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ITDO - Chapter 180 - Call Me Dad

Louie felt a lot more relieved.

In all honesty, the Intelligent Brain’s presence had always weighed on his mind. In particular, the way it constantly referred to him as ‘the ultimate weapon’ left him on edge.

Nonetheless, he had little choice but to become stronger. Living in San Soliel without strength was too dangerous. He could do little but stifle his fear and present himself confidently.

Though the Terrans failed to fully comprehend the nature of the Gods, they nevertheless began to study them. If he were to encounter them in the future, they would likely have some means of controlling him. For this reason, Louie felt that divine power alone wasn’t enough to serve as a trump card.

But now, Louie had unintentionally discovered the role of the Crystal Wall System and used it to become something like a [Foreign God]. This was something even the Gods had no knowledge about. Louie was sure of this. At the very least, he was the only one in San Soliel who knew of and could exploit this glitch.

With this unknown ability, Louie could counterattack. Although he could not guarantee success, there was at least a certain probability.

Louie, who felt very good about himself, did not change back into a dragon. In his human form, he walked out of the hall and reached the front hall.

When he came out, he immediately saw Noella who was still asleep on the mountain of gold.

‘Even a diligent dragon would sleep to pass time when bored.’

Louie walked over, looked at the huge dragon, and kicked her.


The sound of gold scattering came. Louie's kick was so powerful that even the forty-meter-long dragon was kicked off the mountain of gold. Naturally, now that Noella’s power had been taken by Louie by contract, she had no way to resist.


The Queen of Calamity who was having a nice dream rolled over several times before crashing into a stone pillar. Fortunately, she was in shadow form so she did not have too much mass, else the pillar would have collapsed on her.

“Who is it! Who dares to wake this mighty Queen of Calamity! I will scorch you with my dragon breath and let your soul burn in the flames of hell. I will make you regret being born into this realm!”

Noella roared in anger. Although she had lost her power, she still maintained her pride as a dragon and quickly looked for the offender.

Her eyes moved to the top pile of the gold coins and saw a man with black hair and golden pupils sitting on top of the mountain of gold. Noella shrunk back her neck but flames of rage still burned in her eyes. This continued until Louie raised his eyebrows, causing Noella to finally lower her head,

“Okay, this benevolent Noella has decided to forgive you.”

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‘I’m only trying to make you let down your guard. Yes, that’s it. I will not admit defeat easily.’

Noella made excuses for herself.

Dragons who had lost their power or even met a God would tuck their tail. There were only a few stubborn exceptions.

What’s more, Noella was a genius of the dragon race. She understood how to judge the situation.

“...You’re already up?”

While still in a daze, Noella was surprised. For dragons, Louie’s sleeping time was too short. It was equivalent to a human lying in bed and getting up immediately.

“Do not compare me with those stupid dragons who only know how to laze around. Isn’t that what you used to say, Noella?”

Louie sat at the highest point of the mountain with one hand on his chin. He grabbed the gold coins with his right hand and let them slip down his fingers. The beautiful sounds from the coins made any dragon feel pleasure from deep within.

Noella smiled sarcastically. These were indeed words that she had spoken.


“Call me Lord Louie!”

Noella was just about to say something, but she was immediately interrupted.

“No, I will not call you that. You vile, shameless, insidious dragon!”

Noella strained her neck, expressing that she’d rather die than give in.

“Well, calling me lord really feels a bit boring.”

Louie thought about it.

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Just when Noella thought that she made this demigod dragon give up, Louie once again spoke, “From the contract, we signed a blood relative contract. So Noella Nys Gein, from today onwards you should call me dad. Remember it. This is what you should do. As for this great demigod dragon Louie Galakrond, I will give you, who lacked fatherly love, merciful and warm love. Understand?”

“I refuse. Even if I am killed, I will never call you so!”

The Queen of Calamity opened her wings and bared her fangs, “You vile and shameless dragon. Don’t think that you can insult this mighty Noella. Don’t even think about insulting the glory of a dragon.”

As someone who caused countless creatures to wail and flee a thousand years ago, the Queen of Calamity was definitely not going to easily put down her dignity.

“Heh, then are you willing to be treated like a dog and be bolted here?”

Louie mocked and pointed at the chains around Noella’s neck, “Or are you already used to being a watchdog that you don’t care anymore?”

The Queen of Calamity looked at the chain around her neck and immediately howled.

She let out a draconic roar while tearing at the chain, but without her power, she simply could not break the chains made of magic power.

Louie ignored the fierce eyes Noella used to stare at him. He languidly said, “Just obediently call me dad and I will return your power to you.”

“Does calling me dad make you feel more insulted than being chained here like a dog?”

“There is no one else here. You can obediently call me dad… Or maybe I should invite the ones you destroyed back then? Maybe I should let the descendants of those kingdoms visit my Dragon City and let them look at the watchdog who was the Queen of Calamity?”

Under Louie’s malicious tone, Noella’s body stiffened. Her rage-filled eyes moistened slightly.

“You devil in the skin of a dragon! I will definitely not forgive you!”

After struggling for a while, perhaps she was tired or she had given up, Noella raised her head and mumbled, “D-dad…”



“Good girl… Dad is going to unchain you.”

Louie smiled with pleasure. With a snap of his fingers, the chains around Noella’s neck instantly broke.

At the same time, the Queen of Calamity found that all her power had returned to her body. She could not believe that the vile and shameless dragon actually returned her power.

Without waiting for Noella to make a move, Louie warned her, “Do not have extra thoughts. You should know that as long as this contract exists, I can always take your power away again. Be more obedient and I will give you a certain level of freedom. If you aren’t then I will keep you chained here for a thousand years!”

Noella, who was ready to cause trouble, quickly stopped. She raised her head and looked at Louie viciously. If stares could kill, Louie would have already died several times.

Louie did not care about this. He had humiliated the other party, so it did not matter if she glared at him.

Since she was a small female dragon, he could slowly tame her for his own use. If it was Noella in her heyday as the Queen of Calamity, Louie would have had a hard time training her, but now that she had lost most of her power, training her would be easier. Even if she returned to her peak power, Louie wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Louie thought so and said in a deep voice, “Well then, let’s talk about the divinity that resides in your body.”

Louie’s words made Noella’s eyes light up.

‘He actually knows about the divinity inside my body.’

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