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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 016: The Azure Emperor’s Will

Silver Moon City:

As per Gu Hai’s request, the Silver Moon City’s army gathered five hundred thousand soldiers to head to the Silver Moon Sea and avenge the citizens who had recently died. The entire city immediately paid attention to the Silver Moon Sea.

The citizens waited for news with hope. At the Silver Moon Mountain Manor, Manor Lord Yun Mo appeared worried.

After all, only Yun Mo was clear on the situation in the Silver Moon Sea. Aside from Seven Kills, there was still Gong Tian, another Middle Heavenly Palace Realm expert. More importantly, Gong Tian was a master ritualist who had enclosed the entire Silver Moon Sea in a large ritual array. It would be dangerous for Gu Hai to go there.

After much thought, Yun Mo went to the restricted area. After hesitating for a while outside the Heart Nurturing Hall, he said respectfully, “Mister Six Fingers!”

“What’s wrong?” Six Fingers’s voice came from the Heart Nurturing Hall.

“My Silver Moon Mountain Manor owes Mister Gu an enormous debt of gratitude. It might be dangerous for him to head to the Silver Moon Sea. Would Mister Six Fingers…,” Yun Mo said worriedly.

“Humph! He went to seek trouble for himself. Who can he blame for it? Alright, don’t disturb me any further,” Six Fingers responded coldly and indifferently.

Yun Mo felt anxious, but he could not do anything about it.

Gu Hai did not want Yun Mo to go. However, Yun Mo still felt extremely worried. After thinking for a while, he left the mountain manor with a group of zitherists and headed for the Silver Moon Sea. After all, there was a music Dao ritual array there. He hoped that he could help Gu Hai.

As Six Fingers sat in the Heart Nurturing Hall, he revealed a cold smile. “Gu Hai went to seek death; to think that you are going to seek your own death as well? Hah! The Silver Moon Mountain Manor is indeed declining with each generation.”

Six Fingers showed a sullen expression but had no intention of helping out.

While others could not hear what was happening in the Silver Moon Sea, Six Fingers, with his extraordinary hearing, could.

“Oh? A declaration of war? How pedantic! This Gu Hai is truly pedantic. He is already right across from them, yet he still issued a declaration of war? To think that he could establish the Han Royal Dynasty. That is just seeking death. Humph! Dying is one thing, but he even brought a group of people to die with him. He overestimates himself,” Six Fingers sneered.

As Six Fingers continued listening, his expression turned stiff.

“Hey? Poison? Gu Hai used poison?”

“Are Gong Tian and Seven Kills fools? They actually were not even aware when Gu Hai poisoned them. What poison is this? Huh? Pregnant?” Six Fingers’s expression turned stiffer. Then, he stood up, confusion written across his face.


Silver Moon Sea:

Gong Tian and Seven Kills used the remnant of their strength while dragging their large bellies, glaring, as they wanted to kill Gu Hai with one shot.

However, who could have expected Gu Hai to take out five more of Longevity’s paintings and instantly unfurl them—exposing them to Gong Tian and Seven Kills?

Since Seven Kills and Gong Tian were charging over, they immediately saw the five eggs.

Five eggs?


Seven Kills and Gong Tian felt overly stimulated nearly simultaneously.

The period of pregnancy was when one was the most sensitive. Seven Kills and Gong Tian immediately felt five more clumps of energy appear in their abdomens.

“Gu Hai! You despicable, vile person!” Seven Kills roared.

At this moment, Seven Kills felt an impulse to cry. He had fought many battles but had never suffered such an embarrassing defeat before. His twins instantly became septuplets.

As Gu Hai held the Life Executioner Saber, he waved the five egg paintings around. Gong Tian and Seven Kills hastily closed their eyes.

“Third Cycle!” Gu Hai launched a saber strike.


Seven Kills and Gong Tian did not dare continue fighting. They immediately retreated into the distance.

“Ouch!” Gong Tian fell from the sky, clutching his abdomen.

He felt completely sapped of energy, even lacking the energy to fly. The septuplets burgeoned in his abdomen.

“Hurry! Save us! Save us!” Seven Kills exclaimed.

“Lord Gong, I’m coming!”

“Lord Seven Kills, this way!”

The azure-clad subordinates flew over anxiously.


Gu Hai immediately moved the five paintings into their field of vision.

“Ah! My belly is growing larger! I can’t fly anymore! Save me!”

“Milord, save me!”


The subordinates could not save Gong Tian and Seven Kills in time. Everyone felt sapped of energy in the blink of an eye.

Some of the azure-clad subordinates charged towards Gu Hai, wanting to fight it out.

“Third Cycle!”


Those azure-clad subordinates exploded.

Then, Gu Hai pressed towards Gong Tian with a cold expression.

Far away, City Lord Sima and the soldiers goggled in shock, their jaws dropping to the ground.

Earlier, everyone felt incredibly worried. If not for Gu Hai leading the group, no one would have dared to come. Now, these experts appeared comical.

This is the Seven Kills who caused so much trouble in Silver Moon City?

This large-bellied, mournful Seven Kills is really the one who brought the calamity to Silver Moon City?

Sweat covered the foreheads of these experts, and they showed constipated expressions. They could not do anything as Gu Hai approached. Sapped of energy, they fell into the sea.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

Indeed, Mister Gu is right. There is no danger in coming. The purpose of my army is just to create the atmosphere of two armies facing each other. It was just to lure out the experts in the ritual array.

“Ouch! My belly!”

“Milord, I’m going to give birth! I’m going to give birth! What should I do? I’m a man! I can’t give birth!”

“Ah! I have twins!”

Anxious cries of pain rang out everywhere.

Holding his saber, Gu Hai approached Gong Tian.

“Why? Why? Why did it turn out like this? I have my ritual array! Let me return to my ritual array!” Gong Tian roared in fear.

However, Gu Hai ignored Gong Tian. His eyes appeared bloodshot as a murderous intent spewed out of them.


In Silver Moon City:

Six Fingers showed a strange expression. “Things got settled like that?”

Six Fingers had entertained many possibilities earlier; all of them led to Gu Hai’s inevitable death. At best, Gu Hai would fight an intense battle before eventually dying in the Silver Moon Sea. So, why did he hear such a scene?

Even before they fought, the other side lost. What magic did Gu Hai use?

No wonder Gu Hai did not show any fear when Seven Kills caused trouble in the city. Perhaps he could have resolved the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s danger even if I did not make a move?


At the shore of the Silver Moon Sea:

“Protect the lord! Hurry! Protect the lord!” The azure-clad subordinates lumbered towards Gu Hai, dragging their large abdomens.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

These people were no match for Gu Hai even in their peak states. Now that they were pregnant, they were even weaker. Gu Hai casually swung his saber and instantly exploded the various azure-clad subordinates.

Gu Hai closed the distance to Gong Tian.

A bone-deep hatred flooded his heart.

Gu Hai ignored Seven Kills. Right now, he only wanted to kill Gong Tian.

Back then, Gong Tian had been there, following the Azure Emperor when the Azure Emperor killed Gu Hai’s wife, Chen Xianer. Gu Hai had to kill him today.

Gu Hai showed bloodshot eyes. Gong Tian grew increasingly more fearful, showing terror on his face.

“No! Don’t!” Gong Tian retreated in horror.

“Don’t? A little too late for don’t! Humph!” Gu Hai moved even closer.

“Imperial Lord, save me! Imperial Lord, save me!” Gong Tian suddenly shouted in fear.

The threat of death overwhelmed Gong Tian’s mind.

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“Calling for the Azure Emperor? It’s useless!” Gu Hai finally arrived and swung his saber.


Just then, an azure light came from Gong Tian’s forehead. When the azure light appeared, it rushed out of his body and formed a barrier of azure light around him.


The Life Executioner Saber struck the azure light barrier, producing a loud report. The azure light barrier shook intensely but managed to block the Life Executioner Saber.

“Huh?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Suddenly, Gong Tian’s eyes glowed a faint azure. He no longer showed fear on his face. Instead, his body emanated a murderous intent.

“Imperial Lord! Imperial Lord, save me!” Seven Kills suddenly cried out joyfully.

“Gong Tian, how did your body get this tainted? Our will cannot enter your body. What’s going on?” A dignified voice came from Gong Tian’s body.

“The Azure Emperor?” Gu Hai suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Is this a strand of will from the Azure Emperor?

Gu Hai would never forget this voice. This was the Azure Emperor. It was him.

“Fourth Cycle!” Gu Hai swung his saber again while glaring.


An extreme force struck the azure light barrier. Unfortunately, the azure light barrier only shook intensely for some time without breaking.

To think that the energy from a strand of will can be so strong?

“How audacious! We don’t care who you are. If you dare to attack again, we will destroy your clan!” The Azure Emperor’s voice rang out again.

“Chop!” Gu Hai swung his saber again.


The azure light shook again, blocking Gu Hai’s attack once more.

On the other side, Seven Kills’s expression changed. “Imperial Lord, it’s Gu Hai! It’s Gu Hai!”

Gu Hai turned his head and looked at Seven Kills coldly. Seven Kills immediately shivered, no longer daring to speak.

“Who? You are seeking death!” The Azure Emperor’s voice rang out again.

“It’s over. Being pregnant, his body is tainted. The imperial lord’s will cannot fully manifest. Imperial Lord, save us! Save us!” Seven Kills showed a horrified expression.


Azure light came from Seven Kills’s forehead as well. An azure light barrier suddenly covered him now.

“Another tainted body? What did you encounter? Oh? Fortunately, he is here. We will send him to save you. Humph!” the Azure Emperor snorted coldly.


Gu Hai swung his saber at Gong Tian again.

At this moment, Gong Tian and Seven Kills could not fight back. It looked like the azure light covering Gong Tian would break soon. However, the subordinates did not dare to come and help, nor did they have the energy to.

Gu Hai watched coldly, about to attack again.


Just at this moment, a beam of light flashed. It was a flying ship shooting over from a distance. A banner on that ship had a large character for “Tang” on it.

“Lord Tang? It’s Lord Tang! Lord Tang, save us!” the collapsed azure-clad subordinates showed expressions of wild joy.

The huge flying ship charged in Gu Hai’s direction.

Gu Hai’s face sank. He turned his head and swung the Life Executioner Saber.

“Fourth Cycle!” Gu Hai roared while glaring.

A red-clad man stood on the bow of the flying ship. This man had a saber scar on his head. When he saw Gu Hai’s saber swinging over, his expression immediately changed, and an azure-colored bead flew out of his hand.


The Life Executioner Saber exploded the azure-colored bead as the flying ship instantly arrived near Gu Hai.

Then, the Azure Emperor’s will pulled the azure-light-covered Seven Kills and Gong Tian aboard the flying ship.

“Bring them back!” the Azure Emperor’s will said coldly.

The azure light covering Seven Kills and Gong Tian then vanished.

“Alright!” the red-clad Lord Tang answered with a shout.

Gu Hai turned his head and showed a ferocious expression as he looked at Lord Tang while holding his Life Executioner Saber.

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That Lord Tang looked back at Gu Hai coldly.

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