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ITDO - Chapter 186 - The Lord’s Decision

At the moment, no one aside from Louie and Marched knew that a substitute for the raw materials used in the magic potion had been found. This would quickly change, however. Once large numbers of mages started to be produced, many would surmise that he had a way to provide many foundational magic potions.

However, Louie did not care at all. Although the saying went that ‘a man’s wealth leads to his ruin’, Louie was a ‘powerful demigod dragon’. Few would dare to covet his wealth.

After instructing Marches and Clooney, Louie turned to Lysfer.

The wolf girl knew that Louie had something for her to do, so she bowed to show respect with a wild and prideful smile.

After living in Dragon City for several months, Lysfer and the other beastmen had become used to the palace. The old, the weak, and the children were doing simple tasks every day. The warriors on the other hand were living a completely militaristic life.

Dragon City had taken very good care of its soldiers. They got to eat their fill every day. Asides from the exquisitely refined wheat, they occasionally got their hands on meat as well. When they were not eating or fighting, they were training. In short, they were living the dream life.

As the ban on trade in Dragon City gradually lifted, several bold merchants came to the city and brought in the specialties of their regions. After eating and drinking, people would naturally pursue more high-end things, and `so Louie had set forth the precedent that labor food. In the future, he would hammer down this point even more strongly.

Louie pointed at another batch of supplies and said, “Lysfer, take a look at these metals.”

In terms of production, China was the number one producer of steel but because of large supply and low demand, a lot of steel simply could not be sold. Since Louie needed steel, the Chinese government had given him a batch. In any case, the amount given to him was only a single hair from the back of an ox.

In modern society, steel was used for infrastructure. Naturally, a lot would be consumed. That said, Louie did not obtain them to modernize the world's infrastructure. He wanted the steel to upgrade the soldier’s weapons. He even wanted to create full-body equipment for each person.

Lysfer had already seen the metal when he entered. For a warrior, good weapons and defensive equipment were the most important thing. After obtaining Louie’s permission, she quickly approached the steel and knocked her fingers on it, but the joy on her face just disappeared.

“What? Is this batch of metal not qualified?”

Louie frowned. It was possible that in this world, the common steel used might have special properties that its version on Earth lacked.

“No, it’s not unsuitable, milord. The materials used in this batch of steel are very good. In terms of basic quality, even the equipment of the human empire’s elite heavy infantry can not match, the only difference is the enhancement from craftsmen.” Lysfer said in a hurry, “The material is just too good and there aren’t many smiths in Dragon City that could process this level of materials. The difficulty is so high that I’m afraid only the dwarves could work with it.”

Because of the backwardness of civilization, the people’s forging ability was also insufficient. In the face of modern materials, ordinary flames could not melt them and would probably require magic. As Lysfer said, only dwarves who were used to forging various weapons could do it.

“Wanting to forge these steel into weapons and defensive equipment is not impossible, but with human technology, it would take a long time, especially the defensive gear.”

Lysfer further supplied.

Louie pondered a little and decided, “First, gather all the smiths in Dragon City. Then, determine their monthly salary and wages depending on their skill level. This should stimulate their competitiveness. Then we let them forge weapons first. It doesn’t matter how long it would take as long as we upgrade the soldier’s weapons first.”

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Defensive equipment was more delicate compared to weapons. Without the right forging ability, the smiths in Dragon City would not be able to finish fast enough. Weapons were better. For example, the beastmen preferred rugged weapons, so the sharpness could be ignored. Making them solid and heavy should be enough. With a single smash, the beastmen should be able to ignore enemy armor and smash through their opponents’ liver and guts.

“Is there a dwarven tribe nearby?”

The dwarves were a good race comprised mostly of smiths.

“In the near recent century, the Slaine Theocracy explored the San Soliel Mountain Range. In the depth, there is an existence of dwarven tribes, but because those dwarves were located deep inside the mountains and pose no threat to Dragon City, the Theocracy had always ignored them.”

Clooney rushed forward to speak. As someone who was formerly from the Theocracy, he had seen many documents of the original ‘Central City’, its situation as well as the situation in its vicinity. No matter what was said, the Theocracy had operated the city for more than a hundred years already.

“Very good, Clooney. Tell Lysfer about the detailed report later. Lysfer, send some scouts to search the mountains according to Clooney’s information and find traces of those dwarves..”

Louie gave his orders. Lysfer’s eyes were glittering with excitement and blood lust.

The meaning behind Louie’s orders was simple - collect information, capture the dwarves, and enslave them for their use.

As for Louie’s behavior being cruel for attacking the dwarves who did not provoke him, no one would criticize him at all in this world rife with wars. Internal wars would probably require reason and excuse, then interracial wars only needed one side to dislike the other.

After Louie gave his orders on the future development of Dragon City, Sisna stepped forward, “Milord, a representative from the Adventurer’s Guild wishes to have an audience with you. We didn't wish to disturb you before because you were asleep.”

Although she said he was in a deep sleep, Sisna was aware that the lord had probably traveled to the unknown realm that only he was aware of again. That was also why there was another huge supply of materials inside the hall. Although Dragon City was only a city, the city lord’s provision of supplies made its supply deposits equivalent to that of a principality.

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“Adventurer’s Guild? Hmm, you can let them come meet me.”

Louie nodded his head and agreed with the audience.

“Sisna, you stay. I have something to say to you. The rest of you can go and work on the tasks I have given you. Let Dragon City grow better and better and attract more talents. I hope that you can accomplish your tasks well.”

Louie looked deeply into his subjects’ eyes and spoke with a heavy tone.

He did not need wastrels. He needed talents that could help him. Beauty was worthless to Louie. They were only decorations or toys for him. If they truly wanted his respect, they needed to show their ability.

Everyone seemed to be lost in thought as they retreated to the place.

Now, only Louie, Sisna, and the Queen of Calamity remained in the room. When talking about important matters, even those elven maids were not allowed to stay.

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