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ITDO - Chapter 207 - Buying 40,000 Elves

After the brief tour, Louie returned to his nest in preparation for the expedition into the Goddess of Night’s kingdom.

He believed that given the clear potential of his city and growth, Carandia and the Silver Moon Goddess would not act foolishly against him. As Dragon City was close to the Elven Kingdom, the price of falling out would likely be too great for both sides.

In the future, they would collaborate even more, and he could support them with material resources from Earth and in other ways subject to negotiation.

Louie’s ultimate goal was to become a god, and after a hundred years, he would likely become the highest-standing God. The power of Dragon City would certainly be passed on to the next generation, and concessions were not popular in the world. Louie would definitely pass on the position of power to his own bloodline. Giving birth to an excellent heir was something that he pondered about.

At the same time, he thought about how his heir would continue maintaining a good relationship with the elves. This was also another difficult political question.

Truly wise people didn’t only think about the current events. They always had a strategic approach to matters. They would think tens and hundreds of years ahead. They might change the details of the plan but never the overall means.

Louie had to prepare for all situations. The elves had the Silver Moon Goddess behind them. In the era when the Gods woke up, the Silver Moon Goddess would definitely regain her strength with the faith of a million elves in a brief period of time. However, because the Goddess might feel a threat from Dragon City, she might order the elves to invade it. If a God was well-prepared, their strength could definitely not be underestimated. It was something the current Louie could not fight against.

If things truly became that way, Louie would give up on Dragon City. He would sacrifice it and have the people fight against the elves while he would go into hiding and return to Earth to find the energy sources. Once he reached the perfect state, he could absorb the faith from Earth and turn them into divine power in the ‘Foreign God’ godhood.

As long as he was patient and waited until the ‘Foreign God’ godhood obtained strong divine power, Louie would no longer have to fear anything. He wouldn’t be shackled by faith. He could break the rules of the world and massacre their believers.

Once a God lost all its believers, they would lose their power and fall from the stars.

Of course, this would be the worst-case scenario. Louie did not want to experience ‘hell mode difficulty’ and have every god become his enemy. It was honestly better to play with ‘normal difficulty’.

‘If it was before the Era of Disaster when the Gods were divided into camps, the Silver Moon Goddess might refuse as chaos and order, and good and evil were in opposition. This made covenants between Gods become extremely difficult to make. But now that the world had changed and the rules were all jumbled up, the Goddess would definitely choose the right approach.

Thinking of this, Louie temporarily eased up and fell into a short sleep. He began to convert his accumulated faith into divine power.

After half a month, he opened his eyes. His inverted pupils let out a flash of light. Because he wasn’t a true God, he ordinarily shouldn’t have been able to use the power of the godhood, but with the support from the power of faith, he was able to tap into some of its abilities. In a lot of aspects, he had improved greatly and deviated further from mortality.

The divine authorities of earth, magic, and dreams filled his body. Although he could not fully display their might unless he became a demigod, he use their basic abilities, which make up his trump cards. These abilities were not something that normal mortals nor magic could defend against.

‘’Everything’s ready. It’s time to go.’

It was better to explore the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom sooner than later. The more it was delayed, the higher the chances that the Gods would wake up. If that happened, the result of the expedition would truly be up in the air.

He spoke to one of his maids, “Go invite the queen over!”

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“Yes, milord.”

The elven population of Dragon City was extremely happy that the queen had visited Dragon City. Being able to see the lord and the queen were good friends was a pleasant sight for them. If Louie and the Silver Moon Kingdom had a wedge between them, then they would have been put in a difficult position.

Soon, the elven queen arrived. Looking at her once more, he felt that barely any time had passed since they last spoke. It was likely the same for her.

The queen did not remain polite. She raised her head to look at the dragon atop the golden mountain and asked, “Have you finished preparing?”

“It’s already done. We can go anytime.”

“Don’t you need to give your orders to your subordinates?”

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“Dragon City has its own management and operations. I, the lord, only decide on the strategy that we will go with. I do not involve myself with specifics.”

With a new government, Dragon City flourished. The government’s structure was also extremely simple and clear. Everything unnecessary from the old regime had all been tossed aside. Dragon City was still far from Louie’s standards, but it wasn’t going to decay if he was temporarily absent.

“Your Majesty, how is the resettlement of the elves going?”

“I spent half a month settling them. You don’t need to worry.”

This was the result of the queen’s discussion with Louie before he went to sleep. The Silver Moon Kingdom had once again transferred 30,000 civilians to live in the civilian district of Dragon City. This brought the number of elves in the city to 40,000, while the total population of Dragon City was 160,000.

The 40,000 elves were chosen by the queen and had lived difficult lives. All of them were pseudo-believers, as true believers were rare in the absence of the Gods.

The 40,000 elves became residents of Dragon City, which meant that the queen acquiesced that Louie could reform their thoughts. They would then become Louie’s believers. 40,000 elves left the Silver Moon Kingdom to live in Dragon City, but this also meant a relief on the Silver Moon Kingdom’s financial burdens. 40,000 pseudo-believers was not a loss to the faith of the Silver Moon Goddess.

It was a happy deal for everyone involved. Louie needed a population and a source of faith. The Silver Moon Kingdom needed to eliminate the poor population and reduce its financial burdens. Both sides were very satisfied with the results.

Louie always had the illusion that he was buying and selling people.

But as the number of elves in Dragon City increased greatly, the future of the city might be one with many mixed races.

Although the life expectancy of the elves far exceeded that of humans and beastmen, and some elves looked down on them because of it, the power of love was almighty. It was likely that some people would break racial boundaries in the name of love. In the future, the number of people with halved races would gradually increase.

‘I feel that my territory is developing to be more and more like America. The racial diversification was almost the same. And the means of economic development was also close to American history.’

Louie sighed and decided to study the history of the United States of America once he returned to Earth.

“Then, Your Majesty, let us take our leave.”

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