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ITDO - Chapter 200 - The Treacherous World of The Gods

Within his lair, Louie transformed back into his titanic dragon form and lay on his mountain of gold. The cold moon hung in the sky outside. And perhaps because the elf queen was present, it seemed to shine with a brighter luster than ever before. The palace at the summit of the city was layered with a thin film of frost.

In the hall, Louie squinted his eyes as he rested. He would occasionally look at the female dragon close to his feet.

Because Louie had returned to dominate the space, Noella was unable to occupy his bed. But as if she was ‘sleepwalking’ Noella would close her eyes and then move small steps at intervals until she was able to bury her head in the mountain of gold.

The draconic fascination with wealth and shiny things made Louie chuckle a little. No matter how different this female dragon was from an ordinary dragon, she was still unable to resist the temptation of gold coins.

But Louie was also affected by these instincts. He also loved these treasures, but he always tried his hardest to not let a dragon’s instincts dominate his behavior. As long as Noella didn’t try to steal his treasures, he would let her play around as she pleased.

Noella could not believe this at all, because dragons would be furious if others touched their treasures, even if it was their partner. But Louie acted as if he was oblivious to her behavior of stealing the bed.

The nails on Louie’s claws rubbed the long sword that emitted faint holy light. Although it was not the same, it had a similar divinity as the Goddess of Morning.

Louie had killed the legendary warrior who wielded this sword when he first arrived on this world. What was curious to him was that the weapon in his hand was related to the Goddess of Morning. From this, it could be surmised that the Goddess of Morning and the God of War were equal in status and indistinguishable from each other.

“But when they both wake up and return, the Theocracy will probably fall apart. The Gods would not allow their believers to follow other gods, as a result, they will have to make a choice. This conflict will expand infinitely and would cause the state to collapse.

Louie’s nails tapped the holy sword. It was unfortunate that it was only a lesser divine weapon and not at all useful to him. He was, after all, a dragon who used his body to fight, and so he did not need a weapon.”

“When the Goddess of Morning and the God of War return, I do not know how they will cooperate. With the faith of the people on the line, the two former allies would definitely fight against each other to see who is dominant.”

“What are you saying?”

Louie was talking to himself in the language from Earth. Unless the [Language Understanding] spell was used, no one in San Soliel could understand it. Noella had never bothered to learn it, so she could not understand at all.

“Don’t be disrespectful now, call me dad!”


“What’s wrong? Are you that unwilling? Do you want me to teach you a lesson now? Since the elf queen is just next door, why don’t I call her to observe?”


Faced with Louie’s threat, Noella did not hesitate between the options of ‘obeying Louie’ or ‘losing face in front of others', and decisively chose the former.

“Very good. Tomorrow, I’ll ask Lysfer to bring you a roast suckling pig. I will let you use the seasoning I let you taste the last time on a whole roast suckling pig!”

Louie had plenty of experience in raising dogs. When they obeyed, they needed to be rewarded for subservience to become a reflex action.

When Noella heard it, she truly acted like a dog and surprisingly wagged her tail. She raised her head and drooled at the edge of her mouth.

“A whole roast suckling pig? I can use cumin and barbecue sauce on the entire thing?”

She harrumphed and stared at him with her dragon eyes like a husky.

“This is a reward for your obedience.”

“Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. One roast suckling pig is too little. I can’t eat my fill. Could I eat… two, two is enough!”

The Queen of Calamity, who once terrorized the continent instantly gave up her dignity and wagged her tail happily.

“Don’t talk about those seasonings that can’t be bought with gold. You're just a poor dragon, what are you going to exchange it with? Giving you a roast suckling pig to eat is already on account of your contributions to Dragon City.”

Louie waved his hands coldly and slapped away Noella’s claws.

This world was close to medieval civilization, but there were no Arabian traders, no importers of silk, spices, and so on. So the high-quality seasoning being more precious than gold was definitely not a lie.

In this era where people had to budget just to get access to low-quality salt, Louie’s pepper, cumin, and other condiments were rare beyond comparison.


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The Queen of Calamity pouted and buried her head in the mountain of gold. She also stopped wagging her tail.

Looking at this beautiful female dragon, Louie could not help but stretch over her head and give her a sniff. He could clearly see that Noella was trembling.

Noella was quite beautiful, whether in human form or dragon form. He felt that she was a great choice based on his aesthetics, especially in her dragon form, which greatly stimulated his desires.

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However, Louie had been abstaining from sex these past few days. He had been using his willpower and spirit to convert faith in preparation to venture into the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom. If he did not need to do so, he would have already ‘eaten’ this female dragon.

“Noella, let me ask you, are you familiar with the elf queen?”

“The elf queen?”

Noella let out a dull voice, “I only know that she is a very ancient demigod. She is very famous in the main continent, but very few people have seen her. I only met her once when I sneaked into the Silver Moon Kingdom a thousand years ago before being driven out.”

Seeing that Noella did not know much about the elf queen, he did not ask any more questions. It seemed that all the people in the world underestimated the queen.

And then, Louie suddenly thought about the Silver Moon Goddess…

If the Gods were still dormant and would begin in the same starting line, then what about the Silver Moon Goddess? Under the effort of the elf queen, there were around a million elves in the entire Forest of the Moon. Except for a few druids, almost all of them believed in the Silver Moon Goddess.

‘The Goddess of Morning and God of War are ones to be careful of, but I also cannot let my guard down against the Silver Moon Goddess. She, in fact, seems to be the more dangerous one.’

Louie fell into deep thought.

‘The world of Gods is really full of treachery. I can’t have any oversights.’

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