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ITDO - Chapter 214 - The Alluring Body of the Goddess of Night

“Lord Louie, please remain still for now. I don’t know why Shae is so confident, so we must remain aware of our surroundings.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ thoughts were conveyed directly to Louie’s mind. Louie nodded his head and replied in the same way, “Please rest assured Your Highness. Just leave the surroundings to me. In a world where there are no true Gods, I need not fear what moves Shae has.”

There was a reason why Louie suddenly changed his way of addressing the Elf Queen to ‘Your Highness’. These words used the language of the Gods. Among the Gods, there was only a hierarchy of who was stronger and weaker. Those who were stronger were naturally addressed with ‘Your Highness’ by the weaker. So far, there had never been a ‘Your Majesty’ among the Gods.

Louie’s tone was confident and arrogant. As he had said, in a world where True Gods did not exist, and demigods were the strongest, he did not have to feel fear of panic. Even if the Goddess of Morning suddenly descended in the next moment, he would have the power to fight.

The Silver Moon Goddess also understood this logic. This allowed her to focus ahead while leaving the surrounding security to Louie. Now that Louie’s Dragon City needed the help of the elves to become strong, the Silver Moon Goddess did not need to worry about Louie's betrayal.

It hadn’t been long since she came in contact with Louie, but she also understood that he was only interested in becoming the supreme dragon among the dragons.

“Shae, why don’t you come down from your high horse!”

The Silver Moon Goddess shouted and raised her flail, the ‘Four Moon Staff’.

The staff’s neck once again spread out and turned into four moon-like blades. A moon once again appeared in the dark skies.

This place was the throne of the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom ever since its establishment. And this might be the first time it had been invaded by an enemy.

The four crescent moons were sent flying out by the Silver Moon Goddess. At the same time, a ray of moonlight shot down from the skies, following the wheels forward. The black crystal tower was the seat of power of the Goddess of Night. In the era long past, it would have been defended by countless defensive mechanisms, but now none of them remained.

Soundlessly, the silver moon caused the darkness to disappear as the four wheels cut open the doors of the tower. No matter how hard the gates were, they could not withstand a blast of divine power. As the doors broke, it made the divine kingdom look even more ruined.

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Pieces of crystal shards fell from the tower. The tower was worthy of being the throne of the Goddess of Night. Even without any protection, it still wasn't completely destroyed from a demigod’s blow.

However, a deep hole was still created in the end.

Louie stared past the doors and could see nothing but endless darkness. Inside the matchless black, a woman could be faintly seen wandering.


It was an extremely ancient sigh but followed by an endlessly charming voice that carried the weight of history, “Selune, you are still this short-tempered. This is why you lost the fight with me at the beginning of the world. You have fallen from a powerful God to a middle-class one. As the oldest god in the world, you have taken shelter under the newborn Gods, which is really ironic—”

“If the disaster had not arrived, the elves of your faith would have gone extinct and you would have been pulled down from the stars.”

With this voice, Louie finally saw the true appearance of the woman.

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It was an extremely beautiful woman with very little clothing. She was clad in the apparel of beautiful Arabian dancers. The black-colored muslin that covered her body touched the obsidian floor. She was almost entirely naked down to her delicate feet. However, under the cover of that layer of muslin, everything seemed blurry.

Her skin color wasn’t white like the Silver Moon Goddess, but a stunning black jade color that carried unbelievable charm.

It was a unique color that was more like translucent light that emitted a faint shimmer.

The Goddess of Night had a perfectly flawless body. She had curves in the right places and her wasp waist carried a deadly charm. When he raised his head to look at her face, he saw that the Goddess was wearing a veil that made her features look hazy yet beautiful, especially her black eyes that carried a provocative feeling.

Louie looked her in the eyes and felt like he was in a trance —


Louie was startled when the divine power in his godhood surged up. This caused his consciousness to quickly clear up. When he looked into her eyes, he felt like he was about to be converted into becoming her believer. Her seductive charm was different from a succubus, as hers carried an allure that sinks one into darkness.

‘How terrifying. This Goddess’ charm is simply unbelievable. I’m afraid that the countless people who kneeled in front of her believe in that mystery and nothingness.’

Thanks to his divine power, Louie was finally able to resist the Goddess’s charm and able to look her in the eyes. On the other hand, Louie’s instincts as a dragon caused him to endlessly praise her beauty. Being able to look at the Goddess like this was a great opportunity that would never come again for a long time. If he did not take advantage of the moment to burn her image in his mind, it would be a huge loss.

However, compared to the beauty of the Goddess of Night, Louie was more focused on her power.

Louie could sense that the Goddess was at the very moment — very weak. Although she had divine power and could be called a demigod, Louie was sure that even he could defeat her.

“Incarnation? So that’s how it is. The Gods would awaken gradually. You won’t wake up in your own bodies but can only appear in the forms of incarnations. Perhaps that incarnation would not even be able to operate for long in the main continent.”

The Silver Moon Goddess had a much richer knowledge about the Gods. She was able to see through the true form of the Goddess of Night in an instant.

“You dare appear in front of me with just an incarnation? It seems thirty thousand years had already caused some problems with your brain. Let me destroy your incarnation and make you lose everything you ever had!”

The Silver Moon Goddess raised her flail and charged in as she prepared to smash the Goddess of Night.

On the other hand, the Goddess of Night was not willing to show any weakness and took out her weapon. The weapon looked the same as the weapon in the Silver Moon Goddess’ hand. The only difference was that it was pure black.

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