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ITDO - Chapter 183 - Blasphemy Against the Goddess

Noella looked at Louie in shock. She watched him ‘swallow’ the divinity of the Goddess of Night without any hesitation.

She could not understand what Louie had done, and even momentarily thought that he had gone crazy. Gods and even demigods wouldn’t reject divinity, but ‘swallowing’ the divinity of the Goddess of Night without thinking was simply the same as suicide.

The biggest problem was that the Goddess of Night was still alive and was one of the most powerful Gods of this world. If the Goddess of Night had fallen, then this behavior would be acceptable, but ‘swallowing’ the divinity of a living God was the same as drinking poison.

Had Louie truly gone crazy? Of course not. It was because he had a guarantee that he dared to do this. For the current Louie, he cared the most about two things. The first was to establish a church to collect faith, and the other was to find a way to ignite his divine fire.

Louie had already made enough preparations to establish his church, but divinity on the other hand was not easy to obtain. If an ordinary creature could find divinity by the roadside, then its luck was definitely out of the ordinary. The Gods indeed had a lot of divinity on them, but taking theirs was simply blasphemous and as difficult as scaling the heavens. Moreover, it would probably be very hard to find the Gods in the current era.

So with the divinity of the Goddess of Night in front of him was something he must have. Although there was another divinity of death inside Noella, he felt that it was not worth it to kill this female dragon just to obtain it. There was still a huge role for Noella to play, but if there was something that could allow Louie to directly become a God on the female dragon’s body, then he would not hesitate to play a deadly hand.

After absorbing the divinity of the Goddess of Night into his own godhood, the divinity of the Goddess was directly purified with almost no resistance. Having the godhood of the former Dragon God, the creator of all dragons, and the highest God of the world, Louie was able to instantly erase the small amount of will inside the divinity and turn it into a masterless object.

With the divinity becoming masterless, Louie absorbed it without any hesitation. With the infusion of divinity into his body and soul, he could feel that his entirety was being sublimated. It was as if the old graphics card he was using was upgraded to the latest GTX 3080 Ti. Although the operating speed of the computer was still far inferior to that of a supercomputer, there was still a huge qualitative change!

At this moment, Louie had completed another step towards becoming a God. He had completely changed from a mortal creature to a divine creature.

As the divinity completely merged with him, his perception of faith becomes more accurate and powerful. Divinity was like the wiring he needed to connect the godhood and the faith he was gathering.

In the past, Louie lacked divinity, so even if people were devoting their faith to him, he wasn’t able to convert it to divine power immediately. Now that he had divinity, he could feel the power of faith injecting directly into the godhood without any lag.

As the godhood of a former paramount deity, it converted faith into divine power at a speed beyond imaginable. It was to the point that the conversion rate was one point of faith to one point of divine power. It’s just that he did not possess a lot of divinity, making the charge speed too slow. Moreover, the amount of faith that he was receiving wasn’t enough. It currently amounted to a squeeze of divine power.

But Louie felt that that was enough at the moment. In the past, he could not replenish his divine power and he had used up a lot when he made his performance on Earth, and now he had a way to replenish it.

It didn’t matter to him how slow it was. Time was meaningless towards Gods and it was in fact something to be wasted. For mortals, revenge had to be done in ten years, but for Gods, even a thousand years was not too late.

Moreover, it was only slow at the moment. With the increase in sources of faith and the collection of more divinity, then the rate of replenishment would become a lot faster.

‘The Goddess of the Night had not yet fallen, so forcibly erasing her will was a great blasphemy. It is equivalent to going against the Goddess. I just hope that she won’t be too angry…’

Louie did not really care at all even if he thought this. If it was during the period when the Gods were high and mighty, the Goddess of Night might directly knock on his door and kill him in retaliation. But there was no better time than the present if he wanted to blaspheme against a God. He might not even have such an opportunity in the future.

Louie was thinking of how he could perform more blasphemies against the Goddess.

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In any case, Louie’s goal was to become the new Dragon God. If he failed, he would die regardless. If he succeeded, then the Goddess of Night would not be able to do anything, so Louie had become fearless.

“Y-you alright?”

Noella asked. She looked at Louie and watched his hardened expression that was like those bull-headed dragons.

She wanted to find her body back at the moment and needed to rely on Louie’s power. The other party had even pledged an oath. If something happened to Louie, Noella wouldn’t even know where to cry to.

“What could happen to me? I am quite comfortable right now.”

Louie stretched his back and let out a comfortable groan.

After becoming a divine creature, there were no earth-shattering changes. This world wasn’t a world of immortal cultivation, so there wouldn’t really be that much change. Compared to before, Louie now let out a tiny bit of godly aura. But because he had always pretended to be a demigod dragon without any godly aura, he had to continue hiding it.

But Louie himself felt very comfortable in this situation. For him, this change was a qualitative change. It did not increase his strength substantially but increased his essence. It was as if he had transcended and taken a giant leap towards becoming a God.

“Call Sisna, Marches, and the rest!”

Louie shouted loudly. As his words fell, everyone inside the cathedral, whether the elven maids or the soldiers guarding outside, knew that their great lord had woken up again.

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