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ITDO - Chapter 181 - Coordinates of the Goddess of Night’s Divine Kingdom!

“How did you know?”

Noella was slightly surprised.

Creatures that had divinity might not necessarily be demigods. They could be just normal divine creatures. These creatures were not really immortal but were nevertheless superior to mortals.

Divine creatures brought with them some extraordinary peculiarities.

Only those with sufficient divinity could light up the divine fire and could be called demigods.

The process of igniting the divine flame was no easy feat. It was just like immortals and demons facing heavenly tribulations in a world of cultivation. Many divine creatures burned to nothing upon attempting to do so.

After becoming a demigod, they would have to establish their church and faith. If this was in the past when the Gods had a monopoly on the faith of the mortals, it would have been impossible to find a new source of faith. This was a big hurdle.

A portion of those demigods would be like Louie who became the lord of a city. With their territory and people, they had a relatively easier time making believers.

After becoming a demigod, those divine creatures would also need to form their divine authority.

Divine authorities were not easy to choose. If they were careless and had the same divine authority as a powerful God, then the new Gods would simply have an unbeatable enemy and would most likely die soon. As a result of this, only weaker divine authorities were chosen.

With divine authority, they would have to condense their godhood. This was the foundation of a God that allowed them to be reborn.

The moment any creature became a God would be their most vulnerable moment. Many Gods had died during this stage after being killed. To continue on the path to becoming a God, they would have to have sufficient divine power and create their divine kingdom. Only when the divine kingdom is complete could one truly be called a God.

On the path to becoming a god, a little bit of negligence would spell the end of the road.

Noella carefully thought about it. She felt that she did not even leak out a single characteristic of a divine creature, so how did Louie notice it?

Louie looked at her and calmly said, “Your necromancy is very peculiar. It’s unlike normal necromancy. There’s a mysterious flavor mixed in it, so I thought, maybe you had the divinity of death to make your necromancy completely different.”

Hearing Louie’s words, Noella was dazed, “You actually tried out my magic!”

She could not believe it. In Noella’s point of view, Louie was a demigod dragon, so it should be more accurate that he would look down on her magic. She simply never imagined that Louie would test her powers when he had taken it away from her and noticed the difference in it compared to normal necromancy.

Louie saw Noella’s expression and knew what she was thinking, but he did not try to explain himself. It was not like he could just tell her that he was a fake demigod. Her power was absolutely important to Louie in dealing with Earth.

“Your body was stolen, so you had also lost a large amount of power. I think you should not mind talking about what happened back then. For example, why did you choose to annihilate some countries? From my understanding of your life, you should have melded into human society to learn magic. You should be a well-hidden dragon, so why would do something that only a stupid dragon would do?”

Louie spoke slowly and gazed at Noella.

This was something Louie had been curious about.

This Queen of Calamity, after a moment of hesitation, felt that there was no longer any point in hiding those things. She had already lost a large portion of her powers. To put it bluntly, she could only rely on Louie.

“I can tell you a secret, a secret that will definitely satisfy you, but you must swear, swear that you will help me recover my body. I won’t require you to find my body, but I need your help in one small matter.”

Noella’s body twisted and turned into her human form.

Louie looked closely and found that the human form of the Queen of Calamity was a rather mature and beautiful woman. She had long fiery hair and fiery red inverted pupils. She wore a dark red long skirt that trailed to the ground. Her dress tightly hugged her slender waist and bountiful breasts like a snake.

Because the long skirt wrapped her body tightly, her snow-white breasts could be seen swaying with every step she took. Noella’s entire appearance was incredibly seductive. The size of her breasts was enough to amaze people and could even be said to be a work of art.

Her perfectly charming curves were extremely attractive whether to dragons or humans. All of which made Louie reveal a look of admiration.

The Queen of Calamity did not mind Louie’s disgusting gaze on her anymore. She only glared at him, waiting for him to pledge.

While being a little pensive, Louie slowly said, “I swear by my divine fire and the Styx River, if you provide me with information that could satisfy me, I will help you find your body.”

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Hearing Louie’s pledge, Noella was surprised and was even moved.

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This was because Louie made the Styx River Oath.

This kind of oath was a binding oath for the gods. In the Underworld, there was a river that flowed and is said to be the birth of the world. This place was the original birthplace of all life. Its name was the Styx River. Even Gods who fell into the Styx River would be washed away by the river, reducing their divinities greatly. And if a demigod were to fall into it, it was equivalent to instantly turning from a demigod into a mortal.

And Louie was a demigod who pledged the Styx River. This made it impossible for Noella to distrust him.

But the Queen of Calamity did not notice Louie’s hidden ploy. After all, he was not a demigod, nor had he ignited the divine fire. Even if he broke the oath, the River Styx could not do anything to him.

Even if he ignites the divine fire in the future, Louie was not afraid, because the current oath wouldn’t have any binding power in the future.

But this oath had indeed fooled Noella, making her say anything she knew.

“A thousand three hundred years ago, I had met a demigod lich on my way to becoming a demigod.”

“A demigod lich? When I first met you, you said that a demigod lich stole your body. Is that the same one?”

Louie asked.

“Yes. It’s the same one!”

“Who is that demigod lich? What’s her name?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask either. We just made a deal.”

Without waiting for Louie to continue questioning, Noella explained the whole deal, “That demigod lich promised to give me a trace of ownerless divinity of death. As a price, I had to set off a grand massacre in the main continent.”

“That’s why you invaded several principalities and obtained the title ‘Destroyer of Nations’. Then, why did the demigod ask you to do that?”

“I’m not sure.”

“But it wasn’t an equivalent exchange. Even if you want to become a demigod and desperately need this divinity, you shouldn’t have agreed to the deal. You should know that if you create such a big disaster in the main continent, you will be hunted by many powerful people even if the Gods weren’t there. With your diligent character, I don’t think you would have agreed to the deal.”

Louie thought for a moment and pointed out abnormal points.

“That’s right. I wouldn’t do something that risky for just a trace of the divinity of death, but the lich also added one more bargaining chip.”

Saying this, Noella stopped and smugly looked at Louie as if to say, ‘Come, beg me to tell you what that bargaining chip is.’

Louie laughed lightly and felt that this female dragon was really childish. He decided to indulge her and spoke with an eager tone, “Then, what other bargaining chip did the lich use?”

Seeing Louie’s eager expression, Noella was inwardly happy. She almost hummed after seeing this loathsome dragon’s change in expression.

She coughed and looked up and said word by word, “She told me the coordinates of the Divine Kingdom of the Goddess of Night!”

After these words, Noella quickly looked at Louie. Sure enough, Louie’s expression once again changed. This time, he was not pretending and was really shocked.

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