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ITDO - Chapter 182 - Absorbing the Goddess’ Divinity

The Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom!

When he heard this, Louie was excited beyond belief.

If it was during the era when the Gods sat exalted on their thrones, and when the stars shone in the sky, Louie would have felt that the divine kingdom of the Goddess of the Night was beyond his reach. After all, that was something he could not face in his current state.

Let alone Louie, even the Five-colored Dragon God would not have a good time if it broke into the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom.

As one of the most powerful Gods of the world, she was a Goddess who had existed since time immemorial. She was a goddess who was born at the birth of the world and possessed countless secrets. After many years, many Gods had fallen and risen. The status of the Goddess of Night also ebbed and flowed, but she had never fallen. She was one of the rare Gods who had lived since then till now.

Even if the Terran Civilization wanted to kill her, one of the strongest Gods, they would have to pay a high price. It would be no different than facing the Five-colored Dragon God.

But now, the Gods had been sleeping for a long time and the stars had all dimmed. All the divine kingdoms had fallen from their places and even the connections between realms had become extremely thin. In such a case, knowing the coordinates of a fallen divine kingdom of a powerful god was good news.

Even if the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom had fallen 30,000 years ago and probably had nothing inside, just going there would be able to bring some untold benefits.

“This is indeed a piece of news that satisfies me…”

Louie looked at Noella who was wearing a smug expression and nodded his head with pleasure.

Since Noella told him this good news, then it meant that she would definitely tell him the coordinates without concealing anything.

But before Louie could ask about it, Noella’s next words made Louie change his expression again.

“After I learned the coordinates of the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom from the lich, I boldly went there once. There, I met the Goddess of Night.”

Saying this, Noella’s expression also changed and fear flashed across her face.

Even if she was a proud and haughty dragon, she had to show humility in front of a God, let alone one of the strongest Gods.

Unless Noella herself was at the level of an ancient dragon that could contend against demigods, she could only have a little bit of pride in front of a God. Naturally, becoming a God had always been Noella’s goal, but she had never achieved it.

“Goddess of Night? You said you met the Goddess of the Night in her fallen divine kingdom?!”

Louie unconsciously raised his voice.

Previously, he had been detected by the prying eyes of the Goddess of Magic when he lit up the divine authority. Louie did not feel anything when it happened because he could sense that there was an extremely great distance between the Goddess and himself. The distance was not a physical one, but an indescribable distant mental one.

He was sure that the Goddess of Magic was not in a normal state. She was like other Gods who could not return to the main continent. But now, Noella said that she had met the Goddess of Night, which made Louie nervous.

‘Are the Gods returning? Or could the oldest and special Gods have special means that allow them to briefly descend?

‘No, if the Goddess of Night truly returned, then I wouldn’t have felt that there was a far distance between me and the Goddess of Magic.’

‘Although the Goddess of Magic is not as old or mysterious as the Goddess of Night, the Goddess of Magic is no less powerful than her. If the Goddess of Night truly returned, then the Goddess of Magic could definitely do the same.’

‘I have too little information. I can only speculate when it comes to the secrets of the Gods.’

Noella calmed down. She hesitated for a long time and continued, “Yes. I can be sure that it was her. Her lofty presence could not fool me, but the strange thing was that the Goddess of Night in front of me at that time was not strong. At that time, I was at the peak of my power. If my perception was correct, the Goddess of Night was just as strong as me at that time.”

Saying so, the female dragon actually blushed. She probably felt awkward comparing herself with the Goddess of Night.

When Louie heard this, his eyes lit up. It was good if the Goddess of Night wasn’t strong. If she was in her perfect state, then Louie would rather stay as far away as possible.

“This is indeed very strange. The Goddess of Night should have strong divine power. Even if it was only her avatar descending, it should still have at least half of her power which is at the demigod rank, not just the peak of legendary rank. Since you have met her, what did she say to you?”

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Louie asked and looked at Noella, waiting for her to give more information.”

Noella shook her head, “She did not say anything and only bestowed me her divinity of darkness.”

Without any hesitation, Noella opened her palm, causing an extremely dense black light to emerge. It contained an incredible property that was the manifestation of the divine.

“You did not absorb it?”

Louie could see that this divinity was not something squeezed out from Noella’s own divinity. It was something that had always been there since the beginning, in other words, it had always been in Noella’s hands, and she had no interest in using it.

“The Goddess of Night’s reputation isn’t very good. I don’t dare use the divinity given to me for no reason. This is not a divinity of a fallen god, but a living God.”

Noella bragged by waving the divinity and threw it to Louie, “If you want it, you can have it.”

“You really are too cautious. You never thought of using this divinity at all even when you were in danger. If it wasn’t because of the lich’s bargain, you might not have lost power and nearly died.”

Louie could not help but praise. This female dragon was indeed a genius. If not for her bad luck, it should have been impossible for her to be this miserable.

“That’s certainly true. I am the mighty Noella Nys Gein. It was just that I was too greedy at that time. I shouldn’t have coveted the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom and the divinity of death.”

Noella smugly said then sighed with regret.

Louie caught the divinity of the Goddess of Night in his palm. He was also a bit hesitant.

Divinity was the thing he needed the most at the moment. The appearance of this divinity came just at the right time.

But, just as Noella said, this was the divinity of a living God. Ordinary people would never touch it. Even demigods did not dare absorb it. Who knew if it was a trap from the Goddess of Night. After all, she was famed for her cunning.

However, it wasn’t impossible to take it. First of all, the Goddess of Night was in a state that could not return at the moment. On the other hand, powerful divinities facing off against each other would neutralize. Louie wasn’t a normal dragon, but a dragon who possessed powerful divine power and the godhood of the Dragon God!

‘It’s just a small amount of divinity, and the Goddess of Night is in a strange state. There is a huge possibility that I can purify it and turn it into my divinity.’

Louie thought so and made a decision.

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Under Noella’s dumbfounded gaze, he took the divinity and began to absorb it.

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