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RSSGSS - Chapter 117 - Extraordinary Foundations

"How is this possible?! Could she have reached Tier 4 already?"

"She's only at Level 106 right now, so there's no way she is at Tier 4. It is probably because of her weapon and equipment."

"That can't be possible, right? It would take at least a Fragmented Legendary item for her to have such powerful Mana and aura. But her staff is giving off an Epic ranked glow, while her equipment is giving off a Dark-Gold ranked glow. There's not even one Fragmented Legendary item on her."

Mysterious Moon's members felt as if they were standing in the presence of a Mythic monster right now, and they couldn't help but grow confused by this situation.

Tier 4 strength!

This was the greatest combat power players could muster in the current Miniature Ancient World. Even the various superpowers' apex experts were only at this level.

However, the various superpowers' apex experts could only acquire such strength because they had the help of Hall of Fame-level Epic Equipment Sets in addition to their extraordinary combat techniques. Even then, only the raw power of their attacks would reach the Tier 4 standard. The standard of their Mana would still be at Tier 3.

It should be known that Su Qianliu was only at the Flowing Water Realm. Some of the Mysterious Moon experts present were even superior to her when it came to combat standards, let alone the various superpowers' apex experts.

Yet, even without entering combat, Su Qianliu already possessed strength and Mana at the Tier 4 standard. In other words, Su Qianliu possessed the true might of a Tier 4 player.

If Su Qianliu were to enter combat and use Skills, Spells, and combat techniques, she could unleash even greater strength.

If it came down to a fight, even Crimson Seal wouldn't necessarily match Su Qianliu.

At this moment, let alone Mysterious Moon's other members, even Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue, who were relatively familiar with Zero Wing's members, couldn't help but be shocked.

Is this what Zero Wing is capable of?

Lin Yaoyue's eyes burned with a passionate flame as she scrutinized Su Qianliu. Although she had previously learned from Shi Feng that Zero Wing was an extraordinary existence in the world it came from, she felt that as an Outerworld power, the things it could do here should be incredibly limited.

She felt that she could, at most, acquire some Legacies and combat techniques from Zero Wing, which could, in turn, pave a smoother path for her in the future. If she relied solely on Zero Wing, it'd be impossible for her to become an expert that even the various superpowers feared.

However, she no longer felt that way now!

After the Thousand Flow adventurer team joined Zero Wing, Lin Yaoyue had conducted an investigation into Su Qianliu. According to her investigation, while Su Qianliu was indeed a Tier 4 expert in the Black Dragon Empire, she was only at the Flowing Water Realm standard. She might be able to get into the upper echelons of a first-rate Guild with such standards, but she definitely couldn't become one of the leading executives.

Yet, after joining Zero Wing for a few days, Su Qianliu had gained strength so overwhelming that even Crimson Seal had to fear her!

"How many people with such strength do you think World Dominators has, Vice Guild Leader Seal?" Shi Feng smiled as he looked at Crimson Seal. "Ten? Twenty? Or is it thirty?"

After Su Qianliu returned to Hundred Flow City, Shi Feng had passed the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique to her. In addition, he had also given her a drop of Ancient God's Blood, upgrading her Mana Body to the Gold rank. After combining these factors with the Primordial Mana Equipment Set acquired from the Ancient Demon Court, Su Qianliu's Basic Attributes and Mana were now extremely close to reaching the Tier 4 standard. The only thing she was missing now was a Tier 4 physique and Tier 4 Spells.

"There shouldn't be more than ten," Crimson Seal said after giving Shi Feng's question some thought.

If World Dominators invested all of its available resources and manpower into the Miniature Ancient World, it might be capable of producing 30 Tier 4 combatants.

However, if they were only talking about Hundred Flow City's side, World Dominators probably couldn't even muster five Tier 4 combatants, let alone thirty.

World Dominators might not have trouble getting their hands on Hall of Fame-level Epic Equipment Sets, but it was a different story for Epic Weapons that rivaled Fragmented Legendary Weapons. Even with World Dominators' influence, it could, at most, acquire 30 of such weapons. This was because Epic Weapons of such caliber were even rarer than the average Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

In addition to items, players also needed to be at the Domain Realm to achieve Tier 4 combat power.

In God's Domain, Domain Realm experts were incredibly rare even in the Five Great Super Guilds, let alone World Dominators. Every one of these experts was a core executive in the Guild.

Currently, out of World Dominators's members in Hundred Flow City, only Zuo Tiankuang and his two vice commanders were likely to have Tier 4 combat power. The likelihood of anyone else having such combat power was incredibly low.

"What about experts with combat power close to reaching the Tier 4 standard?" Shi Feng asked.

"There shouldn't be more than 20," Crimson Seal answered definitively.

Although the requirements for achieving combat power close to the Tier 4 standard weren't as strict, players still needed to be at the Void Realm standard at the very least. While Void Realm experts weren't as rare as Domain Realm experts, they were still relatively rare. Typically, they could be seen working as legion vice commanders in the various Super Guilds.

With there being only three legions in Hundred Flow City, there was no way World Dominators could have more than 20 players with combat power nearing the Tier 4 standard based here.

"Less than 20?" After scanning the crowd before him, Shi Feng said, "If Mysterious Moon agrees to partner with Zero Wing, Zero Wing will let everyone here gain strength close to the Tier 4 standard. Will that be enough strength to fight against World Dominators now?"

"What did he say?"

"How is that possible?!"

Mysterious Moon's members couldn't help but feel that Shi Feng was joking with them when they heard his words.

Although achieving strength nearing the Tier 4 standard wasn't as challenging as achieving strength at the Tier 4 standard, it still wasn't something that could be achieved easily. Not to mention, most of the people present were only at the Refinement Realm standard. Trying to achieve such combat power was nothing but a pipe dream for them.

The only feasible way Shi Feng could accomplish such a feat was if he gave everyone here a Fragmented Legendary item each. However, that evidently wouldn't be possible.

Even on the main continent, Super Guilds would have great difficulty taking out 40 Fragmented Legendary items on the spot. Needless to say, the difficulty of doing so in the Miniature Ancient World was exponentially greater.

In response to everyone's doubtful gazes, Shi Feng took out one of the Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Sets in his bag and put it on the conference table. Then, he said, "Won't you find out if I'm telling the truth or not if you take a look?"

Everyone quickly started inspecting the Primordial Mana Equipment Set's effects upon hearing Shi Feng's words.

"A Mana Equipment Set?"

"The eight-piece set effect improves physique by 40%?! Isn't this set effect insane?!"

"No! What's truly amazing about this set is the Mana! The Basic Attributes the set provides might be inferior to eight-piece Epic Sets, but the boost it gives toward Mana is simply absurd! It practically doubles the power of all Skills and Spells!"

Everyone couldn't help but gasp when they saw the Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Set's statistics.

Although this standardized set couldn't provide players with Tier 4 Basic Attributes, the improvements it could provide in actual combat were simply ridiculous. With the effects of this set, Tier 3 Skills and Spells used by Tier 3 players would most likely exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard. Moreover, the higher the player's Skill or Spell Completion Rate, the greater the improvements they would see.

For Refinement Realm experts like themselves, if they paired this Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Set with a top-tier Epic Weapon, they could easily hold their ground against a Tier 4 Mythic monster.

No wonder he has such confidence, Crimson Seal thought as he looked at Shi Feng. He finally understood how Su Qianliu managed to gain her current strength.

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"Forty sets!" Shi Feng said, smiling as he extended four fingers to the crowd before him. "If you partner with Zero Wing, Zero Wing will provide you with 40 of these Mana Equipment Sets!"

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