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RSSGSS - Chapter 118 - What About Super Guilds?

"Forty sets?!"

"What?! Zero Wing has forty of such Mana Equipment Sets?!"

"I must be dreaming! Even the Five Great Super Guilds will have trouble getting ten of such sets, let alone forty!"

Everyone couldn't help but doubt their ears when they heard Shi Feng's words.

Mana Equipment Sets capable of surpassing eight-piece Epic Equipment Sets in combat performance were unbelievably rare even on the main continent, let alone the Miniature Ancient World. If a Guild could acquire even ten of such sets, it'd be nigh-unstoppable in the current Miniature Ancient World. They couldn't even imagine what they could achieve if they had forty of such Mana Equipment Sets.

At this time, even Zhuo Yalin, who supported partnering with Zero Wing, couldn't help but think that Shi Feng was joking with them. Although she knew that Shi Feng must've come prepared, the promise he just made simply sounded too exaggerated to be true.

If any of the current powers could get their hands on so many Mana Equipment Sets, it'd be a devastating force in the Miniature Ancient World. It could probably even exchange blows with the Five Great Super Guilds if it weren't afraid of the repercussions.

Meanwhile, after taking a deep breath, Crimson Seal looked at Shi Feng with a serious expression and said, "Mr. Black Flame, if what you say is true, then Mysterious Moon will be willing to partner with Zero Wing to secure the Darkmoon Outpost!"

Crimson Seal's sudden change in attitude stunned many of the Mysterious Moon members present.

Of course, everyone could also understand his reaction.

There was probably no power in God's Domain that could turn down the opportunity to gain forty of such heaven-defying Mana Equipment Sets.

"Don't be in such a hurry to make promises, Vice Guild Leader Seal. I still haven't finished speaking," Shi Feng said with a light smile. He wasn't at all surprised by Crimson Seal's sudden change in attitude. "Although I have talked about the partnership with Miss Nightingale, Zero Wing will not be providing these Mana Equipment Sets for free."

"That is only natural," Crimson Seal said, nodding.

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There'd have to be something seriously wrong with the brains of Zero Wing's leadership if the Guild provided the forty Mana Equipment Sets for free.

It should be known that if any power in Hundred Flow City managed to acquire these forty sets right now, it'd become Hundred Flow City's overlord immediately. With these forty sets as a bargaining chip, Zero Wing could also talk with any of the other first-rate Guilds in Hundred Flow City and get a good deal. Zero Wing had no obligation to partner with Mysterious Moon at all.

After saying so, Crimson Seal couldn't help but glance at Zhuo Yalin, who was still in a daze, his evaluation of the girl increasing significantly. Then, he said, "Nightingale is the person in charge of Mysterious Moon's affairs in the Miniature Ancient World. She can represent Mysterious Moon on all matters here. If you have any conditions to make, feel free to state them to Nightingale, Mr. Black Flame."

Crimson Seal wasn't a fool. He naturally noticed the hint in Shi Feng's words. Mysterious Moon only had the opportunity to partner with Zero Wing now because of Zhuo Yalin. Without her, there'd be no foundation for their two Guilds to negotiate partnership on. Thus, it was only right that he let her handle negotiations with Zero Wing.

The other Mysterious Moon members present also nodded in agreement with Crimson Seal's words, and this situation caused Zhuo Yalin to look at Shi Feng gratefully. Because of a few simple words from Shi Feng, her position in Mysterious Moon had changed completely. Now, she was finally Mysterious Moon's person-in-charge in the Miniature Ancient World.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng also inwardly sighed in relief when he saw this situation. After reaching this point, he could finally begin carrying out his plans. Immediately, he looked toward Zhuo Yalin and said, "Miss Nightingale, since Mysterious Moon has already agreed to the partnership, I can offer Mysterious Moon two methods of acquiring these forty Mana Equipment Sets.

"In the first method, Zero Wing will rent these sets to Mysterious Moon at a rate of 200 Gold and 1,000 Magic Crystals per set per day. In the second method, Zero Wing will sell these sets to Mysterious Moon for 4,000 Gold and 10,000 Magic Crystals per set.

"Zero Wing will only accept one-time payments for both these methods. In addition, after we secure the Darkmoon Outpost, Mysterious Moon must give Zero Wing three of the six Shops in the Outpost. Of them, one must be the Large Shop. Mysterious Moon must also give Zero Wing half of the Darkmoon Outpost's total revenue."

When Shi Feng finished speaking, Su Qianliu, who stood beside him, frowned slightly. Then, she asked in a whisper, "Are you really going to sell them these sets, Guild Leader?"

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Although the Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Sets were slightly inferior to the sets looted from the Primordial Demon Court, they were still heaven-defying equipment in the current state of the Miniature Ancient World.

She could understand it if Shi Feng chose to rent these sets to Mysterious Moon. After all, Zero Wing didn't even have the necessary Refinement Realm experts to take advantage of these sets' full potential. However, she couldn't help but be confused by Shi Feng's offer to sell these sets.

If these forty sets were used on Zero Wing, it could allow Zero Wing to trample over the various powers in Hundred Flow City. There'd be no power in Hundred Flow City that could oppose Zero Wing. However, if Zero Wing sold these sets to Mysterious Moon, Zero Wing would be unnecessarily creating competition for itself in Hundred Flow City.

In reality, Su Qianliu wasn't the only one surprised by Shi Feng's offer. Even Mysterious Moon's members were taken aback. None of them thought that Zero Wing would be selling them these Mana Equipment Sets.

It should be known that every Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Set could be used to produce a Tier 4 combatant. In the current era where players were still far from reaching Tier 4, the value of having forty Tier 4 combatants went without saying.

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing," Shi Feng replied without explaining his decision.

The Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Set might be powerful, but its flaws were also obvious—it had a high upkeep cost. Every durability point consumed required ten Magic Crystals to replenish. Meanwhile, it wasn't strange for the set to lose several, or even over a dozen, durability points after a single battle.

Such expenditure might not be a problem for a first-rate Guild like Mysterious Moon, but it wasn't something the current Zero Wing could afford at all. Not to mention, Zero Wing needed to spend a lot of Coins and Magic Crystals to further its development.

Rather than hold onto a bunch of Mana Equipment Sets that Zero Wing couldn't adequately make use of, it'd be much wiser to convert these sets into Coins and Magic Crystals. He could also pull Mysterious Moon in as an ally for Zero Wing by doing so, killing two birds with one stone.

As soon as Shi Feng finished answering Su Qianliu, Zhuo Yalin promptly said, "Mysterious Moon will choose the second method. We will pay the full amount tomorrow. However, we hope Zero Wing can provide us with the forty sets today. May I know if you can allow that, Mr. Black Flame? After all, there isn't much time left until the competition for the Darkmoon Outpost, and it'd take some time to gather so many Magic Crystals…"

These forty Primordial Mana Equipment Sets were undoubtedly Mysterious Moon's best chance at striking it big in the Miniature Ancient World. She'd be an utter fool not to buy them.

However, an expenditure of 160,000 Gold and 400,000 Magic Crystals was a heavy burden even for Mysterious Moon. It was especially true for the 400,000 Magic Crystals. Mysterious Moon couldn't take out so many Magic Crystals right now even if it wanted to. She'd have to request headquarters to transfer more resources over from the main continent.

"That won't be a problem." Shi Feng nodded.

Afterward, Zhuo Yalin and Shi Feng signed a contract with each other, the contract stating that Shi Feng needed to transfer forty Primordial Mana Equipment Sets to Mysterious Moon by today, while Mysterious Moon needed to pay him 160,000 Gold and 400,000 Magic Crystals by tomorrow.

After signing the contract, Shi Feng took out the forty Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Sets in his bag and handed them to Zhuo Yalin. Then, Zhuo Yalin quickly distributed these sets to the Mysterious Moon members in this room.

A Super Guild, is it? Fighting spirit burned in Zhuo Yalin's eyes when she looked at everyone wearing the Mana Equipment Set. It's about time you learn who's boss!

Ever since the situation in God's Domain had stabilized a few years ago, not a single non-superpower had ever dared to challenge a Super Guild.

However, that was all going to change after today.

Today, Mysterious Moon would become the first non-superpower to challenge a Super Guild after so many years!

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