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RSSGSS - Chapter 114 - Zero Wing's Strength

Zhuo Yalin was both shocked and frightened by Shi Feng's suggestion.

This was a Super Guild they were talking about!

Even if World Dominators wasn't one of the Five Great Super Guilds, it was still a veteran Super Guild that had been publicly acknowledged as such since God's Domain's launch.

Although one could often see top-tier first-rate Guilds behaving fearlessly against a Super Guild, that was only on the surface. However, it was a completely different story when it came to attacking a Super Guild. Zhuo Yalin would be lying if she said she wasn't frightened by Shi Feng's suggestion.

As an executive of a first-rate Guild, Zhuo Yalin possessed a much greater understanding of Super Guilds than second- and third-rate Guilds in God's Domain. Or, more specifically, the stronger a power was in God's Domain, the more afraid they would be of Super Guilds. This was because Super Guilds were nowhere close to being as simple as they seemed on the surface.

Otherwise, instances of non-superpowers going up against Super Guilds and coming out on top wouldn't be regarded as legends.

"Are you not interested in the Darkmoon Outpost, Miss Nightingale?" Shi Feng asked with a smile.

"Of course not," Zhuo Yalin denied, shaking her head.

Once ahead, always ahead.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Mana Outposts located close to NPC Cities were the most important economic resource for a power during the early stages of the Miniature Ancient World.

If a power failed to secure a Mana Outpost on this first round, even if it secured an Outpost a month later, the Coins and resources it could earn through the Outpost would be significantly lower than the income the Outpost generated on the first month. Not to mention, the difficulty of snatching an Outpost would rise exponentially after the first competition. After all, the powers that had occupied the Mana Outposts in the first month would've utilized the Outposts to generate a massive income, which, in turn, could be used to boost their development in the Miniature Ancient World.

Currently, what mattered the most to the various powers of God's Domain wasn't the resources available in the Miniature Ancient World. Instead, what mattered most to the various powers was to cross the Boundary River and reach the neutral zone as soon as possible. This was because whoever managed to take control of the neutral zone would become the leading force of the two God's Domains in the future.

Hence, the various powers were seeking to get their players to Level 120 and enter the neutral zone to make preparations to control it as soon as possible.

After taking a deep breath, Zhuo Yalin said, "World Dominators is a Super Guild. Even if only a portion of its members is in Hundred Flow City, it still isn't an opponent we can go up against. After all, aside from its own members, World Dominators still has many affiliated powers. Just in Hundred Flow City alone, there is one first-rate Guild and three second-rate Guilds affiliated to World Dominators. The number of first-rate experts World Dominators has far surpasses ours…"

Aside from having many powerful experts, Super Guilds also had many affiliated powers working for them. Otherwise, there was no way a Super Guild could control the massive territory they occupied.

Not to mention, they were currently in the early stages of the Miniature Ancient World. While the quality of experts still mattered to a certain extent, quantity played a much more important role now that everyone was at Tier 3. Meanwhile, World Dominators had an overwhelming advantage over Mysterious Moon when it came to the quantity of experts they possessed.

Even if Mysterious Moon had a Tier 6 God-ranked expert on its side, it still couldn't go against World Dominators.

The competition for the Darkmoon Outpost wasn't a simple clash between players.

Firstly, there were the Darkmoon Tokens needed to participate in the actual competition. The maps the Darkmoon Tokens dropped at were massive, and Tier 3 players would need around eight hours just to run from one side to another. Even if Shi Feng decided to go after World Dominators's players, he wouldn't be able to kill many of them. Thus, World Dominators could still collect a large number of tokens before the competition began.

Secondly, the actual competition for the Outpost involved players killing monsters for resources and occupying resource nodes. Even if Shi Feng was powerful, there was a limit to what a single player could do.

If Mysterious Moon went along with Shi Feng's plans and attacked World Dominators, not only would World Dominators still secure the Darkmoon Outpost, but Mysterious Moon would also end up having to suffer World Dominators's retaliation afterward.

"I know. If we are only talking about first-rate experts, Mysterious Moon naturally cannot beat World Dominators," Shi Feng said, nodding. "But what if Mysterious Moon has more experts with Tier 4 combat power than World Dominators?"

"Mysterious Moon having more Tier 4 combatants than World Dominators? Impossible," Zhuo Yalin said as she looked at Shi Feng in confusion.

While Mysterious Moon had indeed dispatched a large number of experts to garrison Hundred Flow City, there were only three experts with Tier 4 combat power. Moreover, that was only because they had combat standards at the Flowing Water Realm and were geared with top-tier Epic Weapons that were close to rivaling Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Hall of Fame-level Epic Equipment Sets.

Compared to World Dominators, the number of Tier 4 combatants Mysterious Moon possessed was nothing. Setting aside World Dominators's affiliated powers, just World Dominators itself probably had more than a dozen Tier 4 combatants in Hundred Flow City.

After all, Hall of Fame-level Equipment Sets might be difficult to acquire for first-rate Guilds, but crafting such sets would be no difficulty for World Dominators, a Guild with plenty of Master and Grandmaster Lifestyle Players. It was even possible that every Flowing Water Realm expert or above in World Dominators was geared with such a set. Although Epic Weapons that rivaled Fragmented Legendary Weapons might be rarer, these experts could simply make up the gap with their combat standards.

"Of course it wouldn't be possible if we rely only on your Guild. However, it is a different story if you have Zero Wing's assistance," Shi Feng said. However, instead of explaining his plans, he asked, "How many Refinement Realm experts does Mysterious Moon have right now?"

"There are 34 in Hundred Flow City and a few more in other NPC Cities. I should be able to gather 40 within a short period," Zhuo Yalin said, not bothering to withhold this information. It wasn't difficult for a first-rate power to find out how many Refinement Realm experts other first-rate powers had sent into the Miniature Ancient World, so there was no point in keeping this a secret from Shi Feng.

Forty? Shi Feng was a little surprised.

He had to admit that Mysterious Moon indeed deserved to be regarded as a top-tier first-rate Guild. The number of experts Mysterious Moon had dispatched to the Miniature Ancient World was only a small portion of its members. After all, the Guild's main operations remained on the main continent. Yet, Mysterious Moon still had 40 Refinement Realm experts in the Miniature Ancient World.

In other words, Mysterious Moon should have at least 200 Refinement Realm experts in total…

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That was an overwhelming difference compared to second- and third-rate Guilds with no Refinement Realm experts.

Seeing a lack of response from Shi Feng, Zhuo Yalin said, "This is already the limit. Although I can ask headquarters to send more people, it is a huge risk. Moreover…"

If they had a real chance at securing the Darkmoon Outpost, she could certainly try to persuade her superiors to send more experts into the Miniature Ancient World. However, the consequences of failure were not something Mysterious Moon could afford to bear.

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"No need. This many is enough. Now, it just depends on whether Mysterious Moon decides to go along with this partnership or not," Shi Feng calmly said. "If your side doesn't have any problems, you can have these Refinement Realm experts gather in Hundred Flow City. Zero Wing will help you secure the Darkmoon Outpost!"

Despite Shi Feng's calm words, Zhuo Yalin still couldn't help but grow anxious. However, when she thought about how these words came from a power capable of sending a Tier 6 God-ranked expert into the Miniature Ancient World, she felt that Zero Wing must have its reasons for being so confident. So, after pondering for a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, "Okay. I'll contact them right away."

Afterward, Zhuo Yalin hung up the call and began contacting the Guild's core experts.

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