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ITDO - Chapter 211 - Silver Moon Goddess

For a moment Louie fell under the elf queen’s spell. Wielding her imposing weapon, she danced through the air with exquisite grace and elegance, and she lacked any of the violent and fierce aura that the beastmen had.

As she moved, her body emitted the potent divine power of the silver moon. In this divine kingdom shrouded by darkness, the crescent moon seemed to rise in the empty sky. Seeing this the monster seemed to enter an even greater frenzy, and it lunged towards the queen with greater desperation.

In response, the queen smashed the head of the morningstar into its body.

As the spiky ball sank into the willowy figure, it began to transform once more. Light coalesced around it and the sphere turned into four curved blades.

The four of them spouted out from the monster’s body, fixing it in place. The queen did not panic and followed up with a spell, shouting, “[Prismatic Spray]”.

The rainbow light and the light of the silver moon overlapped, turning the world into a brilliant color like fireworks. The colorful lights sprayed out as the monster let out miserable screams. It’s entire body was completely obliterated by the spell.

The flail suddenly turned back into a staff. In the end, the queen was no warrior, just an incredibly unique mage.

Louie was stunned.

The way the queen used the seven-ring spell [Prismatic Spray] was completely different from other mages. She released the magic with divine power. Although the spell looked the same, it released two different types of energy that gave it a qualitative boost.

As a divine creature, it was supposed to have a high resistance to magic, but with the assistance of divine power, the monster’s resistance was invalidated and was wiped out by this seven-ringed spell.

However, Louie knew the reason why she was able to destroy the monster so quickly wasn’t because of the spell, but because of the divine power and the weapon in her hands.

It was a divine weapon. It wasn’t a lesser divine weapon that could be mass-produced, but a genuine divine weapon that required effort and dedication on part of any God. It was one of the strongest weapons in the world of San Soliel, and its silver appearance and energy fluctuations made it clear that it was the weapon of the Silver Moon Goddess!

The goddess’ weapon was enhanced with the divine power of the silver moon. Although the power emitted by the Elf Queen had a qualitative gap compared with true Gods, she could still become the strongest among the demigods.

‘I might not be able to beat that.’

Louie sucked in the cold air. A bunch of thoughts flashed through his head. After making various comparisons, he came to the conclusion that he could not beat the queen, but as long as he wasn’t trapped, the queen would not be able to do anything to him.

But then Louie thought about it again. The queen had already lived for tens of thousands of years while he had only lived for thirty years including his past life. So there wasn’t any reason for him to feel depressed.

While Louie’s thoughts were flying everywhere, the dead divine creature turned to ashes, leaving behind the divinity of darkness.

“Divinity is the symbol of the immortality of the Gods. As long as no external force influences it, it will never decay. Even after 30,000 years, the divinity here hasn’t changed at all.”

The elf queen explained to Louie. Stretching her hand she beckoned the clump of divinity to approach her. There was some resistance, but it eventually settled in her palm, docile.

“This divine creature should be Shae’s warrior. In the past, only the most loyal believers and strongest warriors have been bestowed with divinity. Although Shae had not yet fallen 30,000 years ago, the divinity of the kingdom was hardly different. The immortal properties of divinity still remained, but because of the disappearance of the Gods, the warriors have lost their minds and turned into monsters.

A God’s divinity was not endless. The stronger Gods had more while the weaker ones had less. To make more divinity, Gods would have to spend at least a hundred years of time. So they would not simply give away their divinities unless they had abundant quantities of it. Moreover, only a select few were qualified to receive it.

The more ancient a God was, the more divinity they had. Normally, powerful warriors were the ones bestowed with divinity. This would cause their abilities and power to improve greatly. Moreover, if the one who received divinity was a legendary rank powerhouse, then there was a greater chance of them becoming a demigod if they had enough talent.

Louie stared at the divinity in the queen’s hand. Divinity was something that he lacked the most at the moment. Right now, he was only a partial divine creature and became closer to one due to his godhood. Once he collected enough divinity, he could then ignite the divine fire.

There was absolutely no such thing as too much divinity. A lot of divinity was required to become a true God. There were two main ways to do it: by cultivation or by stealing.

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Demigods were also able to cultivate divinity, but this method would only create weak divine power. It would take at least a thousand years to obtain a substantial amount. Louie could not wait for a thousand years, so stealing was the best method for him.

‘Unfortunately, this divinity was not earned by me.’

Louie felt a bit regretful. If he knew that it would drop divinity, he would have taken down the monster. Louie did not try to become cheeky because for the elf queen, having more divinity was also better.

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As if sensing Louie’s passionate gaze, the queen seemed to be amused and tossed the divinity in front of Louie without a second thought.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Louie frowned. He did not gladly take the divinity floating in front of him but asked with doubt.

“I can see that you want it eagerly. This is different from the confidence and indifference that you’ve shown before. This divinity has Shae’s will, but it’s very weak. You only need to destroy the will and the divinity will belong to you. If you don’t know how to do it, I can also help you destroy Shae’s will.”

The queen’s voice was calm and elegant. She wasn’t arrogant because of her power and still spoke with enough respect in the face of Louie.

“This divinity should also be important to you, right? Is it really good to just give it to me?”

Louie was hesitant and even thought that there might be a catch.

“For me, this divinity is not that useful, but for you, it is very important.”

‘Not useful? How could it not be useful? Even a weak divinity should be important to demigods. How could one actually say that it was not useful?’

‘Does the queen have too much divinity, or is it because she had no intentions to become a god so she did not need to collect any?’

‘The first one sounds impossible. Where did she get so much divinity? Has she killed a god?’

‘The second one also sounds impossible. Even a devout believer would choose to become one. She could even be subordinate to the Silver Moon Goddess!’

‘Wait a minute, did she just directly use the Goddess of Night’s name? This is the real name of the Goddess of Night, right? Hey, hey, hey, anyone with basic knowledge about the Gods should know to never call a God’s name. That is simply extremely dangerous behavior.’

At this moment, Louie felt as if he had guessed the true identity of the elf, but he was not fully certain of it.

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