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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 060: Longevity’s Second Painting

The Thirty Line-Pair World Go Puzzle?

Dan Wang immediately started off with setting up the layout of a puzzle. This shocked the host, Ninth Young Master, and Wu Yazi somewhat.

Old Mister Guan Qi created the world Go puzzles. Typically, only Old Mister Guan Qi’s disciples would have this inheritance, yet Dan Wang had it? Was he one of Guan Qi’s nine inheritors?

Gu Hai started playing, showing an increasingly serious expression.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The two took turns to make their moves. The many Go Dao cultivators in the surroundings watched as the two played, showing worry on their faces. However, they felt worried for Gu Hai, as the many painting Dao cultivators focused their painting Dao artistic conceptions on him, due to the sages’ rage.


Gu Hai’s body seemed to become like a colorful sun, shining with all sorts of light.

“Despite the influence of so many painting Dao artistic conceptions, Gu Hai can still play? How strong is his determination?” The Future Buddha frowned as he held his palms together.

“Humph! Gu Hai is not affected by the painting Dao? These painting Dao cultivators are all trash!” the Grand Mohist said with cold eyes.

The Supreme Genesis stared at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai did not seem affected, continuing to play.

Not to mention the futility of using the painting Dao’s artistic conception on Gu Hai, Gu Hai’s current Go Dao already gave him extraordinarily strong determination. He continued exchanging moves with Dan Wang on the Go board.

Dan Wang played extremely carefully, as he understood his current situation. As long as he defeated Gu Hai, many of the sages in the sky would be willing to give him their recommendations.

“Mister Gu does not seem affected at all?”

“Mister Gu is truly incredible. Despite so many painting Dao artistic conceptions working on him, he still can play calmly?”

“The Elite Hall Master is indeed incredible!”

The surrounding citizens marveled at Gu Hai.

The sages in the sky stared at Gu Hai.

“Humph! Let’s see how long you can last!” a painting Dao sage said coldly.

Although Gu Hai did not seem affected now, the sages were confident that he would eventually crumble. There were close to ten thousand painting Dao cultivators. Furthermore, these were not ordinary people. They were all painting Dao cultivators who could manifest illusions with their paintings. Gu Hai’s determination would not last long. Even the sages in the sky would not last long, what more Gu Hai?

Just as anticipation filled Dan Wang, the painting Dao cultivators, and the sages, a loud voice suddenly rang out.

“Hahahaha! Mister Gu, I’m finished with my painting! Take a look! It’s done!”

The painting is done?

Upon hearing this voice, nearly all the sages trembled.

They all turned their heads and looked. It’s Longevity? That troublemaker painted another painting?

Initially, the sages wanted to see what Longevity painted. However, they saw the one hundred fainted sages and immediately remembered what happened previously and no longer dared to look at Longevity’s painting.

Another painting? That troublemaker painted another one?

Longevity’s voice instantly silenced the entire Heavenly Yin City. The faces of the five hundred million observers and one hundred thousand participants sank.

What did he paint?

However, no one dared to look. Even Mu Chenfeng, Mo Yike, Bing Ji, and the others did not dare to look.

Longevity’s paintings were incredibly strange. Who would dare to look?

“Mister Gu, how is my painting? Mister Gu…” Longevity rushed over with the painting.

Naturally, Gu Hai heard what Longevity said. However, with the matter of the egg paintings in mind, he did not dare to look casually. Nonetheless, he did not want to slight Longevity, either. Thus, he pretended not to hear and continued playing.

“Mister Gu, my painting is done! Look! I painted you in the morning assembly. Oh, that’s right. You are playing Go. Never mind, never mind. Let me save you!” Longevity said anxiously.

As Longevity spoke, he turned the painting to face Gu Hai. A beam of golden light spewed out at Gu Hai from it.


“What is on that painting?” Eventually, some of the observers turned their heads to look out of curiosity.

When these people saw Longevity’s painting, their expressions congealed.


“He’s really daring!”

“He actually painted the sages?”

“Is he crazy? He went so far as to paint this?”

Many of the observers who saw the painting exclaimed in shock.

Longevity’s painting depicted an incredibly majestic scene.

In it, Gu Hai sat on a throne, wearing imperial robes. Two columns of officials stood in attendance. These officials were none other than the ten thousand-odd painting Dao participants.

Longevity had painted all the painting Dao cultivators as Gu Hai’s subjects.

More importantly, Longevity even painted five hundred sages in the center of the painting. These were the painting Dao sages. One hundred of them carried babies as they knelt before Gu Hai. The other four hundred seemed injured and on their last breath. They were all bound, appearing like they would be executed with just a command from Gu Hai.

Everyone who saw this painting was aghast.

“This painting is establishing Gu Hai’s prestige?”

“The five hundred painting Dao sages turned into captured prisoners. Is this a scene of judging the sages?”

“He…does he not want to participate in the competition anymore? To think that he even dares to vilify the judges?”

Countless people cried out.

Then, Longevity shook the painting. Suddenly, a loud shout came from it. “Those who follow in the bad examples of others are deserving of clan extermination!”

When this strange voice rang out, the golden light suddenly brightened ten thousand folds as it shot at Gu Hai. It instantly drowned out the other lights. It even followed the streams of painting Dao lights back and entered the bodies of the ten thousand painting Dao cultivators attacking Gu Hai.


Golden light immediately encased ten thousand painting Dao cultivators.

The ten thousand painting Dao cultivators shivered simultaneously, falling into Longevity’s painting Dao artistic conception.

Longevity’s painting Dao artistic conception presented the boundless might of the morning assembly. That heavenly might rushed through all the painting Dao cultivators’ heads. They forgot everything and thought that they were Gu Hai’s subjects.

This was like the illusions that Gu Hai saw. Not only did these painting Dao cultivators see the illusion, but it also affected their minds.

Plop! Plop!

The ten thousand painting Dao cultivators immediately knelt.

“Your Majesty, please forgive us! We have nothing to do with these sages!”

“Your Majesty, these sages deserve death. This subject has nothing to do with them!”

“I have no relation to these crappy sages!”

“This official implores Your Majesty to behead these sages as an example to others!”

“No! Your Majesty, please hang their heads on the city gate towers.”

“Your Majesty, these sages are not human!”

“Your Majesty, these sages are worse than beasts. Just kill them!”

Before the emperor’s heavenly might, the painters pointed at the sages in the sky, scolding them as lower than domesticated animals, saying that they were wild beasts and all sorts of humiliating words.

“You…how dare you?!” the painting Dao sages shouted furiously, nearly fainting from rage.

They had never suffered such humiliation. For thousands of years—tens of thousands of years—the Ten Thousand Sages Convention participants had honored them like ancestors. The participants always pleaded for another glance from them.

How dare you scold me? Furthermore, scolding us with such terrible words? You curse my son to not have a butthole when he is born? How dare you curse me like that?

The four hundred sages were livid.

The furor in the plaza prompted the participants in the calligraphy Dao area, the music Dao area, and the Go Dao area to look over in shock.

It also set the five hundred million observers abuzz.

Some felt shocked and some guffawed at the extremely raucous scene.

“Longevity? The artistic conception of one person’s painting Dao managed to suppress all the painting Dao participants?” Emperor Kong’s eyes narrowed.

The Azure Emperor’s face sank. “Longevity? I understand now. It’s him? It’s him! And that Purple Subtlety? It’s the two of them?!”

The angels in the east watched in horror.

“Veritable Lord, is that person’s painting Dao truly that strong?” a six-winged angel asked in shock.

“In a painting Dao battle, one clashes with one’s artistic conception. The loser will crumble, and the victor can influence the opponent’s mind. This person’s painting Dao artistic conception is indeed incredible. A heaven-grade brush? Did Gu Hai get him to paint that painting?” the Supreme Genesis said with a frown.

In the south, a Supreme Ascendant Dao disciple said with a frown, “Grand Mohist, is Gu Hai crazy? How could he paint such a scene? Does he not want to participate anymore?”

The Supreme Ascendant Dao’s Grand Mohist narrowed her eyes slightly as she said, “Is he taking the others down with him? Humph! Gu Hai is very ruthless. Knowing that the painting Dao sages would not choose him, he went against the flow and made all the participants humiliate the sages. He is making the sages unwilling to choose them, either?”

In the west, one of the bodhisattvas sighed, “Amitābha! Such scoldings and curses are too unbecoming. The sages already transcended the mundane. To think that they even said that the sages could not enter the human path. These painting Dao participants have questionable characters.”

[TL Note: It is believed that which path of reincarnation one takes out of the six is determined by one’s deeds in life. The human path is the third best; the heaven path is the best, followed by the asura (demi-god) path. Getting to the heaven path means that one finally escapes the cycle of reincarnation, able to live forever. Anything under the human path is something like a punishment for one’s sins in one’s past life.]

“Just because a person paints well does not mean the painter is of good character. Hah…with this, this Ten Thousand Sages Convention’s atmosphere has changed,” the Future Buddha said with a slightly bitter smile.

The atmosphere changed? It was more than that.

The painting Dao cultivators kneeling to Gu Hai started insulting the sages with increasingly harsher curses. They did this to cut off their ties with the sages, even spinning scandalous tales of the sages. The four hundred sages felt like fainting when they heard these.

“Boy! Boy, how dare you?!”

“How dare you?! If this old man could come down, I would cut you apart!”

“Ignorant child! Dastardly things!”

“This old man will fight it out with you!”

The sages roared in a fury. However, there were more than ten thousand painting Dao cultivators. So many people insulted the four hundred sages, too many for them to retort to. Some of the sages who cared deeply about their reputation even fainted after hearing these scandalous stories.

Longevity felt very cocky.

At the side, cold sweat beaded Gu Hai’s forehead. He revealed a faint, bitter smile. Longevity has gone too far this time.

“Longevity has gone overboard again!” the distant Mu Chenfeng said in a daze.

“With this, those sages will thoroughly hate His Majesty now,” Mo Yike said with a bitter smile.

Bing Ji did not know how to handle it. She could only force a smile and say, “At the very least, this proves that Longevity’s painting Dao is indeed incredible. He managed to suppress so many people by himself.”

The painting Dao host, Venerable Liu Nian, felt stupefied.

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This was the first time he had seen someone anger the painting Dao sages to such an extent. All the painting Dao participants are kneeling and insulting the judges. How am I to continue this? Can someone tell me what to do? What should I say?

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“Thank you for going easy!” Gu Hai suddenly said.

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