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ITDO - Chapter 187 - Grudges of the Gods

“Yes, milord. What might I do for you?”

Sisna gave a slight bow with her hand over her chest. She raised her emerald pupils and stared at Louie with a trace of tension.

In human form, Louie would be described as extremely handsome by human standards. Perhaps some might even classify him as being preternaturally so. That said, his appearance could not move this legendary ranger’s heart. Elves were the most beautiful race in the world. Although they were also fond of beauty and appraised others’ looks, that behavior was often restricted to outsiders.

She would be lying if she said she did not feel the slightest bit of tension from his gaze. Dragons had a reputation for licentiousness, and she knew it wouldn’t be strange for him to have certain thoughts towards her.

Louie paid little heed to her flustered demeanor and spoke, “I will tell you the coordinates of the Goddess of Night’s Divine Kingdom.”

At this, the elven ranger stood erect, “Are your words true, milord?”

Immediately afterward she paled at her wording and rephrased, “Forgive me, milord. I did not mean to question your intent. It is only that this information is extremely shocking.”

Louie dismissed her behavior with a wave, “No matter. You are forgiven.”

After all, even he had been shocked beyond compare when he heard the news.

“Milord, why are you telling me this?”

Sisna thoughtfully asked, as if she had guessed Louie’s thoughts, and her guess was immediately confirmed by Louie’s answer.

“I need you to pass this information to your queen. I want to see what she thinks of it.”

This was the decision Louie made after careful consideration. It was simply too dangerous to explore the Goddess of Night’s Divine Kingdom alone. Let alone the possibility of encountering the Goddess, the kingdom itself was in an unknown state, so Louie did not want to take the risk.

This was not something he could solely rely on the godhood to deal with. Divine power might be able to deal with legendary rank powerhouses easily, but the Goddess of Night herself was a powerful God. Even with the godhood of the Five-colored Dragon God, he did not obtain any advantages from it, and might even overexpose himself.

However, the Goddess of Night’s Divine Kingdom was too enticing. It would be fine if he did not know where it was, but now that he knew, how could just ignore it and let the information rot?

Thus, Louie needed an ally who could explore the Divine Kingdom with him. They would also need to be a demigod as legendary rank powerhouses were not enough. The only other demigod that Louie knew was the Queen of the Elves!

Louie had spent much of his recent time learning the history of San Soliel. Though much of what occurred before the Era of Disaster was lost to the annals of history, everything that happened afterward was well accounted for. From his efforts, he had learned that the Elven Queen was the oldest living demigod in San Soliel.

The queen had appeared just after the Era of Disaster came to an end. In fact, some suspected that she lived through that chaotic period. Consequently many were confident that she knew many secrets. By pulling her into this matter, Louie could obtain some of her knowledge.

Louie was not afraid that the Elven Queen would refuse. The Goddess of Night and the Goddess Silver Moon were enemies. The Goddess of Night was the eternal darkness while the Goddess Silver Moon was the light in the eternal darkness. These made them completely at odds with each other.

Thanks to some ancient records, Louie knew that the Goddess of Night and the Goddess Silver Moon were sisters. They were born when the world was created and was part of the oldest Gods. At first, the Goddess Silver Moon was the Goddess of Light, but for some reason, her divine authority had changed into the Silver Moon, and she became the main God of the elves.

In any case, the Goddess of Night and Goddess Silver Moon were hostile with each other. Thus, the Elven Queen who devoted herself to Goddess Silver Moon would certainly be willing to go together with Louie after hearing information on the Goddess of Night’s Divine Kingdom.

Sisna understood exactly what Louie was thinking.

As a general raised by the Elven Queen, she naturally held hostile feelings to the enemy of the Goddess she believed in.

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“Please don’t worry, milord! I will personally deliver this message to her majesty as soon as possible. I’m sure that Her Majesty would also give you a quick answer.”

Sisna replied with a solemn face, “Thank you for giving us this information. We will definitely repay you with friendship and talents.”

“I am not in a hurry. Even if the Divine Kingdom of the Goddess of Night has fallen for more than 30,000 years, there may be hidden dangers. Although I am not a God and barely just a demigod, we can carefully approach this matter.”

Louie spoke quite calmly. In truth, changing his perspective of time from a human scale to a dragon’s was not very easy. It would take a while for him to truly adapt to the idea.

For example, the statement ‘an inch of time is an inch of gold’ was already a joke to him.

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After making this decision, Louie and Sisna stopped talking about this matter. In the matter related to Gods, Sisna could not make a decision and had to ask her queen about how to proceed.

“Milord, winter is coming.”

Sisna thought about it. In her opinion, Louie was different from other dragons and was definitely a qualified lord, but at the same time, Louie was a demigod who might fail to notice the smallest of mortal problems.

“Dragon City is close to the south, but because of the geographic location of this place, winter is especially cold. The coldness might be a small matter to you, but for mortals, it is a matter of life and death. If we do not prepare in advance, we will likely suffer unnecessary losses.”

She tried to remain polite toward Louie, hoping he would pay attention to the issues of the livelihood of mortals.

“It seems that you did not notice the details when I was re-planning Dragon City.”

“I apologize, milord. I’m somewhat unable to understand what you mean.”

Sisna was dumbfounded. Her ears twitched in confusion.

“Come with me. Let me explain things to you.”

Louie mysteriously smiled. He flew down from Noella’s body and came in front of the elven ranger. Under Sisna’s embarrassment and shyness, he took her small snow-white hands and led her outside to take a walk.

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