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ITDO - Chapter 184 - Establishment of the Dragon God Church

When Sisna, Marches, Clooney, and Lysfer arrived at the cathedral, Louie had already been waiting in the back hall for a long time.

A huge more than forty meter-long shadow dragon was lying on the ground beside them. Its inverted pupils tracked the visitors with a great sense of oppression.

The four people who came were being careful not to look at the dragon, especially when they knew of her reputation. Other than demigods and gods, no one would dare fight against the Queen of Calamity.

Sisna and Lysfer who had followed Louie to the Shadow Realm witnessed him capture the Queen of Calamity using strength and wisdom. Now, seeing the dragon honestly lie down on the ground while Louie sat on his back in his human form, they were both shocked.

They did not expect the Queen of Calamity to submit to Louie so easily. Leaving aside her pride as a dragon, the Queen of Calamity was a legendary rank mage, and in their opinion, making her submit was an impossible task.

If Noella had known what the two were thinking, she would have scoffed. In Noella’s point of view, she and Louie were just in a ‘cooperative’ relationship. Once he helped her find her body and regain her strength according to the oath, she would immediately bid goodbye to this place. She wasn’t willing to stay at all.

As for Louie’s behavior of riding on her body, Noella did not care. If other races were to do the same thing, she would definitely kill them as this was the same as insulting dragons. If the one on top was a dragon at the demigod rank or an ancient dragon, then Noella could not keep her pride up.

But Noella was also a little uncomfortable. This was because generally speaking, a male dragon riding on a female dragon would be an instance of mating…

Louie was about to say something when the four people entered, but he noticed that something was wrong and looked at Clooney with surprise.

This young man was captured by him when he conquered Dragon City. He used to be a believer in the Goddess of Morning. Because his faith in the Goddess wasn’t deep, and because of his talents, the Slaine Theocracy taught him many ways to spread the name of God. With this talent, Louie took him in and made use of him to spread propaganda and political brainwashing inside Dragon City.

This young man probably had a demonic level of talent in spreading propaganda. He was able to accomplish his tasks well and learned modern propaganda methods like a sponge. Slowly, he was able to capture a high position in Dragon City to the point that Louie would include him in a meeting of the people with the highest position in the city.

What truly surprised Louie was that he could feel Clooney devote some faith to him. Clooney was not just a potential believer but became a true believer. He could even become one of his clergies.

When a believer reaches this level of belief in a God, it was difficult to change their faith unless the God had fallen and was replaced by other Gods.

Previously, Louie did not have any divinity, preventing him from completely absorbing faith into divine power, so he did not notice this. After becoming a divine creature, Louie also gained some basic abilities of a God.

For example, he could see a thread of faith that continued into the void. In Dragon City, there was also the same line of faith coming from the people. These lines of faith converge in Louie’s godhood and transform into divine power.

This was the source of a God's power and at the same time their greatest poison.

And the line of faith coming from Clooney was the very thick kind, which means that his faith was real. In the eyes of Gods, the degree of a follower's belief could never be hidden.

Clooney felt apprehensive, wondering why the great lord was gazing at him like this.

In the beginning, when Clooney was captured by Louie, he thought that would be killed, but he did not expect the great dragon to give him a chance to live after seeing his abilities.

At that time, Clooney’s survival instincts as a human being made him frantically display his self-worth.

He prayed day and night to Louie as if he was praying to the Gods.

'Slowly, when his position grew higher and became famous, when he saw the changes to Dragon City, when he got to enjoy food that only nobles could enjoy, the more he believed in Louie. Unknowingly he had become one of Louie’s believers.

If Louie was already a God in this era where the other Gods had weaker presences, Clooney would have already become Louie’s priest and be able to exercise the divine magic that he bestows.

Just as Clooney was frightened, wondering if he had offended the great lord, Louie nodded to him and said, “Very good, Minister Clooney. I am satisfied with your attitude.”

Following Louie’s words, Clooney relaxed as all tension left his body. The sudden relaxation gave him a joyful feeling, the joy of being praised by the ‘God’ he believed in.

“I was thinking of someone who could take on such a heavy responsibility, but after seeing you, I have already made my choice.”

Lysfer and Marches were in a master-slave contract with him, so Louie could trust them. The two of them also had a faint line of faith going towards him. Only Sisna did not have any faith going towards Louie. This must be because of her faith in Lady Silver Moon.

Louie felt that this was normal. Sisna had lived in the elven country for more than a thousand years. Under the influence of the Queen of Elves, her faith towards the Silver Moon Goddess was very firm. Making her change her faith was definitely going to be difficult. Louie could only start with those normal elves who were living in Dragon City, as they seemed to have a higher chance of changing the object of their faith.

Previously, Louie was still pondering on who to assign in building the church. This was a very important task. In order to become a God, the importance of a church was self-evident to the point that Louie regarded it with utmost importance. This also meant that whoever wielded the power of the church would become the most powerful person in Dragon City.

The person who could build him a church should be loyal and capable enough. Marches was a mage who created magic positions. He was barely able to manage the city let alone such an important thing as his church. Lysfer was a beastman who was more focused on fighting. Although she could think better than most beastmen due to her chief training, she was far from qualified. This was because building a church and building the territory were two different things.

However, Clooney came in as a pleasant surprise. The young man was a genius at spreading propaganda. The Slaine Theocracy was probably interested in his ability so they stationed him at the original ‘Central City’ and turned him into the archbishop’s right-hand man.

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This was considered a huge bargain for Louie. This person, whose talents were chosen by the Theocracy, had now become one of his believers. Although there was still the possibility of betrayal, he was now a true believer, so only an evil God or stronger temptations could sway him. As long as Louie kept his eye on him, the possibility of him turning against him was small.

And the more Clooney’s faith developed, the more impossible it was for him to betray.

With this in mind, Louie’s tone became much milder, saying, “Clooney, I will give you a major task. This will bring you great glory.”

Clooney respectfully bowed his head and said, “Please speak, milord!”

Clooney’s heart leaped and already guessed what he was going to be assigned to…

“From today on, you will build my church. If you do good enough, you can become the future pope.”

Louie’s every word made Clooney’s heart jump. He licked his lips with excitement and spoke with desire and fervor for the future, “Milord, I wonder what kind of church you will establish?”

The name of the church generally represents the most fundamental power of a God. It is also the name that the Gods leave to the world.

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Under the urging of the Queen of Calamity, Louie slowly spoke, “The Dragon God Church.”

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