so simple. Anyways just join the event. If you are lucky, With You can get another hidden job. Like Shen Mingxuan, do you want to be a Darkness God Archer? Ruyi, do you want to become a Dragon Mage?"

    Gu Ruyi said, "Yes~~~"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I do but I don't know if I can survive to the end~~"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Anyways prepare tomorrow and remember to register!"

    "I will right away."



    I exited the hall.

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    The path was really quiet and Undead Cavalry walked around with their swords. Senior Sister Yun and I looked at the dusk and we both felt complicated.

    "It seems like Elder Dragon is really going to use Lost Happiness." Senior Sister said.

    "What is Lost Happiness?" I asked.

    "A space treasure." She said, "I don't know much too but I heard of it. I know that it can create space and once used, it is not something humans can deal with."

    "Can it craft a world like ours?" I asked.


    She laughed, "We are in a material world with all beings. But the Lost Happiness world is different. Even if it is a god weapon, it is just made from souls and spirits, it can't really create a world."

    I nodded, "So."

    "Junior Brother. "

    She looked at me, "You have to join in. I don't hope that you get any other position but first. You have to get the Lost Happiness back! With this artifact, it would really help your future."

    "En, understood~~~"

    I smiled, "Don't worry, I will try my best. I will go prepare."



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    After sending Senior Sister back, I used the City Return Scroll and headed to Winter Sun City!


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