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RSSGSS - Chapter 112 - Primordial Workshop

An Advanced Workshop?

Shi Feng couldn't help but be surprised when he saw the system notification.

Shi Feng was no stranger to Workshops. Once a Guild City reached the Main City rank, players could construct a Workshop in the city simply by spending Coins and Magic Crystals.

Meanwhile, exactly as its name suggested, the Workshop was a place for the various Lifestyle classes to conduct their work. At the same time, it also possessed some of the Lifestyle Association's functions, such as issuing NPC commissions and trade offers. Not only could Lifestyle Players acquire rare resources through the Workshop, but they also had a certain chance to acquire designs and recipes from NPCs, thereby increasing their Lifestyle standards.

In addition, the Workshop would also sell materials needed by the various Lifestyle classes for crafting basic items. Sometimes, it would even sell rare materials cheaply.

However, while acquiring a Basic Workshop might be a straightforward process, acquiring an Advanced Workshop was a whole other story.

The Advanced Workshop was no longer something players could unlock simply by spending Coins and Magic Crystals. Instead, players needed to acquire the construction design for it.

Meanwhile, an Advanced Workshop was a qualitative leap from a Basic Workshop.

In the case of a Basic Workshop, it would, at most, have Basic, Advanced, and Special Workrooms. Although these workrooms could help increase players' production success rate, the increase was limited and would not exceed 10%.

However, it was an entirely different story for an Advanced Workshop. Even the most inferior workroom in an Advanced Workshop would be at the Special rank. Other than Special Workrooms, there were also Magic Workrooms that could increase players' production rate by 25%.

In God's Domain, many Master and Grandmaster Lifestyle Players would often defect to another power just so that they could have the privilege of using a Magic Workroom.

If news got out that the Abyssal Star Primordial City had unlocked an Advanced Workshop, the various superpowers would definitely lose their minds. After all, this was an Advanced Workshop inside the Miniature Ancient World.

"Unlock it!" Shi Feng chose to unlock the Advanced Workshop without hesitation.

Previously, he had already stocked up 100,000 Magic Crystals in Abyssal Star City. Although spending 20,000 Magic Crystals so quickly hurt his heart, it was a small price to pay for an Advanced Workshop.

Now that there was an Advanced Workshop in Abyssal Star City, it meant that Zero Wing would have no problem attracting Lifestyle Players to join.

The importance of Lifestyle Players was no less than combat players. This was because a considerable portion of God's Domain's Epic Weapons and Equipment came from the hands of Lifestyle Players. Some Lifestyle Players were even capable of crafting Fragmented Legendary items.

Moreover, compared to items obtained from loot, items created by players were a much better fit for players. It was especially true for Epic and Fragmented Legendary items. This was because items of such rank were typically made to fit the players who would use them.

Meanwhile, because these items were made to fit the user, the players using these custom-made items could exhibit close to 100% of these items' potential. In comparison, an ordinary expert would, at most, be able to exhibit 70% of a looted item's potential, while peak experts could exhibit only 90%.

In addition, when using a looted item, players would have to adapt their combat style to the item's characteristics instead of the other way around. Depending on how much change players had to make, it might lead to a further reduction in strength.

Hence, all experts at the Void Realm standard or above would almost always use custom-made items. It didn't matter even if acquiring these items cost them ten times more than what they would normally have to pay for an item of the same quality. The only times when experts of such caliber would use looted items were when the items in question possessed incredible Basic Attributes or effects.

Because of this, almost every Master and Grandmaster Lifestyle Players in God's Domain had a waiting list of several years. Moreover, if one was making a commission with a Lifestyle Player who wasn't affiliated to one's Guild, one would typically have to pay a much greater price for custom-made items.

However, now that Zero Wing had an Advanced Workshop, Zero Wing's members would no longer have to worry about custom-made weapons and equipment in the future.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng chose to unlock the Abyssal Star Advanced Workshop, a rather dilapidated five-story building along the city's main street suddenly took on a new and vibrant look.

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Why does this Advanced Workshop occupy such a big area?

Shi Feng was a little surprised when he looked at the five-story Workshop. The Workshop's building matched the size of a sports stadium, and it was nearly twice as big as the Advanced Workshops Shi Feng had seen before.

However, Shi Feng didn't put too much thought into the matter. Immediately, he walked into the Workshop to inspect it.

It seems I have really underestimated the Abyssal Star Primordial City. With its abilities, it can probably rank among the top three even within the Second Sequence.

After Shi Feng was done inspecting the Abyssal Star Advanced Workshop, he couldn't help but take in a deep breath as he tried to calm his restless heart.

If he were to describe the city's primordial tower as a holy land for players to develop their control over Mana, then the Abyssal Star Advanced Workshop would be a holy land for Lifestyle Players.

Not only did the Abyssal Star Advanced Workshop have 400 Special Workrooms, but it even had 60 Magic Workrooms. These numbers were more than double that of the average Advanced Workshop.

In addition, the Abyssal Star Advanced Workshop also had nine incredibly special rooms that could be described as miniature worlds. Meanwhile, these workrooms were named the Sage's Room.

In these nine Sage's Rooms, players could simulate the production process of an item simply by spending some Magic Crystals. Without wasting precious materials, players could familiarize themselves with an item's production process, thereby increasing their production success rate. For Master and Grandmaster Lifestyle Players seeking to produce Epic and Fragmented Legendary items, the function of these Sage's Rooms was something they dreamed of having.

After all, the materials needed to produce Epic and Fragmented Legendary items were incredibly precious. Even the Five Great Super Guilds wouldn't dare let their Lifestyle Players practice with these materials. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Sage's Room's simulation function was priceless.

Moreover, this simulation function wasn't everything the Sage's Room had to offer. The Sage's Room still had one more function, and it was even more amazing than the simulation function.

Legacy Guidance!


Legacy Guidance for Lifestyle Players!

In an era where almost all Lifestyle Legacies had vanished from God's Domain, the Sage's Room's ability to offer Legacy Guidances was utterly unimaginable.

However, it wasn't completely accurate to say that the Sage's Room provided players with Legacy Guidances. Rather than providing players with theoretical knowledge, the Sage's Room granted players a buff that increased their Lifestyle rank by one while inside the room. In addition, the Sage's Room would also provide players with a simulation of the best possible method to produce a designated item, allowing players to have a clear goal when producing the designated item.

Even so, this function would shake the entirety of God's Domain should it be made known to the public.

After all, in the current God's Domain, the only Legacies that Lifestyle Players had to go by were textual descriptions of production techniques. They were not given any clear requirements or steps they needed to achieve to learn these techniques. The only thing they could tell was whether they've successfully learned a technique or not. In the event that they hadn't successfully learned a technique, they wouldn't know how far or how close they were to learning the technique. They could only guess their progress.

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This was why the development of Lifestyle Players was incapable of keeping up with the development of combat players, who possessed complete combat systems. Compared to sub-worlds with complete Lifestyle systems, the development of Lifestyle players in this sub-world was at a snail's pace.

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