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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 049: Victory in One Move

“This official is incapable, embarrassing Your Majesty,” Bing Ji said, aggrieved.

“You did not embarrass us. The text you wrote defeated Yuan Chu.” Gu Hai smiled.

Only now did Bing Ji notice the crooked words on the paper in her hand.

“‘Bodhi is not a tree. The mirror has nothing in it; there is nothing in the first place. What is there to bother with in the mundane?’! Did…did I write this?” Bing Ji asked in shock.

Gu Hai smiled and nodded. At this moment, this quote still gave off Buddhist light and noble spirit. After shattering Yuan Chu’s noble spirit, it had soared up into the sea of noble spirit in the sky.


The noble spirit sea trembled slightly as if resonating with the text.

The cultivators who were discussing earlier had fallen silent long ago.

All of them looked at Gu Hai in shock and awe.

An impromptu composition? This is also a first edition? That’s right! This is definitely a first edition. This is the Han Royal Emperor? A calligraphy Dao expert?

“Did you see that? This is my master. He is incredible, right?” Ensnaring Performance said excitedly to Zhengfa Ming.

Zhengfa Ming nodded excitedly.

The people who came with Gu Hai glowed with pride. Only Long Wanyu frowned slightly and started pouting. This was because she felt slightly upset for some reason when she saw Bing Ji in Gu Hai’s embrace.

“He is my brother-in-law, my elder sister’s husband. How can another woman be in Brother-in-Law’s embrace?” Long Wanyu muttered.

“Elder Sister Bing Ji, I’ll support you. Don’t make my brother-in-law do it.” Long Wanyu pushed her way forward and pushed Gu Hai aside to support Bing Ji herself.

Bing Ji seemed reluctant. However, there were many people around. She suddenly blushed. Going with the flow, she let Long Wanyu support her.

Gu Hai smiled faintly, not minding it.

“Elder Sister Bing Ji, did you know that when Brother-in-Law dictated to you, many people said that Brother-in-Law would lose. However, look at how incredible what you wrote turned out to be.” Long Wanyu excitedly described everything to Bing Ji.

“His Majesty dictated, and I wrote?”

Bing Ji sneaked a peek at Gu Hai. Then, she grabbed the paper and extremely carefully put it away.

After Bing Ji put away the “Bodhi” that Gu Hai dictated, the surrounding noble spirit withdrew.

Those people who criticized Gu Hai, saying that he could not possibly compose anything good, flushed in embarrassment.


At the same time, in a small courtyard belonging to the Supreme Ascendant’s line of inheritance:

The Grand Mohist and the elders of the Supreme Ascendant’s line of inheritance stood at an elevated place, watching Gu Hai from afar.

“A Buddhist Dao quote? This is Gu Hai?” The Grand Mohist of the Supreme Ascendant’s line of inheritance narrowed her eyes.

Xuan En, who had rushed back, stood at the side.

“That’s right. He is the one. Grand Mohist, he was the one who killed Feng Tonglao,” Xuan En said at the side.

“Feng Tonglao? Hah! Xuan Du will be furious when he comes out of closed-door cultivation.” The Grand Mohist revealed a cold smile.

“Indeed. Grand Mohist, Gu Hai’s Buddhist quote is quite incredible. There are also the previous ‘Bring in the Wine,’ ‘Chivalrous Legends,’ and the recent ‘Great Compassion Mantra.’ Will he spoil our plans during this Ten Thousand Sages Convention?” Xuan En asked worriedly.

The Grand Mohist narrowed her eyes slightly. “The victory over the calligraphy Dao segment is decided with holy Dao scriptures. Poems, songs, quotes, lyrics? They are just minor Dao. The great Dao reigns supreme. How can these small passages compare to a holy Dao scripture?”

“Yes!” Everyone behind the Grand Mohist nodded.


The Future Buddha’s courtyard:

“Lord Buddha, why is that Gu Hai’s Buddhist nature so strong? The ‘Great Compassion Mantra’ and ‘Bodhi’? Are you sure he is not the incarnation of a Buddhist cultivator?” a monk asked, facing a small hut with his palms held together.

The Future Buddha’s voice rang out after some silence. “There is no Buddhist nature or calligraphy Dao aura around Gu Hai. He is definitely not the reincarnation of a Buddhist disciple, or even…”

The Future Buddha felt like he could not continue on this track.

The monks held their palms together, not daring to argue. However, their expressions evinced disbelief.

No Buddhist nature? Then, how could he write such texts on the Buddhist Dao? Furthermore, he did so repeatedly.

No calligraphy Dao aura? Yet, he caused Yuan Chu’s heart for Buddhism to crumble using Bing Ji’s crooked words?


The Azure Emperor’s courtyard:

The Azure Emperor frowned heavily at the distant plaza. As he gazed at Gu Hai, some appreciation flashed in his eyes.


In the plaza:

After Gu Hai defeated Yuan Chu and handed Bing Ji over to Long Wanyu, he walked over to Yuan Chu, who was vomiting blood.

“Don’t come over!” the attendants immediately cried out.

However, Gu Hai showed a cold expression as he looked at Yuan Chu. “Venerable, what great means you have! How has my Han Royal Dynasty crossed you? To think that you went to such lengths to trap my official?”

Gu Hai was settling accounts now.

Although the surrounding cultural cultivators did not approve of Gu Hai doing this, as Yuan Chu was already in such a sorry state, they did not object, either. After all, Yuan Chu started this.

“Trap your official? Hah! Hahaha! Gu Hai, you have wrecked my heart for Buddhism. What more do you want?” Yuan Chu said defiantly.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly. “Earlier, I heard that one battled with culture to settle personal grudges to determine their fates? If not for Mo Yike stopping you with the Go Dao, you would have taken Bing Ji away? Trapping her?”

“So what?” Yuan Chu glared.

“Men! Capture Yuan Chu and bring him away!” Gu Hai commanded coldly.

“Yes!” The Elite Hall disciples immediately rushed over.

“How dare you?! How audacious!”

“Do you know who we are?”

“We are the Huang Heavenly Dynasty envoys!”

The attendants clamored as they drew their weapons, shielding Yuan Chu.

“Resorting to martial force? Hah! Mu Chenfeng!” Gu Hai showed a cold expression.

Mu Chenfeng waved, and the Elite Hall disciples took out a Heaven Blasting Cannon and aimed it at Yuan Chu’s group.

“The Heaven Blasting Cannon?”

“Hurry, inform the imperial lord!”

“The imperial lord went to meet the Qian Heavenly Emperor. What should we do now?”

“Quickly call for help!”

The attendants discussed anxiously.

The Huang Heavenly Dynasty’s people seemed to have heard of the Heaven Blasting Cannon. Furthermore, even if they had not paid attention to recent events, there would be someone who knew a little about it. Their expressions immediately changed.

Gu Hai wanted to take Yuan Chu away by force, just like how they wanted to take Bing Ji away.

“Yuan Chu, are you going to come with me by yourself, or should I get someone to help you? Perhaps I need to use my cannon to invite you? Using cultural battles to settle personal grudges and determine one’s fate, isn’t that the rule? Let’s go!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Yuan Chu coughed as he held his chest.

The surrounding cultural cultivators frowned, but no one stepped forward. This was what Yuan Chu did to Bing Ji earlier. Now, the situation reversed.

“Mister Gu, There’s no hurry.” A voice came from the side.

It was Wu Yazi, who was sitting at the side.

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“Huh?” Gu Hai turned his head.

“Your Majesty, previously, the situation was urgent. I tried to use my Go Dao to stop them. Initially, they were not willing. It was Mister Wu Yazi who stepped forward and agreed to a Go match,” Mo Yike explained.

“Oh?” Gu Hai felt slightly startled.

Wu Yazi? He stepped forward to accept the Go match? No matter what, this person helped Bing Ji.

“Mister Wu Yazu, do you have any advice?” Gu Hai asked with a slight bow.

“I don’t dare to claim any advice. However, Yuan Chu has already been taught a lesson. I ask that Mister Gu be magnanimous this once,” Wu Yazi pleaded.

Gu Hai looked at Wu Yazi and shook his head. “Mister Wu Yazi, many thanks for your earlier support. However, I need to take Yuan Chu away. Just like what they wanted to do to Bing Ji earlier.”

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How deep was the conflict between Bing Ji and the Huang Heavenly Dynasty? Gu Hai wanted to interrogate Yuan Chu, so he needed to bring Yuan Chu back.

Ask Bing Ji? Gu Hai was not sure that she would tell him the truth. Hence, he would work on Yuan Chu instead.

“Alright, then. I have overstepped. However, I permitted Mister Mo a Go match, battling using culture again. That led to this situation. The Go match has not yet concluded; the culture battle is not over yet. Is Mister Gu going to break his rules?” Wu Yazi countered with a bitter smile.

Gu Hai looked at Wu Yazi and nodded. “It is as Mister Wu Yazi said. Many thanks to Mister Wu Yazi for earlier. That’s fine. I will follow the rules. Mister Wu Yazi would like to use a Go match to save Yuan Chu?”

“Precisely. There is still no victor in my match with Mister Mo. How about we wait until a victor emerges? Or perhaps another of you can play me instead?” Wu Yazi suggested seriously.

Mister Mo looked at Gu Hai and said, “Your Majesty, I have already done my best against Wu Yazi’s Go Dao. Even so, we are in a stalemate.”

Gu Hai looked at the Go board before them. That was a Go board with nineteen line pairs. Although there were not many Go stones on it, it was extremely complicated.

However, this complexity was nothing to Gu Hai.

While Gu Hai used his knowledge from Earth for the music Dao and the calligraphy Dao, his Go Dao was the result of true skill.

The Go match before him looked like tigers and dragons locked in a fierce battle, evenly matched.

“I agree to Mister Wu Yazi’s suggestion.” Gu Hai nodded.

Wu Yazi felt slightly startled. “Oh? Will Mister Mo continue the match? Or will Mister Gu start a new match with me?”

“I’ll play. However, there’s no need to start anew. We will just use this incomplete match. How about that?” Gu Hai pointed to the half-played match that Mo Yike and Wu Yazi played.


“What do you think?” Gu Hai asked.

“Alright!” Wu Yazi nodded.

This incomplete match had no advantages for either side. Continuing this was possible.

The surrounding Go Dao cultivators appeared doubtful.

“Mister Mo was about evenly matched with Wu Yazi when they played. Can Gu Hai do it?”

“His calligraphy Dao is so incredible. His Go Dao will definitely not be up to par!”

The surrounding crowd showed expressions of disbelief.

Wu Yazi sat out and extended his hand in invitation. “It is black’s turn to move. Mister Gu, please.”

Gu Hai looked at the Go board with slightly narrowed eyes, analyzing the match. Then, he picked up a black Go stone and placed it on the nine-five position.


“The nine-five position? Why did Mister Gu play that position?”

“Playing that position is fine. However, this only recovers lost ground. This is a wasted move.”

The Go Dao cultivators shook their heads.

Wu Yazi picked up a white Go stone, wanting to play it. That move had been among his expectations. Once the black Go stone was placed, he could immediately follow up with a white Go stone.

“Mister Gu, you should sit down to play.” Wu Yazi frowned at Gu Hai before playing his move.

You are standing while I am seated. Isn’t that too rude?

Gu Hai smiled faintly and shook his head.

Wu Yazi felt somewhat upset, but he did not complain. Doing so after he defeated his opponent would not be too late.

However, just as Wu Yazi was about to play his white Go stone, he suddenly goggled and stopped. “Hey?!”

“Huh?” The surrounding Go Dao cultivators appeared curious.

“That’s not right. That’s not right. How could there be such a move? This…this is a trap!” Wu Yazi’s face sank.

Mo Yike also stared at the match. His expression changed as well. “The situation of the match seems to have changed. It looks ordinary at a glance, but this is a guiding move. Once white plays his move, the situation of the entire Go match will change?

“Where can one play a white Go stone? Huh? This won’t work. That won’t work. This won’t work, either.” Mo Yike seemed bewitched. Now, he tried to solve this problem from the side of the white player. However, Gu Hai’s move was uncanny.

There was nothing strange with the move. However, it was a trap for the white player. The current awkward situation could be resolved only if the white player did not move and the black player moved again. However, that was impossible. It was currently the white player’s turn, but the white player could not make a move.

“What’s wrong?” The surrounding Go Dao cultivators appeared confused.

“Take Yuan Chu away!” Gu Hai said.

“Don’t! Mister Wu Yazi! Mister Wu Yazi, quickly save Venerable Yuan Chu!” the Huang Heavenly Dynasty attendants exclaimed.

However, Wu Yazi stared at the Go board for a long time, ignoring them.

This continued until the injured Yuan Chu got captured and bound. Only then did Wu Yazi let out a long breath as horror flashed in his eyes.

“Mister Wu Yazi, help!” the attendants cried out.

However, Wu Yazi ignored them. Instead, he looked at Gu Hai, then stood up and bowed to him. “This humble one overreached. Mister Gu’s divinely inspired move has pushed me into a dead end. This humble one has lost this match!”

His resignation set the surrounding Go Dao cultivators abuzz.

One move. Gu Hai played only one move, and he won? How is that possible?

Few in the world could keep up with Wu Yazi’s Go skills. The surrounding Go Dao cultivators goggled.

“He got lucky! Gu Hai must have gotten lucky!” a Go Dao cultivator cried out in disbelief.

“Did Mister Wu Yazi surrender on purpose to help Gu Hai?”

“How can it be? Is Wu Yazi such a person?”

Everyone felt shocked. Wu Yazi had admitted defeat, confounding all the Go Dao cultivators. They started studying Gu Hai’s move.

Just one move pushed Wu Yazi into a dead end?

No wonder Gu Hai did not want to sit down and play. It turns out that he had already won. Why would he need to sit down?

“Did he get lucky?” Countless Go Dao cultivators appeared confused.

“Mister Wu Yazi is big-hearted. If you do not think it beneath you, do come to my Han Nation to visit. Gu Hai will definitely welcome you with open arms.” Gu Hai smiled.

“I will definitely impose on Mister Gu in the future and ask Mister Gu for another match,” Wu Yazi said seriously.

“Certainly!” Gu Hai nodded.

“Mister Wu Yazi, we cannot let them take Venerable Yuan Chu away. How are we to give the imperial lord an account?” the attendants said anxiously.

“I have already done my best, and there’s nothing more I can do. You don’t have to worry about how to give the imperial lord an account,” Wu Yazi said indifferently.

“Huh?” The attendants felt confused.

“Mister Mo, Mister Gu defeated me in one move. That leaves me feeling a little unsatisfied. You are Mister Gu’s subject. Might I ask how Mister Gu’s Go skills are?” Wu Yazi looked at Mo Yike.

“This humble one’s Go skills were all taught by His Majesty. His Majesty’s Go skills are a hundredfold—a thousandfold—stronger than mine,” Mo Yike said seriously.

“Oh?” Wu Yazi raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

However, Gu Hai’s group had already left the plaza, carrying Yuan Chu away.

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