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ITDO - Chapter 215 - Battle Between the Goddesses

The divine clash between sisters began

The Silver Moon in the sky descended and the black fog on the ground rose up. The Goddesses exerted the full might of their divine power, transforming the area into a sea of divine power that sparkled with black and silver light. The rules of the silver moon and darkness engulfed the area, turning into a symbol of power for the two goddesses.

Louie retreated backward while watching their battle with cold eyes, hoping to learn something from it.

Each strike carried devastating power that could tear the world apart. The ground cracked underfoot like a mirror.

Whenever the Silver Moon Goddess waved the ‘Four Moon Staff’, magic containing power would shoot out. Although these spells could only be nine rings at most, the usage of divine power instead of magic power allowed it to damage the body of a god. Moreover, the Goddess of Night was only a demigod at the moment.

Compared to the Silver Moon Goddess, the Night Goddess’ fighting methods made it harder to keep up. The Night Goddess was closer to an assassin in terms of occupation. Her silhouette flickered and the dark moon in her hand weaved around like a boomerang. From time to time, she would use coarse language to provoke the enemy and cause fluctuations in Selune’s psyche.

The battle between the two Goddesses was quite exciting. It looked like the collision of light and darkness at the beginning of the world, but compared to the power used at that time when they were complete Goddesses, their current battle was small scale.

The divine power of the two collided over and over again, but Louie felt that something was missing. After pondering a bit, he could understand why. Currently, the two goddesses had lost their position as gods, otherwise, they would have used their domains to fight. In the end, they could only fight like Louie after losing all their complex and versatile abilities. The battle had become quite monotonous.

However, this monotony was only from Louie’s perspective. If a mortal or even a legendary rank powerhouse were to witness this, they would probably not last long from the shockwaves caused by their collisions.

However, anyone who witnessed this battle could be considered lucky to be able to watch two goddesses with unparalleled beauty in close physical combat. This kind of opportunity was very rare because gods would not fight each other directly unless necessary. The difficulty in killing each other was simply too high, especially when they only relied on their flesh. Moreover, the two who were fighting were the oldest of Gods.

The Night Goddess was now in a bad state. After several exchanges with the Silver Moon Goddess, she had been beaten back over and over again. She would even make some extra movements from time to time, but there was no effect at all.

Louie guessed that the Night Goddess was trying to use her transcendent powers but couldn’t do so because she was only a demigod. Without being able to use a true God’s ability, her movements and behaviors look a little commercial.

“Since the Elf Queen is the Silver Moon Goddess, she has remained and lived in the main continent for 30,000 years, making her exceptionally familiar with demigod level combat. On the other hand, the Night Goddess had been asleep for the past 30,000 years and was born a God. She simply did not know how to fight as a demigod. The gap in power between the two was that huge.

Louie carefully perceived that the Night Goddess’ divine power was becoming unstable. Compared to the Silver Moon Goddess who was splurging her divine power, she was quite careful at using hers. Although she was a powerful God, she had to have a huge amount of support for her divine power. The speed of her conversion might be fast, but it seemed like there was a limit.

‘The Night Goddess has believers in the main continent, but there’s not many of them.’

Louie was able to instantly guess the reason. Compared to the Silver Moon Goddess backed by around a million elves, the Night Goddess most probably did not even have as many believers as Louie. The reason she was able to persist until now was that she was using her capital, using the barely remaining divine power in her godhood. This was the same as Louie’s first battle.

“Shae, you too have fallen. You can now only pay lip service. I don’t know why you dare speak with such recklessness.”

The Silver Moon Goddess slightly raised her hand and used a nine-ringed spell [imprisonment] with her divine power. The Night Goddess was only a demigod, making it impossible for her to defend against the spell. Her body slowly went numb and seemed to freeze for a moment.

Immediately after a silver-white wheel cut open her veil, revealing her mysterious and charmingly beautiful face, but a scar appeared on her black-jade skin that let out traces of blood.

Because her divine power wasn’t enough, she had to economize in this battle. Coupled with her lack of fighting experience as a demigod, it was not surprising that she would be beaten by the Silver Moon Goddess without fighting back. This was something that had never happened in all of their battles.

The Goddess of Night, Shae, was in a wretched state. Although her occupation was close to an assassin, she was more of a mage. But for anyone with the same set of abilities, the distinction between the two occupations disappeared once they reached the legendary rank, let alone the demigod rank. What was truly scary about demigods and gods was their utilization of divine power. Few people would use lower leveled skills and instead opt to use magic that was more akin to divine magic.

“Shae, what gave you the guts to dare wait for me here. It’s already different from the Era of Disaster. Although I have lost to you in the long past, the last laugh will belong to the winner. From today onwards, our statuses will completely change!”

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Thinking about her own tragic state in the past, the Silver Moon Goddess spoke without restraint and even felt excited.

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She had waited a long time for this moment. She had chosen the thorny road to reverse her decline. This allowed her to obtain an upper hand for the first time ever.

At this moment, the Goddess of Night was a little furious to lose to her sister, causing her mood to go sour. She suddenly shouted into the void, “I have created a chance for you. The Silver Moon Goddess here is her true body. If you can kill her, then her divinity will all be yours. Even if you can’t take all of it, it would be sufficient for you to reach mid-tier divine power!”

With Shae’s words, the Silver Moon Goddess and Louie turned serious as their expressions changed. In an instant, Louie transformed without even thinking. He turned from a human to a dragon so that he could display his full might.

Written by 青之月; Green Moon. Translated by DemonKingOf6thHeaven.