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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 058: You Are Distracted

Gu Hai now no longer thought about Longevity painting. Instead, he sat down and started playing Go.

From the initial ten thousand Go Dao cultivators, only twenty people remained. Now, these twenty people’s Go skills started to show.

At the very least, Gu Hai could no longer defeat these Go Dao cultivators as easily as before.

“Now it is interesting.” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“This humble one has seen Mister Gu play before. Although this humble one did not get to see the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array in Major Metropolitan City, I heard about it from my friends. I have been looking forward to this. Please generously give me your guidance!” the black-clad man before him said with a smile.

Gu Hai nodded.

Then, the two started playing.

Now, after close to ten thousand Go Dao cultivators were eliminated, some of them left to participate in the competition of music Dao, calligraphy Dao, or painting Dao to try their luck. However, most of the Go Dao cultivators remained around the ten Go boards.

This was especially so for Gu Hai’s match. While the sages paid attention to him out of anger, the Go Dao cultivators watched out of curiosity.

As the Go Dao cultivators spectated Gu Hai’s Go match, they turned grave.

The two made their moves without delay, progressing rapidly in the game. Everyone around was a Go Dao expert; they immediately saw the wonders of the Go match and got immersed in it, unable to extricate themselves.

“What a profound Go match! To think that I cannot understand it?!”

“I can barely keep up with that Go Dao cultivator. On the other hand, Gu Hai’s moves seem very scattered. Nevertheless, his scattered moves seem to lock down his opponent’s moves, making the white player very passive!”

“The black player is leading the white player?”

The Go Dao cultivators goggled.

After fifteen minutes passed, the black-clad Go Dao cultivator smiled bitterly. “Mister Gu, I admit defeat.”

Admit defeat?

The surrounding observers were set abuzz. What happened to two hours? Not even thirty minutes have passed yet, and Gu Hai’s opponent has already admitted defeat?

The observers felt confused, but the sages in the sky could see it clearly.

“Humph!” the sages snorted coldly.

“Go Dao cultivator Number 1086, are you sure you want to admit defeat?” Ninth Young Master asked.

“I’m sure. Hah! Mister Gu is already in full control of my Go stones. How am I to continue?” the black-clad Go Dao cultivator said with a bitter smile.

“Thank you for going easy!” Gu Hai nodded.

Soft cries also came from the other side.

“Thank you for going easy!”

“Thank you for going easy!”

However, these cries came slightly after Gu Hai’s. He looked over out of curiosity.

Gu Hai saw that one of the winners was Wu Yazi, whom Gu Hai had met not long ago.

After Wu Yazi defeated his opponent, he turned his head and looked at Gu Hai, showing a faint smile.

The other winner was one of the Azure Emperor’s subordinates, Dan Wang.

Dan Wang showed a cold smile as he looked at Gu Hai and Wu Yazi.

After some time, the tenth match ended. Now, ten people remained, all of them absolute experts in the Go Dao.

“Next is the eleventh match. Everyone, please begin,” Ninth Young Master said.

There were five matches in the eleventh match. Gu Hai faced a purple-clad Go Dao cultivator.

“Mister Gu, please give me your guidance,” that Go Dao cultivator said extremely respectfully.

Clearly, the people who lasted longer were more skilled. As a result, they also understood that their Go skills were weaker.

Not to mention Gu Hai’s strategies, just his speed in defeating opponents alone drew respect from all the Go Dao cultivators. He was always the first to defeat his opponents.

During the eleventh match, Gu Hai was overwhelming his opponent with strong momentum like before. It looked like that purple-clad Go Dao cultivator would soon lose.


Suddenly, countless nude women appeared before Gu Hai, making lewd sounds and trying to entice him.

“Huh?” Gu Hai’s face sank as his hand paused.

Gu Hai raised his head to look at the purple-clad Go Dao cultivator. The purple-clad cultivator gave him a puzzled look in return, unaware of the situation.

“Oh! My dear, show me some love!”

“Darling, I feel very itchy!”

“My precious, come accompany me. I like you a lot. I also like your little precious!”

Various beautiful, nude women seemed to arrive by Gu Hai. They hovered around him as they caressed him, making lewd moans, trying to seduce Gu Hai.

Perhaps only Gu Hai saw this scene.

“Look! There is a layer of pink light covering Gu Hai’s body!”

“It came from that painting Dao cultivator’s painting!”

“He is interfering with Gu Hai!”

“The painting Dao is about to affect Mister Gu!”

The countless observers goggled at a painting Dao cultivator who had a malicious expression.

That painting Dao cultivator had finished a painting. He had depicted a bare-chested Gu Hai with a lascivious expression. Pretty, seductive women surrounded him, engaged in inappropriate activities. The painting continuously emanated pink energy that rushed towards Gu Hai.

“That is clearly an erotic painting!”

“That person is nothing good, either. Ptooey! How could he paint such an erotic scene?! I have not even tried some of those positions before!”


“A shame to culture!”

Many observers in the surroundings criticized that painting Dao cultivator.

However, that painting Dao cultivator looked at the sky cockily. As long as I help the sages vent their frustration, they will recommend me, right? I will make Gu Hai mess up and embarrass himself!

Enter my painting’s conception and fall into erotism. Hahaha! These are all the beautiful women I have met over the years. I brought out their charm and beauty. You are trapped in there. Hahahaha! Go on and do as you please! Gu Hai, strip!

That painting Dao cultivator looked at Gu Hai eagerly, as no one had ever escaped from his painting conception before. He had been planning to use this painting in the first place. Since the sages declared such a theme, it was for the best. He believed that it was over for Gu Hai.

Venerable Liu Nian held his palms together, showing a sullen expression. Although he wanted to stop this, the sages were the judges. Some of the sages even showed expressions of appreciation and said, “Pretty good painting.”

Perhaps Gu Hai had offended the painting Dao sages too much. The indignation the painting Dao sages bore him had reached the peak.

Pretty good painting?

This painting conception is intended to affect Gu Hai, to force him to embarrass himself and make a mockery of himself?

The Grand Mohist frowned. Clearly, such a vulgar erotic painting repulsed her.

“With a beauty in the lap, can Gu Hai focus on playing Go?” The Supreme Genesis showed a cold smile.

“The desire for the fairer sex is bone-deep. Amitābha!” the Future Buddha sighed.

“Despicable! Shameless!” Mu Chenfeng appeared anxious.

“Degenerate!” Bing Ji was furious.

“Calm down. His Majesty should be able to overcome it with his determination,” Mo Yike said, knitting his brows.

As the pink light covered Gu Hai, various lewd scenes appeared before him.

Around the Qian Heavenly Emperor:

“That painter is gross. Using beautiful, nude women to entice Gu Hai? Heh! Your Holy Eminence, do you think Gu Hai can remain calm and play Go?” Lifespan Beiming said with a cold smile.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor did not say anything. Instead, he stared at Gu Hai.

Even Gu Hai’s opponent, the purple-clad Go Dao cultivator, felt worried. However, he still played with his full capabilities.

Gu Hai only paused for a moment, just to check out the quality of the nude women in the illusion around him. After a glance, he showed some disdain.

Not to mention him lacking the painting Dao’s artistic conception, such erotic paintings would not affect him. So what if the painting got into his head? Women of such level can be considered enticing? Any of the files hidden in my computer on Earth would easily trump them.


Gu Hai played his move. The purple-clad Go Dao cultivator’s face immediately sank.

Gu Hai can actually play calmly despite being affected by the painting’s artistic conception?

“That’s impossible. Mister Gu, I admit that your Go Dao is incredible. However, can you even still understand the Go board’s situation now?” The purple-clad Go Dao cultivator made his move.


Gu Hai just calmly played a Go stone.

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“Mister Gu is not affected!”

“He is not affected at all!”

“To think that Mister Gu can continue playing calmly despite the interference from the painting conception!”

Pleasantly surprised voices rang out from the surrounding observers.

The observers felt happy for Gu Hai, but the painter of the erotic painting was shocked.

“How can this be? Why is he still able to play?” Disbelief filled the painter’s face.

“My painting is done too! I’ll do it!” another painter called out.

“Painting conceptions can easily clash. Those of similar natures can be exhibited at the same time!” The advice of a painting Dao sage suddenly came from the sky.

“Yes!” the painting Dao cultivators answered after receiving the sage’s pointer.

The painting Dao cultivators faced Gu Hai, sending their paintings’ conceptions at him simultaneously. Now, there was not just one. Close to fifty people had painted an erotic scene with Gu Hai in it.

The paintings’ conceptions immediately rushed at Gu Hai. Pink light completely covered him now.

Beautiful nude women filled Gu Hai’s eyes. All of them rushed at Gu Hai ravenously. If he were an ordinary youth, he would have been thrilled.

However, Gu Hai just showed disdain. There was just quantity; that did not mean they were of high quality. With such quality, they were not even worthy of being stored in his computer.


“Thank you for going easy!” Gu Hai said calmly as he played his move.

“Huh?” The purple-clad Go Dao cultivator felt slightly startled.

Initially, the purple-clad Go Dao cultivator thought that this would be a one-sided battle, yet Gu Hai had said “Thank you for going easy”? Is he crazy? Can he still defeat me in such a situation? He must be speaking nonsense, right?

After looking down, the purple-clad Go Dao cultivator suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Gu Hai’s move left the purple-clad Go Dao cultivator with no space to maneuver whatsoever.

“Ho…how?” the purple-clad Go Dao cultivator stammered in shock.

“You were distracted,” Gu Hai reminded kindly.

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The purple-clad Go Dao cultivator suddenly raised his head and looked at Gu Hai in shock. I was distracted?

Indeed. I was too excited, thinking about what I would do after winning. I got distracted.

However, I got distracted for just a bit. Mister Gu was assailed by so many paintings’ conceptions. To think that he is not affected at all?

I got distracted, but Mister Gu remained calm? Nothing external can affect the mind of a proper Go Dao cultivator?

The purple-clad Go Dao cultivator stood up with a bitter smile. Then, he bowed gravely to Gu Hai and said, “Mister Gu, many thanks for the pointer. I accept my defeat wholeheartedly.”


“Mister Gu won?!”

“Mister Gu was not affected despite so many painting Dao cultivators targeting him?

“What incredible determination!”

“Mister Gu is still the first to win!”

The observers’ cheers came from the surroundings.


The sages in the sky snorted coldly, clearly frustrated.

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