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RSSGSS - Chapter 115 - Confrontation?

Inside a luxurious five-story mansion in Hundred Flow City…

Currently, 40 players who had reached Level 103 were gathered inside the mansion's fifth-floor conference room. All 40 of these players were fully geared in Epic Equipment, and they radiated an aura that would instill fear into an ordinary Tier 3 expert. Some of these players even radiated dense bloodlust, their bodies surrounded by a faint layer of red mist.

"Why did you suddenly gather us here, Nightingale? Did something happen?" the 30-year-old man radiating the densest bloodlust asked as he looked at Zhuo Yalin coldly, his voice showing no respect for her whatsoever. "You should know how important the Crimson Mist Legion's missions are. We do not have time to waste here with you."

The man's unforgiving words caused the Mysterious Moon experts present to fall silent, none of them daring to say a word as they looked at Zhuo Yalin.

The Crimson Mist Legion!

It was the only trump card legion Mysterious Moon possessed, and the legion's commander was Crimson Seal, the grim-looking man speaking to Zhuo Yalin. At the same time, Crimson Seal was also one of Mysterious Moon's Vice Guild Leaders.

Normally, Crimson Seal should've been responsible for overseeing Mysterious Moon's operations in the Miniature Ancient World. However, the Guild Leader had decided to leave this responsibility to Zhuo Yalin to nurture her into one of the Guild's future leaders. Hence, Zhuo Yalin was technically Crimson Seal's superior in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, because of this situation, Crimson Seal ended up having great opinions about Zhuo Yalin. After all, in terms of management capabilities and combat standards, Crimson Seal was still significantly superior to Zhuo Yalin. It was especially true when it came to combat standards.

In Mysterious Moon, Crimson Seal was a Void Realm expert capable of ranking within the top five in the Guild, and he was just half a step away from reaching the Domain Realm. In contrast, Zhuo Yalin was only a Flowing Water Realm expert.

However, Zhuo Yalin had long since gotten used to Crimson Seal's strictness. So, she smiled and said, "Vice Guild Leader Seal, I know the Guild Leader has assigned many missions to you, but I have gathered everyone here today to make an important announcement."

"An important announcement?" With eyes full of disdain, Crimson Seal said, "What do you think can be more important than collecting the tokens for the Twin Lions City's Greyhawk Outpost?"

World Dominators's entry into Hundred Flow City had thoroughly messed up Mysterious Moon's original plans, and this forced Mysterious Moon with no choice but to move their base of operations to the Twin Lions City.

Meanwhile, the competition for the Greyhawk Outpost, the Mana Outpost closest to the Twin Lions City, was already closing. Some of Hundred Flow City's other first-rate Guilds had also moved to the Twin Lions City. Thus, competition for the Greyhawk Outpost was going to be much more intense than the competition for the Darkmoon Outpost.

"The Darkmoon Outpost!" Zhuo Yalin said in a serious tone. "We have already invested a lot into Hundred Flow City. We will incur massive losses if we give up on it now. My intention is for us to follow our original plans and continue competing for the Darkmoon Outpost!"

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As soon as Zhuo Yalin finished speaking, many people in the room couldn't help but gasp and look at her in disbelief.

A Super Guild!

This was a giant mountain that towered above the many first-rate Guilds in God's Domain.

Many people in Mysterious Moon might think that their Guild had no reason to fear a confrontation with a Super Guild, but core members like them know that this was nothing but a delusional fantasy. As core members of the Guild, they knew just how big of a gap there existed between Mysterious Moon and a Super Guild.

"Compete for the Darkmoon Outpost?" Crimson Seal couldn't help but laugh when he heard Zhuo Yalin's words. "Are you telling us to attack World Dominators?"

"That's right." Zhuo Yalin nodded.

"Are you insane, Nightingale?" Crimson Seal abruptly stood up from his seat and glared at Zhuo Yalin. "The Guild Leader might have left you in charge of the Guild's affairs in the Miniature Ancient World, but he did not grant you permission to send the entire Guild to the grave!"

At this moment, other than Lin Yaoyue, who sat beside Zhuo Yalin, everyone else in the room couldn't help but deeply agree with Crimson Seal.

"That's right! While I understand you find it difficult to accept losing the investments we have made in Hundred Flow City, you can't joke around using the Guild's future, Vice Commander Nightingale."

"World Dominators might not have sent many people to Hundred Flow City, but their experts still outnumber us by a large margin. We will only be seeking our own deaths by competing with World Dominators."

"Based on our findings, World Dominators has dispatched three legions to Hundred Flow City this time. Of them, there is even a trump card legion led by World Dominators's Vice Guild Leader Zuo Tiankuang. You are aware of how powerful World Dominators's trump card legions are, right, Vice Commander Nightingale? Of each legion's 1,000 members, even the weakest among them is at the Half-step Refinement Realm, and many among them are at the Refinement Realm. The team leaders in the legion are also at the Refinement Realm's peak at the very least. With our forces, how can we even hope to compete with World Dominators?"

For second-rate Guilds and below, they would only know that Super Guilds were existences that shouldn't be offended. However, they were unaware of how powerful a Super Guild was exactly.

A Half-step Refinement Realm expert that would be treated as an integral member of a first-rate Guild would be nothing but the weakest member in a Super Guild's 1,000-man trump card legions. Even in a Super Guild's normal 1,000-man legions, a Half-step Refinement Realm expert could, at most, become a team leader, while the normal members of the legion were first-rate experts at the very least.

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Meanwhile, World Dominators had dispatched two normal legions and one trump card legion to Hundred Flow City. Faced against such a force, it wouldn't matter even if every first-rate Guild in Hundred Flow City banded together. They still wouldn't be able to go against these three legions from World Dominators.


This was the difference between a first-rate Guild and a Super Guild. The two were standing on entirely different levels.

"I understand your concerns," Zhuo Yalin said patiently after hearing everyone's objections. "Which is why Mysterious Moon wouldn't be the only one competing for the Darkmoon Outpost this time. Zero Wing will also be assisting us!"

"Zero Wing?" Upon hearing Zhuo Yalin's words, everyone quickly thought of something. "Is it the Guild established in Hundred Flow City by that Outerworld God-ranked expert?"

Although Zero Wing's existence remained a secret in Mysterious Moon, everyone present was a core expert of the Guild. So, they had more or less heard about Zero Wing and its origins. While Mysterious Moon had thought of partnering with Zero Wing previously, the demands of Zero Wing's Guild Leader Black Flame were simply far too much for Mysterious Moon to accept.

Currently, though, Zero Wing was nothing but an empty shell of a Guild. The only noteworthy expert in Zero Wing was Black Flame. As for the Thousand Flow adventurer team that had joined the Guild, it was nothing but an insignificant existence.

Meanwhile, Crimson Seal sat down again and sneered, saying, "Nightingale, Zero Wing might have a God-ranked expert, but the Darkmoon Outpost's problem isn't something just one God-ranked expert can resolve."

At this moment, even Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but be confused by Zhuo Yalin's decision, let alone Crimson Seal. While Black Flame was indeed powerful, with Zero Wing in its current state, there was very little the Guild could do in the Miniature Ancient World, much less clash against a Super Guild in a direct confrontation.

However, before Zhuo Yalin could offer a response, a knocking sound suddenly came from the door. Then, the person outside the conference room loudly reported:

"Vice Commander Nightingale, Black Flame and his companion have arrived at the mansion's entrance. Should I let them in?"

"Invite them in."

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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