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ITDO - Chapter 197 - Ancient Secrets, the Secret to Becoming a God!

Louie did not go into too much detail as that would increase the risks of him exposing himself.

Louie didn’t fully understand what happened during the Era of Disaster. Whenever he asked the Intelligent Brain about it, it would find an excuse to not answer him. After doing his own research in San Soliel and asking the Queen of Calamity, it was only then that he found out there were almost no records of what had happened.

Louie could only speculate regarding the details of those turbulent times.

After listening to Louie’s words, the elf queen’s expression changed a little. Other than the Gods who participated in that disaster, almost no records were written down. It was as if the entire world was trying to forget that this tragic event happened by eliminating all possible impacts of the Terran Civilization’s invasion.

Since Louie was able to say these words, the elf queen believed that Louie indeed survived from that era, that he was a primordial dragon who returned from the stars.

“By the end of the ‘Era of Disaster, most of the mid-rank to low-rank gods had fallen. Even some powerful Gods perished, but in their desperate efforts, they were able to beat back the invading civilization from the Crystal Wall System. The enemy has not appeared since then.”

“The most regrettable thing that happened was the fall of the Five-colored Dragon God. Before the strange civilization that used strange weapons left, they were able to kill the Five-colored Dragon God and leave with his corpse.

At this point, the queen was shocked and immediately stared at Louie. Louie could tell that the queen’s eyes were shining in the darkness.

‘This queen suspected that I and the Five-colored Dragon God and the Terran Civilization are related? Ha, she really is a demigod that has lived for tens of thousands of years. Her wisdom can not be underestimated.

Louie had been smiling. His expression did not change at all, He pondered for a moment before saying, “I know you have your speculations, and I can tell you this, I am indeed related to the mighty Five-colored Dragon God, but I have no relationship with those invaders from outside the Crystal Wall System.”

Louie thought for a little. He felt that it would be better to throw out the name of the progenitor of dragons to make the queen trust him. As for the Terran Civilization, it would be better for the people of the world to have no idea that he was involved with them. Who knew how much hatred the Gods had of the Terran Civilization. When the time came, he would be in trouble if they wanted revenge.

He wasn’t the inheritor of the Terran Civilization, nor was he its leader. He was only a creature transformed by their technology. If he had to take the blame for the wrongs of the Terran Civilization, he would be worse off with nothing to gain.

The queen nodded her head. Seeing that Louie was so frank and directly admitted that he was related to the Five-colored Dragon God, she felt that she could expose some information. As the Gods gradually recovered, Louie would one day know of them anyway. It would be better for her to tell him early and gain an ally for the chaotic era that was about to come.

After having these thoughts, the queen looked around. Seeing that there was no one eavesdropping, she slowly spoke, “Lord Louie has been away from the main continent for more than thirty thousand years, so you must be curious about what’s happening on the main continent.”

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Louie understood that the queen was going to spill some ancient secrets and quickly perked up his ears.

“You may be asking why no new God has appeared in the main continent.”

Louie’s inverted pupils shrunk, and he nodded, “I have indeed been wondering about that. It has already been tens of thousands of years after the Era of Disaster. Countless geniuses and extremely lucky people should have been born. Powerful demigods should have risen, but why haven’t they become Gods yet?”

“I have looked through some ancient books. I knew that many demigods had found churches, but they all failed without exception. They all fell at the final stage of deification. Probabilistically, that should be impossible.”

Louie almost said that this wasn’t scientific, but he quickly changed his wording.

“That is because, after the Era of Disaster, the basic rules of the world changed. Just as people needed to recuperate after being wounded, and animals needed to lick their injuries, the world of San Soliel was also traumatized by the events that happened during the Era of Disaster. In order to recover, the Crystal Wall System fell asleep. During this period, it was naturally impossible for new Gods to be born.”

“After the Era of Disaster, the starry skies were unable to withstand the birth of stars that symbolized the Gods. This caused the world to be plunged into turbidity”

“The Gods were once divided into ‘camps’’ of good and evil, order and chaos. Every God who obtained their power and authority would have to follow the rules of the Crystal Wall System. Those Gods who were labeled as Good had to act good, while those who were labeled evil had to act evil. The more the Gods overstepped, the more the camps shifted.”

“When a God shifted closer to their camp, there was nothing wrong with it, but if the Gods shifted to the other camp, then it was likely that the God would lose their followers and be pulled down from the stars and fall.

The elf queen explained the secrets of the Gods before the Era of Disaster. Louie also listened carefully. He could understand that good and evil, order and chaos were opposed to each other. It seemed that the Gods of San Soliel were quite restricted in the scope of their behaviors. Their actions not only had to conform with their own camp but also had to be in line with their own divine authority. Was it the Gods who harnessed the power of the divine authority or was it the divine authority that controlled the Gods? This question was a bit hard to answer.

‘But even I do not need to comply with those rules during that era. With the faith from Earth, even if I am not considered a god in the world of San Soliel, I would still be a foreign god. But my Dragon God’s godhood would have to follow these rules.’

Louie thought.

“With these rules, it was impossible for the God of War and the Goddess of Love to become allies. It could even be said that the two were enemies, but after the Era of Disaster, everything turned to chaos. All the restrictions of the Gods had disappeared. It was only then that the God of War and the Goddess of Love entered into a temporary alliance to restore peace.”

“The Goddess of Darkness also joined in as well as the Goddess of Morning. The result of this alliance brought forth the Theocracy that we know today.”

“However, in a world where the Gods don’t exist, the teachings of the two goddesses, namely the Goddess of Night and Goddess of Love, weren’t suitable for the common people and the various countries. As a result, their followers inside the Theocracy are sparse. As for the God of War and Goddess of Morning, I am not too certain.”

The queen’s bell-like voice echoed in Louie’s mind. This cleared a fog inside his brain, showing him what happened thirty thousand years ago before the Gods disappeared from the world.

Louie felt that he himself would soon know the secrets of this era and the gods so that he could occupy a place in the upcoming era of chaos.

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